View Full Version : MultiMaker Album Rules

03-30-2006, 08:41 PM
I've read the new rules and am trying to fill out the forms for the 2006 Print Competition. I have one print that I did myself and three albums that I did with my partner. My partner also has an album that he completed on his own. My questions:

1) How should we ship these? 3 cases, one for each of us individually and one for our MultiMaker albums or 2 cases and we "split up" those we did together?

2) If we want a critique do we need to pay for 3 or 2 (see #1 above)?

3) How do we "attach the stickers" to the albums? The forms say to "A copy of this label must be attached to the top, back of each entry". The label has the title and maker's name, but the rules also say "3. Any studio identification or entrant’s name in the album must be covered." It doesn't seem possible to do both. At the affiliate competition there was a special form for albums that was folded over to hide the name but the title and scoring part would be visible. I don't see anything like that for albums.

4) I think I know the answer to this one implied from the rules - does the MultiMaker album need a form for both makers (my understanding is yes)?