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01-15-2010, 03:38 PM
Well, Lets see...

Two friends and I left central NJ about 6AM Friday morning intending to take the scenic route. Once we got past DC., we eventually got on a rte 50 a rte 66 type of road. We made a lot of stops along the way for photo ops. Lots to photograph.
Our plan was to take the Skyline Drive. Well... closed due to weather conditions. We were forced to plan another route. We made more photo stops and decided to get on the Blue Ridge Sky way. CLOSED, road conditions. So... we decided to look for the Natural Bridge. that's a state park and closes at 5PM. We'll miss that.
We then decided to go to Mt. Airy SC. The home town of Andy Griffith. A trip over the mountains in the dark was fun. Winding roads, complete darkness (runaway truck ramps)(why is a truck running down hill so fast it needs a special ramp to stop on if its out of control. Oh, and I'd hate to be the guy driving in front of it).
We made Mt Airy around 9:45Pm only to find it's only 8:30Pm. So, we went into town to take some photos. The next morning we went back into town, took more photos, did a little shopping. We met Floyd the barber (from the Andy Griffith Show) and took photos with him and he took photos of us. The three of us will now be on the wall at Floyd's barber shop in "Mayberry".
We lefty Mt Airy and headed toward Nashville. The first major highway we got on eventually was closed due to rock slides. Forced to take back roads winding through the mountains. This is like in the middle of nowhere! and took us hours out of the way and more photo stops. WE finally get back to a major highway, YEAH!. Well... down the road a bit, IT"S CLOSE DUE TO ROCK SLIDES!!!!!
Another detour. Finally onto rte 40 (I think) and into Nashville around 10Pm (I think).

The trip was great fun with a lot of photo ops. I'll share a few.
This is my adventure, how about yours. Any other stories out there???

01-15-2010, 05:11 PM
I heard a lot about the rockslides, even from Nashvillians (Nashvillites?) outside IUSA. It's causing lots of pain to businesses along the blocked route.