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09-25-2009, 05:37 PM
The following Q&A is part of the webinar The Art of Facial Retouching presented by PPA Education and Adobe.

Jane Conner-Ziser was the host. If you missed this webinar, you can watch the archive by visiting:


Q&A Follow Up:

Q&A Session for Adobe Series - The Art of Facial Retouching

Date: Monday, September 21, 2009
Starting time: 11:19 AM
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Q: do you retouch the raw?
A: Yes, though not all processes are available in raw. I convert when I need to.
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Q: do you use the history feature to track your changes?
A: I do not use history often. It is rarely necessary to go back, and if the occasion occurs, the original file is always available to pull from because I work on a copy of the Background.
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Q: is she using a tablet and pen for retouching?
A: I use a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and I consider it a must have piece of equipment. If I didn't have my tablet, I would do something else.
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Q: Do you use any custom shortcuts with your tablet to speed the process?
A: Yes, I program a couple of keyboard shortcuts, mostly for choices that use more than two fingers to key in :)
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Q: What is your opinion of Photoshop plugins like Imagenomic's Portraiture?
A: They are usually based upon blurring the skin which I consider a real "no no" for fine quality retouching, but some have a nice enough look and work well for bulk retouching.
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Q: For the pretty girl, do you do any skin smoothening beyond what you've done?
A: I love skin texture so I do not usually over soften the skin. If I need a more fashion style look, I use Eddie Tapps "famous soft focus filter" (two blurred layers, one in darken mode the other in lighten, percentages to taste). This soft focus filter leaves more skin texture than others.
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Q: will you use filters such a Nic Filters?
A: I LOVE Nik filters -I call them "instant ambiance." Use them delicately so people feel them rather than see them.
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Q: I am not use to using the dodge tool, can you explain its main function.
A: The dodge tool lightens small areas that are darker than need be and the burn tool darkens small areas that are darker than need be. The combination of the tools shapes the edges of the five lights of nature to sculpt the facial features, enahance the character of the subject's bone structure and polish the lighting pattern.
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Q: how do you retouch infant (newborn) skin?
A: The same way as an adults face. Do not take out expression nor the "bags" under the eyes. Usually it's just a bit of skin blending for a rash or a bit of patch tool for small scratches.
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Q: when you move the eyelid up or down, will the blue in her eye still show or leave a skin color?
A: It's based upon what you select, I use layer masks to refine the work once the pieces are in place.
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Q: is this the best way to also remove glasses reflections?
A: I cut out a piece of skin to cover the glare to begin with and shape it using a layer mask. Once down I use painting techniques (like I used for eye enhancement) to add contour and the dodge and burn tools to finess the lighting and shape.
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Q: will you be talking about facial polishing?
A: Facial “polishing” is using the dodge and burn tools to sculpt the lighting and shape the face. The further you go with them, the smoother the skin appears to be.