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10-09-2009, 04:48 AM
Hey - would like a quick opinion on this image as a possibility to round out the ol' print case next year. Wow, this was a TOUGH session (not that the judges know that)... Anyway, had to do a head swap - is it noticeable? Would write more but the Nyquil just kicked in... Still need a title!


and the close-up

10-09-2009, 06:35 PM
My first clue about the head swap is there are two different lighting directions on the kids. I question if it were actually lit the way it is here why the dog does not appear to have strong cross lighting. Maybe that's actually how the lights were but because the lighting seems odd it raises a question in my mind and as a judge would make me start looking for tell tale signs that this was composited. For example where the boys hand wraps around the dog and the girl is snuggled up against it, something looks funky there. Maybe you didn't even work that area but like I said once you raise the question, the judges start to look for the answer to that question. They try to figure out is- yes that's really believable light- or no - it couldn't have happened that way. Another sign that there is compositing is the mismatched skin tones between the kids. That is of course fixable. But as them seem obvious siblings, once again it raises a question when one has a warm complexion and one has a cool complexion. Don't give judges any reason to question that what they see in front of them is not what actually occured. (unless of course we are talking about fantasy type images) When I first looked at this on my lap top, earlier this morning, there was obvious work on the background around the subjects. On this moniter none of that shows up. Whether it shows on the print will make a huge difference in the score. I am also concerned that the main light is too far around to the side on the left kid. I understand that's what you need to do on a black lab to get the texture of the fur to show but again, that light is not striking the dog as strongly as it is the child and makes me question it. I wish the child on the left hadn't even been there as far as a competition print goes. The dog itself is an easy merit IMO. Or even if it was just the dog and the child on the right. I would probably be all over it.

Stephanie, I have the benefit here of having seen a lot of your work. I also know what your expectations are as far as results. Because of that I am saying skip this one. I know you have better stuff. I can't wait to see how the rat does.


10-09-2009, 06:51 PM
Thank you SO much for that input Keith. Funny enough, the girl on the left (they are 2 girls, btw) was not in the original. Thanks though - this would have been "filler" (with rat, hairless cat, and group of six dogs) Have plenty of black dog alone, but I wanted something more of a challenge / longshot. ;-)

10-09-2009, 06:57 PM
Have plenty of black dog alone, but I wanted something more of a challenge / longshot. ;-)

Steff - a black dog on a black background IS a challenge. Just because it's easy for you doesn't mean it's easy for everyone.


10-10-2009, 12:16 AM
Sorry, I wasn't clear - I meant I would prefer to use my 4th print as something that is MY weakness. I am not very strong with children (particularly because I have none of my own). That was the reason I was looking at this print.

10-10-2009, 05:39 AM
If it was just the dog and girl on the right orginally, then enter it! I think it would have a shot. Just a question, if it was just the girl on the right then where did the hand on her shoulder come from?

By all means I understand wanting the challange and I aplaude you for trying to do something like this that is out of your comfort zone and is a challanging subject as well.

10-10-2009, 06:35 PM
I also applaud your effort at entering a "weak" genre of image category! What a great way to grow your skill set. Entering our weaker areas and listening to critical feedback is a very useful method to expand our horizons and learn over time to please and market to a wider variety of clients.
This is one of the "secret" advantages of those who participate in print competitions regularly. Use it as a learning tool and not just a way to "win" awards.
I agree with Keith's comments on this image.
Sam Gardner M.Photog.Cr CPP