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04-23-2008, 03:52 AM
West Coast School
List of Instructors for 2008!

Tony Corbell -"The Power of Light" (Advanced Photographers Only)
Janice Wendt - Professional Polish (Workflow, Nik Software, Nikon
Capture NX, Photoshop)
Andre Amoyt - Business and Profits are not 4 Letter Words (Business & Marketing)
Scott Condray - Photoshop for Photographers (Beginning - Intermediate)
Don MacGregor - Environmental Family Portraits
Tim Meyer - Basic Studio and Outdoor Lighting
Marilyn Sholin - Merging Portraits, Landscapes and Art (Painter: must
have a good knowledge of Photoshop & personal Computer skills)
Bry Cox - Jazz Photography & Fashion Portraiture (Weddings, Families & Seniors)
Kalen Henderson - High School Seniors 911
Hanson Fong - "Mastering the Techniques - How to be a Complete