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04-25-2006, 12:49 PM
Was wondering if there is a more straight forward guide on entering competitions?

It would go something like this: (I suspect all this info is lying around in parts, it would be nice to be all in one collection for new people.

Info about the Competition & its History
How does it work?
What to expect?
General Rules of the Competition
Tips on selecting images
Tips on Mounting your images
Tips on titling your images
Tips on shipping your images
Do's and Don'ts
Summary of what to expect
How long will my image be gone?
Other nice to know info

If everyone points me in the right direction I'll be happy to put it together. Some long timer or judge probably would need to do the final editing.

If this already exists and you can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. I have read the rules already, looking for something more than that from someone with a lot of experience. I hate making stupid mistakes, especially since it costs money to enter and takes time and effort to participate.

Thanks in advance!

04-25-2006, 03:50 PM
What you are looking for does exist at least in part in several places. Some of the items have slightly different answers for each level of competition (local guild, state, region and national/international). I think a guide in the form you suggest would be of great benefit and will have the Photographic Exhibitions Committee work on producing it. Meanwhile, the rules are posted on the PPA site under competitions and I suggest purchasing the Loan and General books from Marathon Press. You may also see many fine competition images on different web sites. The American Society of Photographers site has the last several years of their Traveling Exhibit on ASofP.com. Many of the states as well as Regional sites also have their winners posted.
I also suggest finding someone close to you who is seasoned for their guidance and help. I strongly encourage you to compete at all levels, from your local up. Local, state and Regional competitions put the competitions close enough for you to attend which rewards you with the most education from the process. It is also helpful to work on the print committees which puts you "in the action" so to speak. Any one is welcome to attend the International judging and observe the process. This year it will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Datona Beach Community College from July 15-19.
There are also quite a few speakers presenting programs on print competition. Try to see one when there's one in your area. Thanks for your input
Buddy Stewart, PEC vice-chairman