View Full Version : CPP Image Requirements Concern

05-28-2010, 02:49 PM
CPP Image Submission requirements state that no "self assignments" be included. I understand where they are going with this, in that they want/need images of actual work they've produced for clients. I have an unusual situation. In addition to being a children's photographer, I am a STOCK photographer. In stock photography we are supplied "market trends and concepts" but we must decide on, and complete our own assignments. I personally LOVE this aspect of photography. I listened to the CPP Webinar
about certification and saw there is in fact a catagory for STOCK. I'm assuming that I can include images that are in my stock portfolio even though they were "self assignments" because they were in fact for an "end" client.
I plan to "specialize" in children's photography so I was planning on submitting
half of my images as children's portraiture and half as stock images (of children).

Any help and input would be appreciated.