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09-29-2009, 04:51 PM
Portrait Enhancement: Five Simple Steps Webinar (http://photographyconnect.com/2009/08/portrait-enhancement-five-simple-steps-webinar)

Are you tired of spending way too much time in post processing? Do you look at an image and wonder where to start the enhancement process? Are you looking for a way to increase your image quality and save time?

If retouching your images is something you spend too long on, or simply don’t feel you understand, then you won’t want to miss this step-by-step demonstration of Photoshop techniques for the portrait & wedding photographer. Join Jeffrey as he shows you how to enhance some real world portrait examples, and how to develop a retouching strategy to improve the quality and speed of your portrait enhancement workflow.

During his portrait enhancement demonstration, Jeffrey will guide you through looking at the raw image with a systematic eye, analyzing and mapping out the most effective workflow to streamline the enhancement process. You will learn all the tips, shortcuts and trade secrets you will need to polish and perfect the image while decreasing your time spent in post processing.

Some of what will be covered:

When to Use Levels and Curves
Determining Which Facial Features Should Be Accentuated or Minimized
Analyzing the Image for Distracting Contrasty Items
Refining Lighting and Focus
Which Color Space to Use: Adobe98 vs. sRGB
Different Retouching for Different Subjects (Families vs. Children vs. Seniors)
Using the Portraiture Plug In to its Full Potential


Where: Your Computer Online

When: October 6th at

Time: 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. (Pacific Time)

For more information or to register visit: http://photographyconnect.com/2009/08/portrait-enhancement-five-simple-steps-webinar