View Full Version : SMS workshops for 09

12-05-2008, 07:37 PM
Ya'll be sure and check out new 09 schedules and locations for the SMS classes....PPA has added more to the schedule, and will be conducting them at PPA headquarters in Atlanta ( a treat in itself) or in various areas around the country...
There has been a had great response to the 2 day classes designed toward those considering going into photography full time.
Also, PPA is designing a huge webinar schedule that is going to knock your socks off....this is going to be so cool to have access to the presenters and topics in the convienence of your own home or studio, 24/7.
Can't reveal the speakers quite yet, but you're gonna be REALLY PLEASED!

If you have any questions at all, about whats going on with SMS, the classes, and the services, send an email or a phone call.....there are many studios benefitting from the tax help, or sales and marketing consultations.
Great people working to help other great people....we know that education is the key to making us all stronger business people....creating better lives for our families too! Email bmoore@ppa.com, tell her Carol sent ya, she'll take really good care of you, listen to your needs, and direct you to the best help for your business needs.
Best wishes,