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02-05-2009, 03:00 AM
I took the CPP exam in Phoenix - and I passed with an 87.

In so may ways I feel like that was the easy part. Now I ned to get 20 images that pass muster.

I do a wide variety of photography - some weddings, some portraits, some sports, and some commercial.

But, my main money-maker is a specialized service for artists. I shoot paintings with a Better Light digital scan back on a 4x5 camera - about 150 MP- and I print Giclée reproductions onto canvas.

In my 50 years of photography I can say that nothing is more demanding. I can make a portrait - or a landscape - and make 10 different prints of the image that are all great - different moods and colors. But, working with artists, in the end, there is a painting on easel 1 - and my reproduction on easel 2. Everything has to match as closely as the science will allow. it is an exacting process and it requires every ounce of my skills.

I was disappointed to talk to someone at PPA in Phoenix who told me that I could not submit any of those images - because the images were of painting that I did not create. Huh? If I photograph a building that I did not construct is the image not allowed?

I want to make a portfolio that shows my skills and talents, but I am very concerned that my categories don't fit the guidelines.

Who can I correspond with who can help me find a way to show what I do?