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12-19-2009, 01:37 AM
If any of our State, Local or Regional affiliates would like instructions on how to build a turntable to the size specifications of the current turntables being used at the International Judging, please post below or you can drop me a PM or an email to MassPhoto@aol.com and I will send you the instructions, photos, and measurements.

A few years ago, we needed a turntable for Louisiana, so I tried to get the blue-prints or plans from the PEC volunteer who built the turntables for the PEC that we use every year at the National Judging (Richard Turner, M.Photog.,Cr. from Florida). Richard told me that there were no plans - that they were all in his head - so the best thing I could do was to take some measurements and some photographs at the next National Judging and go from there. I did exactly that and have since built a couple of turntables for associations who have asked me. I recently received a request from a member from Arizona who needed to build one for their state association, and since I can't draw plans, I had no alternative but to take some photos of ours and include some measurements and a description of my assembly process to put it all together. It is now in a PDF file that I can forward to any of the state, local or regional affiliates if they need it. Just drop me a note and I'll send you the file and walk you through any assembly issues you have on the telephone. It's not as elegant as Richard's original design, since I had to change a few things since I am not a great woodworker - so my revised design should be able to be assembled by any fool in a weekend - remember, the more fools you have working on the turntable the longer it will take - it's kind of like the inverse square law of light. "The intensity of the productivity drops off as the square of the number of fools!"

Why the offer - why not just build them for a price?
I've been a volunteer at the PPA National Judging for a long time now, and in 2006, the PPA Board of Directors gave me the PPA Directors Award in recognition of my years of service to the PEC. I've never felt that I really deserved such a huge honor - in fact, I'm awed every year when I see the character of the people to whom they give this award - so this is just my way of trying to live up to that award by helping to improve our profession by promoting print competition at the local, state, regional and especially at the national level. If you would like the file and my personal cell phone number for assistance, just drop me a PM or an email to MassPhoto@aol.com

12-19-2009, 04:15 AM
Very cool! I'll pass this off to our print chairs!