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10-15-2009, 06:13 AM
Keith and I have discussed this forum section and want to make it clear to everyone who participates here that we are only two people/jurors, and a panel is comprised of six jurors. Please understand that while we try our best to offer valid and useful information to everyone here, we can only give you our own perspectives. We both encourage you to seek other opinions as well and remember that each panel of six will create their own score for your image, which may or may not be a match to what we suggest here.
We believe this is a very useful forum yet don't want participants to think we can offer you the "final answer".
Sam Gardner M.Photog.Cr. CPP, Int. juror

10-15-2009, 02:47 PM
I agree with everything Sam has said above. I also want to remind everyone that in this thread we are looking at small low res files. In an actual competition we would be looking at 16x20 prints under specified lighting conditions. There is a big difference. I have had many of my own prints redone when I thought they looked fine on my moniter but the actual print came in with issues that never showed up looking at a computer screen. Sam and I are very happy to offer any advise and opinions we can. However I never want anyone to enter an actual competition and be upset because they don't get the results they expect based on the comments we made here. Looking at a small low res image here is NOT the same as seeing the actual print under actual judging conditions. And like Sam said, we are just two sets of eyes. One of the other four on a panel may see and point out something that would change or overide the way we see the image.

The goal of this section is to encourage more people to enter. We also want to provide information for people who say they don't enter because they don't know enough about it. So I don't want to discourage anyone from using this thread. At the same time I want everyone to understand this method has it's shortcomings. It would not be practical for everyone to mail us their actual prints and for us to set up judging lights to critique them under those conditions. So this forum is maybe the next best thing, inperfect but better then nothing.

Keith Howe
Int. Juror