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10-12-2009, 07:12 PM
Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder to start reading chapter 4 today. It seems there is still some confusion on the schedule. Here is the timeline (pushed back one week from our original dates.)

1. Getting started (week of Oct 5)
2. camera (week of Oct 5)
3. lens (week of Oct 5)
4. exposure, sensors, and film (week of Oct 12)
5. developing the negative (week of Oct 19)
6. printing in a darkroom (week of Oct 19)
7. color (week of Oct 26)
8. setting up a digital darkroom (week of Nov 2)
9. image editing (week of Nov 9)
10. digital printing (week of Nov 16)
11. organizing and storing your work (week of Nov 23)
12. print finishing and display (week of Nov 23)
13. lighting (week of Nov 30)
14. extending the image (week of Dec 7)
15. view camera (week of Dec 14)
16. the zone system (week of Dec 21)
17. seeing photographs (week of Dec 28)
18. history of photography (week of Jan 4)

We cannot move the schedule back any farther or we won't get through the book before Imaging USA.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming LIVE discussion, please send me a private message. Since we missed the first live discussion, we will be discussing chapters 1-4. Live discussions will take place once a week, to go over that week's chapter, as well as answer any questions.

If anyone has any questions, please PM me!

I hope everyone's reading is going well!