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05-29-2010, 10:27 PM
MSP was outstanding!!! Thanks to everyone involved. We need to start promoting Portland but the problem is I need to run a studio at the same time. I would like to make it easy for everyone and try and sell out ASAP so I can just play this summer.

>until June 15th there is $100 off of Portland registration!
Discount code { ADE }

>one person who registers by June 15th will be randomly chosen to recieve:

one - LIFETIME PASS to any After Dark Event! (non transferable)

one - $500 gift certificate from LARSON ENT

one set of Radio Popper JRs.your choice of one freedom cloth from the Portland expierence

> the winner will receive a buddy pass to bring one friend to each event!

>Portland- AD will pick up 3 nights hotel for the winner!

There...Everyone planning on Playing in Portland it is not going to get any better....June 15th registration goes to $400.
oh...and the first 25 to register will have their names put in the drawing twice!

05-29-2010, 11:25 PM
Hey Buddy, Thinking about coming down to Portland for this. When will we see the speakers and schedule?

05-31-2010, 01:49 AM
Hey Ernst...My guess is at least a month. We want to bring in some new faces but many of the MSP mentors will be returning. The promise I will make is that it will be better than MSP...........I will ask you, What are 5 things you would like to have happen in Portland.....not speakers....5 specific challanges?

Schedule.....we finished it two weeks before MSP for that event but I am hoping to get something much sooner. We are trying to take it to a new place. MSP a number of the mentors started working together and that is our goal for Portland. Not just one viewpoint but different solutions to the same challanges

The images from MSP are just starting to come in...check out the Marathon Gallery:

Also...let me know what we want to do in Portland....There is talk of a romance theme...

It really blows me away how each one keeps getting better....I have to believe it is because the Mentors truly believe in the experience, no egos...no agenda's....just sharing and playing..

thanks everyone.

06-02-2010, 02:20 PM
So tempting, so convenient, but I'm already booked those dates with another event in Dallas. Why does all the good stuff happen simultaneously?

06-14-2010, 05:20 AM
Two days left for the discount and chance for the prize package!

A quick update on AD Portland. We will have the hotel secured by Friday with $95 a night rates and the promise that we will have the whole hotel to work with!

We are completing the mentor selection and we are excited about the new energy that will be coming to AD Portland.

James Hayes
Very creative artist and solid studio systems to share.

Bert Behnke
- shooting pod will demo posing/lighting and using the "8 Levels" of group posing. Will make posing of groups easier and more salable.
Business Pod will be on how the family portrait is used as the centerpiece to drive other business to our studio. Beginner to intermediate, will better understand how to build a family portrait business.

Jane Conner-ziser
Jane will be sharing the creative aspects of painter at all levels. JAne will help you develop skills that will create added sales to your studio

Eddie Tapp will be back with a new program “ pimp your image” Two hours every night Eddie will work on randomly select images from the days session to show and explain the post production process to create great looking images.

Also, there are only 2 days left to get the $100 discount off of the portland registration and be eligible for the early bird prize package

>one person who registers by June 15th will be randomly chosen to receive:

one - LIFETIME PASS to any After Dark Event! (non transferable)
one - $500 gift certificate from LARSON ENT
one - set of Radio Popper JRs.
your choice of one freedom cloth from the Portland experience
> the winner will receive a buddy pass to bring one friend to each event!
>Portland- AD will pick up 3 nights hotel for the winner!


06-19-2010, 01:08 PM
Alycia Alvarez http://www.alyciaalvarezphotography.com/
Chuck Arlund http://www.chuckarlund.com/#/home/
Bert Behnke http://www.behnkephoto.com/
Jordan Chan http://www.jordansenior.com/
Don Chick http://www.donchick.com/
Cody Clinton http://www.tricoastphoto.com/
Jane Conner-ziser http://www.janeconner-ziser.com/
Bry Cox http://www.brycox.com/
Dan Davis http://www.dandavisstudios.com/
Mark Fitzgibbons http://www.fitzphotostudios.com/
Lou Freeman http://www.loufreeman.com/
Mike Fulton http://www.tricoastphoto.com/
Martin Grahame-Dunn http://www.images2inspire.com/
Travis Gugelman http://www.travisgugelman.com/index2.php
James Hays http://www.enchantedseniors.com/
Jen Hillenga http://www.momentoimages.com/
Kevin Jairaj http://www.kjimages.com/
George Kuchler http://www.gkphotography.com/
Clark Marten http://www.clarkmarten.com/index2.php
Rachel Marten http://www.clarkmarten.com/index2.php
Wen McNally http://www.wenmcnally.com/
Lori Nordstrom http://www.nordstromphoto.com/
Julia Radlick-Kelleher http://www.jewel-images.com/
Steve Ragland http://www.raglandstudios.com/
Mike Ridinger http://www.ridingerphoto.com/
Eddie Tapp http://eddietapp.com/blog/
Joy Vertz http://www.stmphoto.com/
Pete Wright http://www.pwphotography.com/

06-19-2010, 03:44 PM
Ken Sklute....http://www.kensklute.com/

Take a look...he is coming to share.

Also Ron Jaconson http://www.jacobsonstudio.com/
has created great marketing Systems for his studio that he will be sharing in Portland

07-15-2010, 04:29 PM
Check out the Portland mentors at:

A number of new mentors will be making a first time appearance at after dark. We are trying to get more diverse so you have more choices to stimulate your mind and leave in a complete state of overload. Check out their sites:
James Hays - so many of the mentors have requested James
Peter Holcombe - A friend and his wife I consider as good as it gets when it comes to good people- Excellent studio systems and work:
Ryan and Andrea Zapatka- some of the most creative fusion work in the country
Jane Conner-Ziser - takes painter to a new place
Ken Sklute - one of the best educators in the country
Bert Behnke - an expert on creating a significant family portrait business


thanks. Dave

08-06-2010, 06:13 AM
a good chance you may have never heard of Dan....but you will.


Dan is coming to Portland to mentor....hold on.....

08-18-2010, 06:28 AM
Portland After Dark is coming fast and we are excited about making the fourth After Dark the best yet!
The Educational grids are linked below, feel free to download the PDF's....and remember...they are just the begining of what is going to be shared...much of the best education is unscheduled sharing and spontaneous sharing.


We are running a one day $100 off AD Portland using the code "ADE".

Thanks everyone...Dave