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check out After Dark Miami to see what is coming to Minneapolis May 24th....

04-03-2010, 06:29 PM
Many thanks to everyone that came to play. Just wanted to share the Miami expierence with everyone..



One of the things we are going to change is to create two hour pods for the mentors. One hour demonstration/ education only....attendees will not shoot....second hour the mentor will not shoot and the attendees will shoot. That way you will be able to see exactly how the instructor creates their vision. Then the next hour you will get to work on what they were teaching with them.

thanks again to everyone.

04-03-2010, 06:33 PM
Miami was an amazing experience... I can't wait for Minneapolis!!!

04-04-2010, 06:01 AM
I can't wait for Minneapolis!!!

In the history of mankind, that may be the first time that has ever been uttered.
(Oh wait.. Maybe Brett Favre said it in 2008)

04-05-2010, 07:15 PM
(Oh wait.. Maybe Brett Favre said it in 2008)

Who's Brett Fave?.... Just Kidding!!!!! He's one of my favorite QB's!! :)

04-06-2010, 02:59 AM
Who's Brett Fave?.... Just Kidding!!!!! He's one of my favorite QB's!! :)

He used to be Wisconsin's favorite too. sadly, we lost to the Vikings twice this year. It would have been so sweet to beat him.

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Dang it! An AfterDark I could go to, and it's the weekend of my daughter's graduation :(

04-14-2010, 03:55 PM
Loori, It starts on Monday...smile...


If you get a chance, the Miami Gallery is over 3000 images! You can check out the sessions create at After Dark Miami. special thanks to Marathon Press for creating the image gallery for After Dark.

MSP is May 24 and we are creating new expierences that will exceed the the miami expierence...


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Andy Marcus - http://www.fredmarcus.com/index.php?do=login&action=member

Blair Phillips - http://www.blairphillipsphotography.com/

Carl Caylor - http://www.photoimagesbycarl.net/

Julia Radlick http://www.jewel-images.com/

Kevin Jairaj http://www.kjimages.com/

Cody CLinton http://www.tricoastphoto.com/

Mike Fulton http://www.tricoastphoto.com/

Kay Estridge http://www.imagesbykay.com/

Scott Robert Lim http://scottrobertgallery.com/site_html/index.html

and 30 more just to play with....

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Hi Dave:
Thanks for a wonderful experience at After Dark Miami. It was just what I was looking for this year, as opposed to, a convention like atmosphere. The mentors were wonderful and gave freely of their time and expertise. At times I felt like a kid in a candy store by selecting and attending the various photo shoots in the hotel, at the beach and at the bays - at one point up to 3:00 in the morning. The pods were interesting and it gave me a chance to ask questions that may seem trivial to some, but important to me. As you know I had bought some photography tools that I used and needed more information and you guided me to the right person to help - Mike Ridinger. And I thank him and the other mentors. Presently, it is nice to see the many photos in the gallery after the shoots. I will upload some of mine soon. I would like to encourage any one, who has not, to attend After Dark Minneapolis or New Orleans. I wish I could. It is definitely worth it - Continued success. Denise

05-05-2010, 04:32 AM
Denise, thanks for the kind words...YOu were a riot...it is nothing more than playing...happiness...

05-14-2010, 01:53 PM
Things have been pretty chaotic...The mentors have all listed what they will be share=ing at AD MSP. The grid will be done tonight but the important thing to remember is that the grid is only to Facilitate. We want to know what you need to know. After Dark is goal orientated education where you need to know what you want answers to...You have complete access to mentors to create solutions to your challenges, how ever....you need to know what those challenges are. Before coming to MSP study this list and then create a 7 point must list of topics you want to learn. Then we rock the world together....

