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09-03-2010, 09:57 PM
What do you suggest we use to calibrate our monitors? We purchased a Color Munki Photo to calibrate our monitor and printer, but it turned out that the device did not work with our printing software. We need an inexpensive calibration software for just the monitor so that we can see exactly what the judges are seeing when they do the image review.


09-03-2010, 11:12 PM
I can’t understand how the Munki wouldn’t work for this task. You may want to try the i1 Display-2 with their match software.

You will NOT see what the judges see unless you get the specifications they use to calibrate the display.

There are three target calibration aim points you have to specify as a minimum: TRC Gamma, white point and luminance (better products allow you to specify the contrast ratio).

Gamma is simple. Native or 2.2 (if you have a cheap display, native).
White point would depend on the illuminant you use to view the print but I usually suggest you start at D65 and adjust from there if necessary. And keep in mind, D65 is not 6500K!

Luminance is the tricky one. It solely depends on the viewing both next to the display. Anyone who tells you it should be this or that cd/m2 simply doesn’t understand the importance of matching the luminance to the viewing booth or area you view the prints next to the display. You can start at say 120cd/m2 but you will have to adjust to taste. This illustration should make this idea easier to understand: