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10-19-2010, 06:58 PM
Anyone else thinking about sitting out the affiliate print competitions that haven't updated their rules to match the new PPA print comp rules for 2011? I'm referring specifically to the canvas size.

I would typically enter, but this year it seems like a waste of effort to prep something for my PPA affiliate, and then have to re-do it so it looks better for districts/nat'l. My whole purpose for submitting to the affiliate print comp is so I can improve my prints for the actual PPA print comp.

Thoughts? Insight, anyone?

I'm needing some prodding/convincing as to why I should bother to enter when the print size/dimensions requirements aren't the same... so to print the image to its fullest potential, I'd have to redo it after affiliate comp anyways.

10-19-2010, 07:20 PM
A couple of considerations for you...
How valuable to you is the recognition that you would receive from winning big at your state affiliate? Think of the press releases you could send out if you win big !
Is the publicity from winning big at your state affiliate and the business that it will generate be nough to warrant the cost of a few 16x20's? If it generates only a couple of sessions, you're ahead!

The only real differences are the elimination of the 16x20 size requirements for non masters and the allowance of digital entries at the District judging. We made this change this year for our state judging, but most people sent in 16x20's anyway. Are you considering submitting smaller prints to the District than you will be sending to your state judging? If something looks good at 8x10 or 11x14, it will only look that much better at 16x20 - and if you're referring to an odd size crop, you can always put it on a 16x20 board for your state and then cut off the excess to get the odd size cropping for the District and still use the same print.
If you're referring to digital entry - that may take some time for some states to adopt, since that may require equipment purchase. The affiliate would have to purchase expensive monitors for the judging and then store those monitor until the next years judging - then there's the uncertainty that it will still be usable and still on target after being stored unused for a year. The cost of the digital equipment may be an impediment to some groups since if the wrong monitor is used, some members may complain that they did not get a fair shake since the wrong equipment was used (we've been through all that for LA and decided to let this year pass by with only prints being accepted and see how the SW District judging went before making a decision on digital).

10-19-2010, 08:06 PM
Betsy, I plan on entering the DPPA comp next month. Mostly b/c I really need the experience with competition. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the judging, I'll be out of town. Bummer b/c I learned a lot watching it last year!

10-19-2010, 08:16 PM
Betsy, I know what you mean but your terminology may be confusing to new entrants so that is why I am bringing this up. An affiliate competition is an official PPA competition that follows PPA rules and as such would have the new sizes. The ONLY affiliate competitions are the districts and of course IPC itself. Affilated associations such as a state or local may hold a competition but it is not an "affilate" competion. So in order to avoid confusion, a better way to refer to these would be just to call them state or locals.

As far as having to redo prints - why? You are making the assumption that the 16x20 format will not work for what you want to send on to district and national. It may be just fine or maybe all you will have to do is crop off a little of the canvas. It really isn't such a big deal. So why should you enter? Because there are states like Nebraska that don't have a state or local competition as a precurssor to our district. You have a distinct advantage over everyone else who cannot try out their prints first on a local or state level. Why wouldn't you take advantage of the opportunity you have? Plus what about potential marketing opportunities if you win something on the state or local level. First place wedding sounds a lot more impressive to a potential client then a seal of approval. even though we both know the seal was maybe harder to get. Lastly I think we all should feel an obligation to support the associations and competitions that helped us get started. If everyone would look at it like you are and stop entering the local or state comps then those competitions will dry up. What a terrible thing if beginners don't have the chance to watch an actual judging without traveling 100's of miles. Plus if those local and state comps all dry up, where are aspiring judges going to get experience to vecome approved jurors. It's already difficult for those people to find places to get their required judgings done. Ok - done with the soap box.


10-19-2010, 08:46 PM
Have to agree with Keith and Rick on this one. Seems a very silly reason "not" to enter. The master non/master rules have been in effect ever since I can remember. One more year wait at the state level should be ok. Just too many advantages simply not to enter because the rules have not be brought in alignment with one another. Hopefully they will. But like everything else I'm sure that all depends on volunteers to help get this done. I've been a print chair for many years and it's a huge job to keep everything running smoothly and up to date with national.

Print competition is and always will be a "work in progress". As we can see now at the district and national level as new technology develops and emerges things will always be changing.

Just a thought but if you're unhappy that the rules have not been brought in alignment you should volunteer to help. That way it will get done before your next competition. Plenty of folks here can help you through the process.

10-19-2010, 09:23 PM
I look up to you Betsy. Don't let me down. Enter.

10-19-2010, 09:33 PM
Just a thought but if you're unhappy that the rules have not been brought in alignment you should volunteer to help. That way it will get done before your next competition. Plenty of folks here can help you through the process.

Joe's right. The Print committees at state competitions can always use another volunteer. If you want things to change, why not get in there and help make them happen? And if you do - welcome to the "behind the scenes crew"!

10-19-2010, 10:47 PM
Thanks for clarifying my statement for me Keith!

Rick, I'm not talking digital -- that would be a preposterous assumption on my part :). I was referring to the 16x20 canvas restriction for non-masters being lifted for PPA print comp, but possibly not for my local association.

I've already mentioned it to my local association and they're considering adjusting the rules to coincide with 2011 PPA size requirements. I was just curious if this was impacting anyone else; I do volunteer regularly -- already roped myself into working print comp for them this year as well.

Oh, and good call about trimming off the edge if it really bothers me :). I can certainly do that if I didn't want to bother to reprint. Now that I think of it.... I usually do anyways. So oops, apologies for the pointless discussion!!!

Thanks guys, this helped me back over the fence to entering regardless of which rules it will be under.

10-19-2010, 11:38 PM

We knew that with PPA removing the size restrictions on non-masters prints that we would have people complaining that there was a difference in requirements for our state judging and the District and/or National Judgings, so in keeping with the PEC guidelines, we also dropped our size restrictions for non masters for our Louisiana State Judging this year (our state judging is only a month before the Southwest District Judging). We have not yet made any decisions on digital yet. As I said earlier, the equipment required is our limitation.

10-20-2010, 12:08 AM
I have to give Besty props for being very involved w/our local affiliate :) In fact, she is probably @ the meeting tonight that I ended up missing :(