To look at work from any of the mentors:

Alycia Alvarez
>Baby Portrait Session - Demonstrate a session with a baby (6-8 months)

>Bella Baby - Marketing Describing how I implement "Bella Baby" (baby's first year) into my studio workflow.
>Maternity Session Demonstrating a maternity session. If a "husband" is available, even better! It would be really fun and cool if we could get a maternity "model" with some fun and OUT there makeup. Would like to do some with lingerie if model is comfortable
>Kid Quote SESSION I'd like to demonstrate how to do a "kid quote" session with a child. high key set up (white bg) and a child between the ages of 4 and 8.

Chuck Arlund
>Conceptualizing a photo -Creating a fashion story
Description: Idea, storyboard and shoot.
Brainstorming with client to create a concept, thinking about how to photograph that and finally shooting. Ok, this could be a 2 parter. How I come up with an idea and then putting it all together.

>Studio Fashion Lighting and movement in the studio. Tricks to posing. Using light by building from one to many.
>The classic fashion look. Lighting without a modifier. Learn how to light with one speedlight on location. THe principles about exposure, direction of light and how easy it is to achieve great looking stuff without modifiers or a ton of equipment.
>Photoshop for fashion - retouching that looks clean Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte >Photoshop Learn how to retouch images through traditional darkroom theories. Achieve a clean look that has the look of a fashion magazine.

Kristina Arlund
Makeup styles - Communicate with the artist. Learn how to communicate with the makeup artist to know how to achieve the look that you want. Or if you do not have any idea, learn three classic looks like 40 glam, 60's mod and a contemporary fashion look.


Jordan Chan
Intro to off camera flash Basic - Foundation Location Pod This pod is designed for beginner off camera flash users, going over basic settings for Canon and Nikon flashes.

- Setting up master and slave flash settings
- Working with e-TTL/i-TTL
- Balancing ambient and flash lighting
- Compensating for harsh lighting environments
- Lighting and posing with one light

Graduates to:
- Multiple flashes for dynamic look
- Overpowering the sun
- Intro to Radiopopper PX units Canon flashes.
Nikon flashes.
Large supply of AA sized batteries.
Radipopper PX units.
Don Chick
>Light, Lighting & Seeing Basic Dark chocolate to distribute to those who attend.
>Studio Lighting - Continued Apply Fundamentals The hour after the "basic" lighting discussion will have more "advanced" techniques for those attending. Classical music (Vivaldi, 4 Seasons) playing in the background.
>Studio Lighting - Basics Basic - Foundation Studio Pod A one hour demonstration of basic studio lighting that will flow into a 1 hour discussion on advanced studio lighting. Perrier for the instructor and attendees.

Cody Clnton
TTL Wireless flash in action Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Location Pod Learn to use wireless ttl flash. Learn on location lighting techniques.
TTL Wireless flash Basic - Foundation ROund Table Learn the funadmental concepts of

Dan Davis
Breaking that #$%in box out there Location Pod Looking at subject, light and background through a different perspective. Learn how to compose a background utilizing the element with in.

Fuzzy Duenkel
> Flash Light Using electronic flash... for problem solving and creative applications

>Make Light of a Bad Situatio Controlling ambient light with reflectors, scrims or gobos... no batteries required.
>Homework Round Table Sharing ideas about working in and around people's homes... for senior portraits.

Jeff Dunn
>Custom Framing Sales Custom Framing is beyond a great way to add to your bottom line and finish your product for your clients. There are some fantastic ways integrate this into your sales...and frame nearly all portraits that leave your studio.
>Seniors, Families, Dancers, Custom Framing out there
>Families with feeling, studio and location
>Movement of Dance
>Seniors with intensity and naturalness
>Frame up your bottom line with custom framing.

the [un]studio Find out why after years of working for other photographers with retail studio locations Troy and Heidi Eiffert decided to venture out and create their own photography
business with a completely different concept: the [un]studio. With the exception of their home office, the studio operates completely on-location. Learn how they’ve taken their business on the road and into their client’s homes creating a one-of-a-kind portrait experience unlike anyone in their area. The Eifferts will share how they’ve quickly grown a client base in their city and throughout the Midwest. They will talk about what equipment they use and how to efficiently pack, travel and set it all up. Their program will also cover in-home sales techniques, products that sell, packaging & delivery, Photoshop tips & tricks and much, much more.

