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05-11-2009, 05:05 AM
After Dark is an event that creates controlled chaos for the purpose of a unique educational environment that involves a collective gathering of portrait artists. Every one will be encourage to participate lead by a group of caring individuals all working together to accomplish solutions to every day portrait business and creative solutions.

Oct. 11, 12, 13
AFTER the sun goes down...

Austin, Texas

Some of the top award winning portrait artists as well as some of the best educators in professional photography today

Dave Junion (http://www.junion.com)
Schofield, WI

Jen Hillenga (http://www.momentoimages.com/)
Savage, Minnesota

Mike Ridinger (Dinger) (http://www.ridingerphoto.com/)
Lewiston, Idaho

David Schwartz (http://www.davidschwartzphotography.com/)
Richmond, Virgina

Jordan Chan (http://www.jordansenior.com)
Saint Pauls, North Carolina

Travis Gugelman (http://www.travisgugelman.com/)
Rexburg, Idaho

Mike Fulton & Cody Clinton (TriCoast Photography) (http://www.tricoastphoto.com)
Lake Jackson, Texas

Mark Fitzgibbons (http://www.fitzphotostudios.com/)
Duluth, Minnesota

Clark & Rachel Marten (http://www.clarkmarten.com/)
Columbus, Montana

Kevin Jordan (http://www.jordanportrait.com/)
Saint Pauls, North Carolina

After Dark is an event from the creative mind of Dave Junion.

It will never be duplicated, each time this gathering takes place it will be unique, taking on a new form, evolving and blending to the environment that exist. A collective gathering of artists. It may appear to be chaos or maybe even a three ring circus. But it is an event that feels like home to the creative. A place to relax and let your guard down with an open mind. A place where it is not you (the attendee) and them (the speaker). All one.

Every one working together... host, speakers, mentors, coaches, and attendees all meshed together in total immersion... all one family working out solutions, small groups hovered around laptops on comfy couches, noise, laughter, projectors, music, shooting bays, models, lights popping... chaos? or a beautiful symphony? It's all perception... and your perception is under your control.

After Dark should be thought of as more of an experience than a seminar, workshop, or conference. By design everyone will be players lead by a group of caring individuals all working together so that we can all go to a new place...

There is no platform speakers. No sitting still in a quiet rooms and straight lines for hours watching and listening. This is a gathering of some of the best portrait artist in the county here to work together with you to create solutions to every day creative and business solutions.

There will be entertainment, models, shooting bays for you to watch and experiment in small groups, projectors with mentors leading in round table discussions, and many surprises. This is an event that will allow you to get what you need hands on and in small group discussions.

After Dark may not be understood by all, it is different, unique, an outcast from the structured and well formed experience... extra-ordinary... extraordinary!!! After Dark can not be explained only experienced...

In addition to the 10 mentors there will be 20-30 coaches to assist and help the very limited 300 attendees

11 shooting bays complete with a full line of Larson softboxes, Photogenic lights, and Shooting Gallery backdrops to use and learn with assistance with the mentors and coaches.

5 small group work stations

Shooting Gallery
Miller's Professional Imaging
White House Custom Color (WHCC)
and many more coming soon!

LIMITED TO ONLY 300 SPOTS - IT WILL FILL UP FAST (already filling up as we type this)
If interested go to the below website and send an email to Kevin Jordan to get your name on the list NOW!

3 day of INTENSE hands on learning - an EXPERIENCE like no one has ever seen or been a part of...
all this for only $400.00 per person

website under construction with more information being released soon - but get your name on the list NOW if your interested!!!
AFTER DARK AUSTIN TEXAS (http://www.afterdarkaustin.com)

05-11-2009, 10:34 AM
OOHHHH.....This looks great...off to find my cowboy hat. ;)

05-14-2009, 08:11 AM
This will be pretty cool.

We just signed the event center and the hotel is right across the street.


models will be musicians and their families...we did not want teen age "model wanna be's" instead we are going for real people...real life. Also Dance/ theatre/ drama students.

afternoons will be for shooting local charities...more on that later

> live music....

>max number of attendess for full access is 300 people max
> theatre/lobby access only - 200 people max

we have specific ratio's of instructors / attendees we do not want to exceed.

>notice the theatre on the Monarch web site.....we will be creating theatre events focussing on Graphic design/sales/marketing during the day with small group discussions to follow at night

Thanks to Mike we have access to the best musicians in Austin to create images of. this is about creating real images with real people....

Most of us have learned working side by side with each other. That is the concept we have built after dark on. Instead of going solo and shooting the same thing you did yesterday we want to create small groups that are directed and taught by directors and mentors that are doing great things in the industry. By feeding off each other we will all excel.
>Each director has created their shooting bay to mimic their own studio so what they do at after dark is what they do for their clients.
> subjects will not be from agencies...we want real life....all types of people that we as profesionals work with everyday...not just the perfect and the pretty.
> Educational pods will be set up through out the day/night. small group learning that will address specific challenges. We will have everything scheduled so you can create the exact expeirence you are searching for.
> there will be chaos time. This will be an opportunity to seek the specific director/mentor/guest that you think can help you find a solution and get small group time getting specific answers.

>soon the website will be up with links to the 10 directors and 30 mentors where you can research each one to get idea of each one strengths so you can come into after dark with a plan of action knowing who has the solutions to your chalanges.

oh...we have been palnning this for only two days now so things are going to much more interesting.
This is what I have wanted to go to for years but I never found it, so I decided to get together with some friends and create what an event I would want to go to make myself better than I am.

We are excited to beable to share....and learn.....and just smile and laugh a lot.

rock on.

oh...if you have not read outliers....get it

( get the audio book...)

05-18-2009, 08:56 PM
Just added to the list of mentors - wanted to update everyone as the waiting list is filling up pretty quickly.

Fuzzy Duenkel - Senior Photography and Lighting Master - National Speaker and Teacher and well just an amazing guy to be around - his knowledge is addicting

Lori Nordstrom - Babies and Marketing Queen - National and International Speaker and Teacher - super person with a passion for helping

Julie Klaasmeyer - Kodak's Worldwide Photographer to watch for 2009 and National Speaker and Teacher - amazing studio -amazing natural light work - truly a wonderful photographer

27 more to go.... just wait till you hear the other names coming as mentors......