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07-22-2008, 04:40 PM
The cpp_upload has not been fully activated yet. For those candidates who are ready to upload their images, hang tight. The powers that be are really swamped right now over at the PPA headquarters. I will announce the activation once it gets underway.

Also, I have requested a special area for the certification images to be uploaded to, so that the general area doesn't go crazy. Stay tuned.

07-24-2008, 01:17 AM
The cpp_upload is open for business! You may log in, upload your images to the special certification section in the gallery section.

For those of you submitting your images for the upcoming image evaluations in August, this is a marvelous way to get feedback from both your peers, and some of the judging panel.

Big reminder: When discussing your images, make sure you log in as cpp_upload to repond and for heavens sake, don't sign your name at the end of your messages! :D (you know someone is going to do this!)

Reminder #2: Encode your image something like, the image number followed by two letters known only to you. For example, use your first two letters of your middle name with the image number - 01LE, 02LE, etc. That way, we can tell that these images are part of your grouping and we don't know who the heck you are.

Reminder #3: You can use your off-site download methods a la Mark Levesque method, but using the OurPPA conventions (with the 600ppi limit) can reveal your metadata which can be helpful for you. We might be able to tell if your camera settings were wrong for the possible rejected images.

Big Reminder #4: In order for this to work, we need a whole bunch of you to upload your images. If only one of you submits, and you are the one who emailed me for info, well, the anonymous part won't work too well. Get it? So, until there are multi-people entering, I can't go in until there is enough of you (I'm set to judge the August images).

OK gang! This is all for you, now use it.