Kay Eskridge
>For Dessert . . . A Little Eye Candy This 'hands-on' shooting pod will showcase Photogenice Hot Lights that are sure to make your boudoir images sizzle! You'll learn about the psychology of 'sexology', how to help your clients feel comfortable during a session and poses that sell. Looking to get your 'sexy back'? This is the pod for you! three photogenic hot lights, denny backgrounds, flooring, furniture . . . models that know their left from their right

>The Business of Boudoir ~ Bold & Beautiful Marketing Kay will share how she created and launched a successful and fufilling second division of her studio by offering professional boudoir photography. You'll learn how to create your own, how to market it, price it and create a buzz in your area that is sure to get this type of unique photography opportunity off to a great start.

Mark Fitzgibbons
Video Capture Basic - Foundation Location Pod Video capture using DSLRs. We'll work on basics... white balance, exposure, lens selection, etc. In this pod we'll capture video we'll use in the edit pod.
DSLR Video Editing Basic - Foundation ROund Table In this pod we'll cover the basics of working with video files captured with DSLRs. We'll discuss different ways to use video in your business for marketing and as a new product.

05-14-2010, 01:53 PM
Lou Freeman

1. *$&!In depth communication skills for you ( the photographer) and the subject in still photography or video.
*$&!*$&! *$&! *$&!You can reach a higher level of photographs by developing creative communication skills.
*$&!*$&! *$&! *$&!The goal is to leave thinking of better ways to reach the subjects you shoot and create the ultimate in still or moving photos.
*$&!*$&! *$&! *$&! Alicia and I would like to create this class together and possibly work with Fitz? *$&!Live demonstration suggested.

2. *$&! In depth discussion of the transition from portrait to advertising photography. How to create images that cross this delicate line.
*$&!*$&! *$&! *$&!Learn how to create photos that sell 3rd party products and move viewers to buy products.

3. *$&! Business Pod Lecture: Marketing and self promotion ideas.
*$&!*$&! *$&! *$&!Learn how to step out of the box of advertising for yourself now that you are taking beautiful images.
*$&!*$&! *$&! *$&!*$&!
4. *$&!Open discussion on "The Art of Photography": Develop your own art and style in the photography you create.

5. *$&!I am open to what you think folks would like to know from me, any suggestions form you. *$&! I am thinking of ideas to create your own gear.
*$&!*$&! *$&! If you like this idea then I can proceed down this avenue.

Mike Fulton
>Complete workflow solution for school/event phitography Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte ROund Table With a flat screen and laptop I will present a complete workflow solution from data entry, pre-sales, post-sales, online sales, barcoding, shooting, lights set up, equipment to use, post processing, contracts, among other items needed to present a school event correctly. Screen tv and seats would be all I need
>Breaking into the school/event photography With a flat screen and laptop I will present tips and tricks on how to break into the school market. From basic foundation ideas to simple marketing products all designed to get you into the school and stay there

