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07-26-2008, 05:44 PM
For CppMZ: Make sure you converse on this thread under the cpp_upload login so that I don't know who you are (and for heavens sake, don't sign your name at the end of the message :D)

Overall, I think your images are nice, but I don't think they will pass in their current collection. The comments may seem harsh, but this is what the judges comment when they see the submissions. As a general rule, I would get rid of the landscapes and concentrate on your client submissions. We want to see your competence in this aspect of the submissions.

Images located at: http://ourppa.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=504

07-26-2008, 09:35 PM
Is anyone else having trouble logging into Galleries? I keep getting UNlogged when I click the link above. ... :confused:

07-28-2008, 07:33 PM
Thanks for all the input. Much appreciated for your time spent evaluating my images.

Few facts on the images. The boy looking into the mirror was part of a corporate anniversary event which I was hired to shoot for a client. Since it was an event I did not have the portability of studio lighting but did manage to capture "that moment" that I was hoping too given the circumstances. I do understand if it would be rejected for a snapshot "look".

As for the darkness of the portraits vs the landscapes I probably lean towards a good dark black as opposed to blown out highlights but- that can be corrected with curves and post production. I do all my color correction/manipulation on a calibrated monitor.

As for the mix of my work - The landscapes are from my stock library of images (shot in the last two years) which I sell to both corporate and other clients. This sort of goes back to the question . . . is PPA the right organization to be obtaining certification from?? I know this gets debated often on this site. Given my mix of business Weddings and Portraits make up 30-35% of my business at this point. As you know that can and probably will change. Corporate work (ie advt, industrial, product photos, stock photos sold) - 40%. Special Events and Sports the balance. Could I be barking up the wrong tree?

07-28-2008, 07:52 PM
What you need to do is think of PPA and certification as two completely separate entities. PPA is your source for the profession in terms of education, legal benefits and copyright representation.

Certification is very much like passing the medical exam. As long as you pass the medical exam, you can practice medicine but not necessarily be a member of the American Medical Association. In short, you are not obtaining your certification from PPA, but rather from the Certification "Board". It's just that PPA members happen to be involved in the standards of image quality. Many of us are well versed in the different aspects of photography. Although I now specialize in portraiture, I've been a wedding/event photographer for over 25 years and a commercial product/architectural photographer for 20 years. One of the other judges also has similar credentials as I. The three of us who judged the last electronic judging are all Masters, one is a PPA affiliate judge, and the other two "final" judges gave their input on the final day to finalize our decisions.

The purpose of the certification images is to show that you are competent with actual working conditions of commissioned work. That is, when you are hired for a job, the judges want to see how you handle the job, and how it differs from the multitudes of "Mamarazzi" that are out there. Yes, we are looking for quick vision, but we are looking for the technical aspects in how you handle these situations, technically, as well.

Once you pass the core images, then, you can opt for specialization. You can submit 10 event images for specialization which will then communicate to your corporates that you are well-versed in Event photography.