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04-29-2009, 01:28 PM
This might have been answered already, but want to have clarification.

Must you register your prints online by May 1 even if your case will not arrive by May 1? Let's say you plan on sending your case to arrive by May 20th. I know you pay the late fee, but will the case be accepted if you didn't register online by May 1?


04-29-2009, 03:36 PM
Sherry, have you contacted Jim Dingwell yet? I'd hate to give you a wrong answer about registration requirements.

04-29-2009, 07:01 PM
You must register and pay by credit card online. Your prints will be judged just like everyone else's regardless of when you register. Since you know you can't make the May1 deadline, I would suggest you wait until sometime later (May 2) and you will automatically be charged the correct fee. You will then have up till May 22 for your case to be received.

04-29-2009, 08:44 PM
I see Sherry copied her answer from Jim. But I will repeat wjat he just told me on the phone to be clear. The print case must ARRIVE in lincoln by the first or there will be a late fee.


04-29-2009, 09:07 PM
What about those of us who entered seppa? I know there's an extention, but is that just for the physical print case to arrive, or the entry fee as well?

04-29-2009, 11:43 PM

That is my question too. Do we go ahead and register or wait until we have our cases in hand? I know I was told from SEPPA to enclose the entry form and instructions from PPA site with my case and the fee would be adjusted.


04-30-2009, 12:58 AM
If you want the definitive answer get in contact with Jim Dingwell.


04-30-2009, 01:05 PM
Here is what was in a letter I recieved from Jim Dingwell. It is also on the SEPPA web site:

As you know, the International Judging is much earlier this year and thus the entry deadline has been moved up to May 1, 2009. Because of the close proximity to your Regional Judging, we are allowing an extension to your entrants in which they may enter their images for International competition and stay within the normal $95.00 entry fee. As a special consideration to your entrants, we are allowing them to send their entries no later than 5:00 CST on May 22, 2009. Obviously, we would like to have as many entries as possible well before that date.

To be eligible for the lower entry fee if sending entries after the May 1, deadline, your members will need to send a copy of their SEPPA entry form along with their PPA International entry form to verify that they did indeed enter your competition. In any event, no entries will be accepted after the May 22, 2009 deadline.

Because this is an extreme situation for this year only, the PPA database and online entry system have no way of recognizing approved late entries. If your people have not registered and shipped their cases by May 1st, they will automatically be charged the higher “late fee” and we will manually credit back the difference after processing their case if in fact they have included the supporting Regional entry form.

Please keep in mind that this special extension is for your SEPPA entrants only

04-30-2009, 01:14 PM
Thanks for that. I paid my case fee yesterday online and I'll just send the case there when I get it back. I guess the issue will be my return shipping, as we'll be living in Canada in Jan. of next year. Hopefully they'll ship internationally. And to a location with no postal code.