Martin Grahame-Dunn
>Aim High, Shoot High out there This pod is for Mentors as well as students. At After Dark Miami I was asked to help and encourage a number of my colleagues and Mentors particularly in the creative process. Dealing with high end 'Blue Chip' clients has a whole gamut of expectations. Responding to briefs and submitting effective proposals are an essential tool for the creative, self art directing practitioner. A White Board and pens.
>Building your Photographic Business Starting your own photographic business can be a daunting task. In this session ask the questions, understand the principles of business and begin to formulate your effective business plan.
>How to identify and respond to different markets, create a pricelist, present your products and more importantly - yourself! A White Board and pens
>See the light, use the light! The selection of a great location may not be enough if the light is in the wrong direction or not of the right quality. Learn to understand and manipulate light to achieve your aims and create the images you visualize.
Using supplementary lighting on location Basic - Foundation Location Pod Learn the principles of supplementary lighting on location to add a snap to your images. Off camera flash and video lights as preferred tools Off camera flash units (I may bring my own Quantum or see if I can arrange a loan)
Video lights
>Nik Software in the creative process In Europe and much of the rest of the world, Martin is well known for his creative use of the Nik Software suite as an integral part of his essential output. Using the Wacom Intuos 4 tablet with its phenomenal precision and pressure sensitivity, learn to use these filters in a painterly way.
>Bottling your Creativity out there Here's the big one! Can you simply turn creativity on and off light a light switch? Well, there are ways of facilitating photographic environments where creativity comes a little easier.
>As a professional trainer and facilitator martin will lead a group discussion and look for the essential ingredients to bottle our creativity and inspiration. Art Direct your location shoot Apply >Fundamentals - Intermediatte Controlling your subjects on location can be a difficult task. Photographers often over pose their images and get into all sorts of trouble resulting in uncomfortable and obviously staged shots. Learn how to use a common sense approach to Art Direction and change your life.
>de-mystifying basic studio lighting Basic - Studio Lighting to the newcomer can be a daunting prospect and with so much misinformation out there Martin will demonstrate easy, understandable and above all repeatable lighting patterns that your clients will love and appreciate.

Travis Gugelman
web: www.travisgugelman.com

marketing/ sales

Jen Hillenga
>Outdoor posing and lighting I'll be showing the basics of individual posing and natural light using reflectors.
>Posing and Simple Studio Lighting I'll be showing the basics of studio lighting using one light and two reflectors and basics of senior girl posing.
> Workflow using History Brush and Snapshots Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop I'll be showing how to use history brush and snapshots to make your images pop and to make your workflow more efficient
> Designt Tips Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop I'll be talking about tips to help make your design easier in Photoshop

Judy Host
> Natural Light Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Location Pod Create beautiful portraits of children and families using natural/available light only. How to place and pose your subjects to shoot in any time of day. Learn how to generate impact and drama to create an emotional response. Children ages 6-12
>Creating a Style out there Photoshop Create a body of work that defines a style different from everyone else. Learn how to apply simple to use drag and drop templates to add a creative edge to your work. Using images created at After Dark, students can use these templates during this hour to enhance their own work. LCD screen for demo purposes.

Justin Jagare
Babyplan Babyplan sessions 4 month, 8 month, 12 mo.

Kevin Jairaj
>Portfolio Reviews Kevin will be reviewing and critiquing portfolios one at a time in Minneapolis. Not for the faint of heart, but if you want your work to improve, and can take your images getting dissected, then this is for you! Maybe a station where people can bring their portfolios to me? In Miami, we just used the lobby areas.

> Wedding Roundtable Basic - Foundation ROund Table I'd love to host another wedding roundtable with about 3 other wedding photographers where anything is fair game!
>Make 2pm portraits look like sunset! Basic - Foundation Location Pod Learn how Kevin makes daytime turn into night to create stunning images no matter the time of day! Location shoot
Secrets to Booking High End Weddings Basic - Foundation Marketing Kevin will go over all of his methods to book high end brides no matter the economy or location of your business. LCD Screen for laptop.
>Shooting Weddings and Portraits with Video Light Basic - Foundation Location Pod As wedding photographers, we have to shoot fast and in a variety of places. Learn how I use my video light to create stunningly romantic shots at night as well as in the hotel. Nightime shoot if possible. Lowell ID video lights.

JuliAnne Jonker
>artistry with photoshop Basic - Foundation Bring some of your files and lets talk about what artwork can be done to bring it to the next level.

