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05-08-2010, 01:45 AM
The GLIP board had their discussion, and we we be going ahead with GLIP 2010! Here are the classes that will be happening. Keep in mind, you can still sign up for GLIP, without paying the $50 penalty, until June 1st! So make sure to sign up if you’ve been holding off. The Hayne’s classes are full, but all other classes still have space.

Monday- Tuesday Classes

John & Ron Marion Dueling Brothers Seniors (http://glip.org/courses/dueling-brothers-styles)
Andrew & Jackie Seniors and Children (http://glip.org/courses/seniors-be-creative-children-with-style)
Scott & Adina Hayne No Rules Weddings (http://glip.org/courses/no-rules-weddings) [Class is full]
Mark Allen Professional Studio Photography 201 (http://glip.org/courses/professional-studio-portraiture-201)

Wednesday – Thursday Classes

Scott & Adina Hayne No Rules Seniors (http://glip.org/courses/no-rules-seniors) [Class is full]
Mark Allen Professional Studio Photography 401 (http://glip.org/courses/professional-studio-portraiture-401)
Bob Guiliani Lightroom 2 (http://glip.org/courses/environmental-portraiture-lightroom-2)

Regarding Scholarships. Here’s the deal. Any $200 GLIP scholarship can be used for a 4 day registration (new sign-ups only). Meaning, you sign up for one Monday-Tuesday class and one Tuesday-Thursday class. If you’re wondering why we have this limitation, it’s because these scholarships were designed under the old tuition structure (for a full week’s worth of tuition). Any PAID FOR scholarship PPM-Peckno etc. are all still honored.

For more info on tuition, please visit the GLIP website... http://glip.org/tuition

05-08-2010, 01:54 PM
i went out to glip a few years ago to study with tim & bev walden.
glip was a great school, the folks there were a fun group and very hospitable.
i would recommend glip to anyone looking for a good educational experience.