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08-06-2009, 07:33 PM
If your affiliate is already sending out eblasts and such, you may want to consider adding a twitter account to the marketing lineup. In Michigan, we've been trying to replicate those eblasts as tweets. Michigan's PPA affiliate school, GLIP -- even gained an attendee or two from it. I had one individual tell me they came because the PPM (Michigan PPA) twitter update mentioning GLIP.

You can use twitter to reach a more diverse audience than your membership -- there are a lot of photographers on twitter who don't belong to their local affiliate (many just don't see the point).

Twitter Accounts:

PPA: @ourppa (http://twitter.com/ourppa)
Imaging: @imagingusa (http://twitter.com/imagingusa)

PPofMichigan: @prophotomi (http://twitter.com/prophotomi)
Detroit PPA: @dppa (http://twitter.com/dppa)
GLIP School: @glipschool (http://twitter.com/glipschool)

Obviously there will be spam followers, and junk accounts. But if you find the right people to follow, and get promoted in the right channels... twitter could be a very good tool for getting into those iphones of geeky photographers ;). The quality of followers is more important than the quantity, but here are some figures for you to consider:

PPM joined twitter on Feb. 5th. Since then, 556 users have started following @prophotomi. That's just 112 users less than @ourppa has (668). That is almost double the current membership. Imagine if the tweets could get just 3% of those users to attend a program, or join. That would be 16 additional attendees/members.

DPPA joined twitter around the same time, and has 442 members. That is probably 3 times the membership. If 3% joined/attended, that would be 13 more people.

Also -- keep in mind many major sponsors are on twitter. You can tweet thanks to them, or ask them to retweet your updates. who knows how many interested photographers your message could reach?

Are any other affiliates using twitter?

08-06-2009, 09:11 PM
Betsy - how often does PPM send an update, and who is in charge of doing those updates?

08-06-2009, 09:46 PM
Right now, it is "a work in progress" -- I'm unofficially managing the twitter accounts. Whenever I get an eblast, I type a summary (with a link) into twitter. Also, when PPM posts something, I'll have DPPA retweet it, or vice versa. I'll also get PPM and DPPA to retweet OurPPA tweets.

Bonus -- if you post an event in the ourppa forum under affiliate events, it'll get tweeted about @ourppa.

CoTweet.com has been invaluable for managing the multiple accounts (multiple people can manage the account too).

08-07-2009, 07:25 PM
thanks Betsy!