I'll share what my thought process is in working on images for clients and /or competition prints I will have files to use , but I think it will help people the most to bring THEIR files and we can actually work on them..or mine if the students prefer
operating the low volume studio Basic - Foundation Marketing I will share how I have operated as a low volume studio successfully for 15 years. I can share about the pros and cons of this business model for the new photographer trying to find out exactly how they best fit into the industry.

>yoga Basic - Foundation Location Pod Our jobs as portrait photographers can be very overwhelming at times and it's easy to lose track of who we are, and neglect our physical and mental well being. I would like to share a practice which has helped me to stay grounded and maintain physical health and balance.
>Inspiration through Art History Basic - Foundation Painter Wasn't sure what the "pod structure" choice should be.
>JuliAnne Jonker will be sharing with us some of the Old Masters of Art and Photography that have influenced her. She will share how this knowledge affects both her thinking and approach to portrait photography.

05-14-2010, 01:54 PM
Ken Kneringer
>Seniors - Outdoors With Off Camera Flash Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Location Pod Basic Metering, Posing, And Lighting For Seniors, Outdoors. Special Attention Paid To Using Off Camera Flash.
Need my Elinchrom Here OR battery powered Photogenics with soft boxes.
>Seniors - Shooting And Posing Basic - Foundation Studio Pod Basic Posing, Lighting, And Metering For Studio Portraits Model - 18ish
>Photoshop Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Advanced Retouch
>Creating A Better Image Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Want better color and images that pop of the page? Learn how to identify and correct color, contrast, and density issues with your images.

William Marsh - video

The last time I took a serious photograph it was with a brand new Nikon FE, circa 1980, which is why you won’t want to be discussing photography with me.*$&! My interest in photography was usurped by my love of movies, which brought me to England where I studied acting and directing and worked for 16 years in film, television and theatre.*$&! I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best talent in the business.*$&! From Clooney and Damon to Soderberg and Spielberg.
Most photographers have at least a passing curiosity in movie making and with the video capacity of the new SLR’s and non-linear editing bundled on every computer, it’s inevitable that movie making is going to play an increasingly important role in the professional photographers business.
I’d love to review all aspects of filmmaking with you.*$&! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a script and don’t know the difference between the Gaffer or Director or you’ve already made a feature film or two.*$&! I’m here to help you in any way I can to understand the process.
Cinema is the synthesis of all art forms.*$&! Literature, painting, music performance and photography.*$&! Every art form is storytelling and there is a unique language and syntax that we use to tell a story with moving images and sound.*$&! This unique form of storytelling comes from a curious place.*$&! Our dreams.
Whether you are slipping movie clips in a slide show or want to know how to go about making your first film,*$&! Let’s look at story development, technique, symbolism, examples of filmmaking to see what works and why.*$&! Even if you aren’t interested in cinema, you can apply the same dynamics of storytelling to music, painting or photography

Marci Sandler
>Shooting with Gels Basic - Foundation Studio Pod Using Gels to add depth and versatility to your backgrounds.

>Dreamscapes Part 1 Basic - Foundation Photoshop Using Actions, Layer Masks, Blending Modes, Brushes, and Painting in Photoshop.
>Easy and Creative Album Design Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Creating Albums - quick and easy in PROSELECT
and more advanced techniques in PHOTOSHOP.
Also will cover working with Type and Type Styles, and creating Spots Poster-like spreads for the album.
>Dreamscapes Part 2 Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Collaging Images, >Intuitive Design, Fantasy Images The hour following Dreamscapes Part 1
>Dreamscapes Part 1 Basic - Foundation Photoshop Using Actions, Layer Masks, Blending Modes, Brushes, and Painting in Photoshop.

Clark Marten
Nervous to Natural Basic - Foundation Studio Pod Clark will share his style of working with people. He has a method and technique that can simply create client self-confidence that move the nervous client into a natural flow, helping you create stunning images.
Dressing up the Sale Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Searching ways to take photography out of the realm of photography and giving the image an artistic look to increase the sale.

