View Full Version : Can I apply for a US certified?

09-13-2008, 10:45 AM
my name is George Popovici and I'm from Europa/Romania. I've graduated the University of Arts "George Enescu" at music section but now I am student for Master Degree in photography/portrait at The University of Arts "George Enescu". I'm interested to learn mor and mor and maybe you can help me with some infos.
My personal web site is here: www.georgepopovici.ro

Thank you very much

09-13-2008, 12:39 PM
Hi George;

Are you a member of Professional Photographers of America ? If so, call PPA at (800) 786-6277 & ask for Marisa Pitts. Also, go to www.ppa.com & click on certification. That site is all about getting certified.

I gave the Certification Exam to a Photographer from the Dominican Republic earlier this year so he does not live in the USA.

One of the best photographers I ever took a class with was from Romania. His name was Tibor Horvath.

Good luck .... I hope this works out for you.