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04-09-2009, 02:40 AM
I am still fairly new to the professional arena and would like to start entering competitions. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they think of these photos, are they merit worthy? if not, what can i do to improve on them or in general....

I grew up with 4 brothers so don't be afraid to be honest, i have thick skin ;)




if they look soft its the way they posted, they are pretty sharp. Thanks!!!

04-09-2009, 05:03 AM
In the first one, it's a pretty severe tilt. It looks like you are trying to get the entire shadow in the frame, which makes visual sense, but I think you could have accomplished that with a landscape orientation and a less extreme (and uncomfortable, at least to me) tilt. I think your composition is off a bit on this one, but the idea is good and it really is just a matter of refinement to make this into a solid image, IMO.

I like the other two images, but I think you can improve them with a stronger crop and by getting some light in the subjects eyes.

04-09-2009, 07:27 PM
Thanks mark, i appreciate your comments! i was worried about the tilt as well, i have one of them that has less of a tilt that is horizontal, but the shadow is less obvious. here it is, and here is a quick edit of the other two, are they better with the crop? i am worried they are too over done.

thanks again!