Rachel Marten
Sales Demonstration Basic - Foundation Sales Do you want to hear a sales session from beginning to end and everything in between? Come to watch and learn how Rachel Marten gets the high sales averages. You'll walk away with an understanding, optimism and support of a sales system that can work for you.
Sales Basic - Foundation Sales There's more to sales than getting your client's money ... so let's figure it out. We'll discuss and discover the method of encouraging your client from the beginning to the end for the ultimate happy client ... happy you!
Sales Basic - Foundation Sales There's more to sales than getting your client's money ... so let's figure it out. We'll discuss and discover the method of encouraging your client from the beginning to the end for the ultimate happy client ... happy you!
Senior - Marketing Basic - Foundation Marketing Let's talk about all the different ways that marketing can work and find some options where your marketing efforts can enhance your
business and studio.

Andy Marcus
Creating a Brand Basic - Foundation Marketing Explaining in words and with images how creating consistently great images will generate a brand that people will not be able to resist. LCD projector

Answering Your Questions Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte ROund Table Open discussion about questions that attendee's have regarding shooting or running their business. I think it is a good thing for people new to the business to see that we all have the same issues and how we solve theme.
>Creating Beautiful Lighting on a Budget Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Studio Pod >Shooting portraits on a budget. Using only one or two lights - create beautiful portraits that sell.

Wen McNally
>Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Basic - Foundation ROund Table We thought that this would be a good topic for a round table discussion regarding social media, and other guerrilla tactics. ?? any thoughts?
>Creating A Community Within Your Studio Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Marketing How to create a presence in your community, and draw the community into your studio. Just one studio event that cost us only $75 to put on drew 120 kids in our studio in one night and was the talk of the school for months..and featured on the school website. We will discuss lots of low cost ideas you can take and use this year to create a buzz about your business in your community. Everything from studio events, facebook, friends sessions, contests, photo booth, to fundraisers at football games.
>DIY - one man's junk... Basic - Foundation Marketing Take anything you have laying around and turn it into something valuable for your business. Come by for a barrage of ideas that you can take home and implement for little or no money. From marketing pieces, equipment, organizing your studio, creating new sets and lots of buzz. Learn to see anything with new eyes... not sure of the structure...not necessarily marketing??
>Senior Model Program aka "Winter Cashflow" Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Marketing Looking for a way to create cash flow in the winter time, while ensuring a good senior year ahead? Our model program is a little different than the others. Step by step details of what we do in our program to create a buzz even in their junior year. Start booking seniors before school is our. Detailed instructions for using facebook, school newspaper inserts, video and automated web forms.
>Posters & Beyond Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Marketing Use sports and club posters to get your foot in the door at yoru local high schools, then rock them with your generosity. We'll show you how we put our spin on the Dave Junion style sports posters and in less than 3 years we've gone from zero presence to capturing a 25% market share of one target high school (a contract school with a sr. class of over 350) This has also lead to the creation of full color fall sports programs and posters for drama productions. These have become the leading edge of our plan to create a "community" through our studio.

lori nordstrom
>Learn specific techniques for maximizing every sale.
>Hear new marketing ideas for 2010. Lori will discuss not only what's happening in the photography industry, but what else is going on that you should be aware of to maximize your marketing potential for today's economy and mindset.
>How to get displays, talk to potential display partners, what to display as well as how to make the most money from your displays.
>This pod will address pricing strategies. How to raise pricing, how to present pricing, as well as pricing review. Bring your current pricing/presentation of pricing along with a brief portfolio of work.
This pod will address pricing strategies. How to raise pricing, how to present pricing, as well as pricing review. Bring your current pricing/presentation of pricing along with a brief portfolio of work.

