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11-17-2008, 10:54 PM
Hi there, I live in Seattle.. well.. kind of.
I would like to know where can I find more information about regional or national competitions in America? I am a very regular participator of various competitions in my home country, so I would like to know where can I get more information?

I just recently find a competition that is hosted by Nikon.. but.. I am not keen of these "commercial" competitions. It's just a promotion of the companies..
Hope you guys get what I mean.

Thanks for the input first. I greatly appreciate it.

11-17-2008, 11:13 PM
Here is the link to PPA's International competition. http://ppa.com/competitions/international/rules.php
This will give you the rules etc. for national. As for your state (non affiliated competition) Contact these people http://www.ppw.org/professional_entry.asp

For your regional assocition - Western States, ask your state association for details. I believe they are the host for the regional competition which may mean you do not have a non affiliated state competition. At any rate, check with them they should have the answers.
Good Luck