View Full Version : Brunch With Studio J Webinar Monday March 16th 2009

03-13-2009, 05:46 PM
So, we’re getting the ball rolling with Betsy Finn and her Blogging Basics Webinar but what next? Who do we bring in next? Well, how about brunch with one of my most favorite people ever Jackie Haggerty (CPP, Cr.Photog )! She enthusastically has agreed and we’ve set the date March 16th @ 11am Eastern.

Come join Jackie, Britten, and maybe even Wayne in this awesome webinar with the Studio J Crew. Jackie’s going to be discussing topics about “Marketing in a new market”. Jackie will discuss her baby and child portrait contest (it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself), some great marketing she’s been up to with a local realtor, and how she gets to that all important senior market! Jackie’s portrait contest isn’t a simple gimick, far from it, she’s poured hard work, dedication and vision (thanks for the perfect words Britten) into creating this and making more then a simple gain for her studio… it’s a gain for her community as a whole. The same hard work doesn’t end there, it’s obvious in every part of her art and business that she’s far from content with being average.

So you East Coasters pull up, grab a sandwhich and you West Coasters grab your Grande, 2 pump Vanilla, Non-Fat, Extra Hot, Lattes and get in on this. Aside from getting to hear about all that she’s got to say on the topics above it’s a great way to kick start (if you haven’t started) or revamp (if you have started) your marketing.

Remember, Monday, March 16th at 11pm Eastern.

Sponsored by PhotographyConnect.com

Length: Approximately 60 Minutes

Register here: http://photographyconnect.com/2009/02/brunch-with-studio-j-webinar