05-14-2010, 01:55 PM
Blair Phillips
Whenever, Whatever, and However Basic - Foundation Location Pod Are you tired of flat, tired, non emotional images? I have a very unique lighting system that will make your hair stand up just like mine. It is an all in one system that one person can very easily operate and travel anywhere with. It helped me go from five seniors to over 100 in a few months. Stop with all the excuses and let's make it happen. . I have some really helpful videos that I worked really hard with a professional videographer to put together some fun and informative info. Maybe one of those gigantic white coolers that they have on fishing boats. I would like to have that fully stocked with beer. (I am kidding of course) I can also share my studio lighting if needed.

Mike Ridinger
Fundamentals of capture

Julia Radlick
Pro Select Genius!!!
Rocking the world with Pet Photography

Steve Ragland
>Indoor or Outdoor Beach Set Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Location Pod Creating Images from Start to Finish - Beach
>The focus is on creating beautiful images using inexpensive materials or materials that one might already have and recycle them into different set designs. This can be accomplished with little or no construction skill and within a 12 x 12 space or smaller. We will talk about each step it takes to create the set and what I have learned along the way in finding inspiration and being innovative. Once you’ve learned how to see beyond the picture and constructing the set, proper lighting is shown to achieve the set and the subject’s fullest potential. Being unique in set designs can provide you with a portfolio that separates you from the competitors not to mention higher sales. I want you to walk away inspired to use your imagination, skills and artistic abilities in creating outstanding images. We will create a beach scene which can be done either inside or outside.

Scott Robert Lim
Working with off Camera Flash Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Location Pod Understanding off camera flash photography in manual mode for complete control. Female Model

Ben Shirk
>Using lightroom to make your images stand out Basic - Foundation Lightroom Exploring lightroom, I will show you how to use lightroom to make your images really pop in seconds. Also playing around with presets to give your portraits a unique look and style.
>How to take the best of the mentors and make yourself. Basic - Foundation ROund Table How to take the best of the mentors and make yourself. Afterdark is packed with amazing people to learn from. Your mind will be spinning with new ideas and techniques. How will you apply that knowledge to become a better photographer and run a more efficient studio once you get home? With all the incredible events what did you miss out on? Come listen to the valuable insights and secrets other photographers have gleaned from the mentors and share your newest epiphanies and eureka's from your Afterdark experience with others. We will have a round table discussion with other photographers who have attended multiple Afterdark events and how they have applied the knowledge from the mentors to their photography and their studio.
>Sports posters that actually look cool. Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Creating amazing sports composits that stand out from the everyday team poster. We will be looking at how, instead of taking a boring team picture, you can create a movie poster that will have your entire community talking. 4 midgets (little people), a trampoline, and a wall of velcro

Eddie Tapp
>Feeling Your Light Quality Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Studio Pod Lighting creates compositional eye flow, shape and mood… Sharp Light vs Soft Light… make all of it Fun Light...
>Color Management in 2010 Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte ROund Table Lightroom - Photoshop - more
Eddie will show you how to integrate color management in today's workflow to streamline your work to get the results you demand from your printer, lab and Internet images.
>Image Levitation Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Photoshop Learn simple and advanced techniques the way Photoshop is designed for take your images to a new levitation in the creative process.
includes: HDR-Skintone-Masking-Double Smart Image Processing

Joy Vertz
>Employee Management and Workflow Apply Fundamentals - Intermediatte Marketing Are you wondering when is the best time to start adding to your team? In this pod, we will talk about employee management and workflow among a large team, to ensure that everyone's time is productive and effective.
>Marketing: Amp up your web presence Basic - Foundation Marketing The web has replaced the phone book and those who are savvy in their web presence are able to be found easily by their target market clients. In this pod, we will talk about social networking, blogging and SEO to make sure your web presence is effective!
screen for laptop
>Marketing: Driving results on a realistic budget Basic - Foundation Marketing Whether your marketing budget is 1% of your sales, or 20% (and anywhere in between) there are low-cost, creative and effective ways to cleverly marketing to your clients. By creating a marketing plan, you will bring a consistent revenue stream through your studio. We will discuss Event marketing, and client development as well as much more


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