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01-20-2008, 02:16 PM
All the threads on Imaging have been exciting to read. It was great you all could get together, meet and have what sounds like a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!! I am hoping to make it next year!

I assume that you all DID attend some programs while you were there(or was it really one big fun party? LOL;) )
Of all the programs and speakers you saw-Who were your favorites and why? What did you learn and how will you take what you learned into your photography and business? Anyone you would see again or is a "must see"? Thanks!

01-20-2008, 03:28 PM
Hi Stacey,

I didnt attend alot of programs, I had seen a few of the speakers before. I went to see Jane Connor Ziser as a photoshop refresher and was glad I did.

My absolute favorite speaker of all was Jerry Ghionis from Australia. I got so many great ideas from him. The program flew by so quickly! He was very entertaining and has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend seeing him if you ever get a chance.

His "kiss tag" is a method of getting fun shots of the bride and groom. Each of them take turns playing "it" and tries to give a kiss to the other while they resist. I cant wait to try it!

01-20-2008, 04:14 PM
Well, I think I made 13 seminars while I was there. Being a first timer and also it being a bit of a financial expenditure I wanted to make sure we got our money's worth in learning and not simply be a costly boondoggle (as much fun as those are.)

I got something out of every single program. Starting with Jack's program on copyrights and copywrongs, in which I took substantial notes. Jack's sidekick Ed was quite entertaining as well as being informative.

There was a variety of types of programs. I tend to gravitate towards the technical ones because I am a geek and insist on learning as much as possible so I have a strong technical base to work from and can hopefully develop some artistry. The downside to this is that you barely get a taste of things due to the format (90 minute programs), since most speakers tend to try to provide a basis for understanding before getting to the meat of the program. So from a technical standpoint, you are really only getting an idea of what is possible rather than actual in-depth technical training. Still, it serves as a sort of menu to help you decide which things to pursue further, so that's a good thing.

Somewhat amusingly, given my techie proclivities, my favorite speaker was Joe Buissink. His presentation was very inspiring, and emotionally moving. Joe is perhaps my antithesis. He's all about the emotion and artistry, and lets the camera do most of the work in recording the images so he can just shoot what he sees without thinking. He shoots in program mode, which drew audible gasps from the audience. But he knows how to manipulate the camera very fast to adjust DOF and whatnot to get what he wants. He's found a very effective manner of shooting, so he is free to unleash his artistic vision. I am reminded somewhat of him by Robert "don't string the first and last name together" Watcher, who seems to create artistry while letting the camera do its thing. Joe Buissink was the only speaker that got all highest rankings from me on the review form. Seemed like a really genuine guy.

01-20-2008, 06:00 PM
Who were your favorites and why? What did you learn and how will you take what you learned into your photography and business? Anyone you would see again or is a "must see"? Thanks!

Must see when possible: Jack R, Katrin Eismann, Julieanne Kost (always something new about Adobe applications), Jim DiVitale (also Adobe and efficient work flow little known things), Jane C-z. Of course, Al Hopper! I have seen these before and I will & consider "must see" again. Always something new from each! The details are too many to write.

In other words, attendance is addictive (I quote another post), and must start planning now to attend in Phoenix, planning added time before and/or after the official dates of 11-13, for other activities. Must be why the bags were dated for 2009, which I do not recall before. Very good marketing. I missed the give-away t-shirt (they ran out) from Tuesday night promoting the next convention, but have one from last year and the year before.

Maybe there can be an optional pre-con trip to Grand Canyon - the dome railroad car would be great! MY 2¢. One upper staff liked that thought!


01-21-2008, 12:27 AM
Vicky Taufer was probably the most energetic speaker I have ever seen. She seems to speak without breathing! Seriously, she super cute and just a bundle of energy and had alot to share but trying to pick one out of the many is very hard.

Ann Monteith, although not the bundle of energy of Vicky, is super informative and a very good speaker. She is great at trying to show us how silly we can be when running our business and is very good in telling you how to succeed.
If you want business sense, I'd definately look up her seminars. She teaches a class called guerilla marketing that purportedly will change your life and I have no doubt in my mind, that as soon as I can afford it, I will go. She also is a proponent of "Successware" software that, appears to be an indespinsable tool for any studio.

No I do work for any of these people and attending ImagingUSA for the first time in Tampa..........I live here. I certainly hope to go to Pheonix next year as this year was so informative and fun.

It would take a separate thread on what I learned, still digesting alot of it now. Some topics; Relationship Marketing, Self Assignments, Testing Equipment, Hiring part time pro's to help grow your bus (stay at home mom's), packaging your product to appeal to your (female customers), Charity Marketing, Throwing parties to generate business, etc,etc,etc. A lot of things I knew but didn't have the concepts nailed down and marketing was a biggie.

Darren Osgood

01-21-2008, 12:45 AM
I really enjoyed seeing "the big four" of Wedding Photography. It's really a toss-up between Jerry Ghionis and Joe Buissink for best presenter though. Very different styles - very different people. Thouroughly enjoyed watching both and learned great techniques from each of them. I bought Ghionis' MacGuyveresque cards. If Buissink was selling something, I would have bought that too. :)

Also enjoyed watching Marcus Bell (the reason I came to Imaging in the first place). And, yes Jeff, it was worth all the airport trouble! :) He had some really fabulous marketing and wedding consult ideas I'm happy to say I got to put into practice yesterday and today.

And of course, I liked seeing Yervant, but I was surprised that the convention center had doors large enough for him to fit his head through... Seriously, he's an amazingly talented man. I also liked how he pointed out exactly HOW LONG each wedding expense is going to last for the couple. I want to find a way to incorporate that into client consults, without coming off wrong.

Also loved Kay Henderson's "The One" seminar. Really cool stuff they were doing! Makes me feel grossly inadequate. :) Seriously, very cool to see how 5 different people approach the same model and equipment.

Finally, Matthew Jordan Smith was an incredible speaker. Really inspiring. I listened to his advice and bought a really nice notebook and started writing down what I need to improve in the next year.

01-21-2008, 01:49 AM
Jerry Ghionis was my favorite. And I don't photograph weddings. We almost left 5 minutes in to it becuase I didn't realize from the description that Jerry Ghionis was a wedding photographer. In retrospect, it's a great thing we had positioned ourselves near the front and in the middle of a row, so leaving would have been very conspicuous. It was a great presentation - I learned some great ways to lighten the mood with clients as well as the new "what would McGyver do" mantra. Again, I don't photograph weddings, but it was great information that easily spills over to other disciplines. It was great to see someone truly take something 'ordinary' and make it 'extraordinary'.

We saw a lot of great presentations - from 7am to 7pm for three days, it was exhausing, but worth every dime and every minute. Oh, and we got some great information and had some fantastic discussions outside of the workshops - our buddies from ourppa had lots of things to talk about - and get opinions about!

01-21-2008, 02:33 AM
Jackson's Sushi!

01-21-2008, 02:12 PM
Derek I found that fish floating on top of the river next to the hotel. Glad you liked it. :)
Ron Jackson