View Full Version : Michigan GLIP School, June 14th-19th, 2009

02-05-2009, 05:11 AM
GLIP School: What it is, and Why You Should Go! (http://learnwithbetsy.com/blog/2008/glip-school)

2009 Instructors Include

Al Auldeman (Photoshop)
André Constantini (Lighting)
Michael & Tina Timmons (Fine Art)
James Churchilll & David Deutsch
Kalen Henderson
Cheri MacCullum (Painter/PS)
Ellie Vayo (Seniors)
Michael Redford (Business)
Great Lakes Greats – Jackie Palmer, Rod Gleason, + 2 others
Hanson Fong (Weddings)

For more information about GLIP, contact GLIP Director, Greg Ockerman (GJOdigital@aol.com or 313-318-4327). You can also visit the website: www.glip.org