View Full Version : Anonymous Image Submission Guidlines

07-16-2008, 05:12 PM
In order to help you with your image submissions, the certification committee has set up an anonymous account so that you, the candidate, can get feedback from fellow certifieds and the certification judges without compromising your submission during the actual judging process. This will be especially helpful with the new standards that are being put in place by 2009.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Log out of PPA.com.
2. Log back in as username: cpp_upload@ppa.com
3. Password is: anonymous
4. Upload your images in the gallery section of this forum. Name each image in a consistent manner so that we know that your images all belong together. For example: cppXX1, cppXX2, cppXX3, etc.

You may use uploading methods such as from your personal ftp site, or sites like Photobucket for larger images, however, the security of your images are better with the OurPPA upload method. Also, with the OurPPA upload method, your metadata info is visible to the judges which can be very helpful. Unlike the main forum, which has a 400 pixel limitation, the gallery has a 600 pixel maximum size which is easier to see.

You may also link your images off site to locations such as Flickr or any other "slideshow" sites. However, the site you link must not have any indication of your identity. Failure to do so will cause the judge(s) to recuse themselves during the actually judging.

5. When responding to your images, make sure you are logged on as cpp_upload! This will maintain you anonymity throughout the process!

6. Remaining under cpp_upload, post your announcement that you have your images posted in the gallery.

7. *NEW* Because of the increase upload traffic of the candidates, all images uploaded at the end of each judging cycle will be removed to make room for the next judging cycle.Even if you did not submit your images for judging, you will have to re-upload your images for the next judging.

8. For more questions, PM either Michael Gan, or Kirk Darling.