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  1. Passing Portfolios
  2. Certify with Sandy Question
  3. NEW CPP uploads for critique
  4. Didn't Pass ... Questions w/ examples
  5. Latest Images Critiqued
  6. More images uploaded for review
  7. new images uploaded cpp anonymous review
  8. Images for review
  9. How long before images are approved?
  10. Book to study for CPP
  11. New images for review
  12. Promoting Certification
  13. What happened to the dates for photo submission
  14. Images for review
  15. Images for review
  16. Submitting Certification images for review & critique... please read!
  17. Just curious
  18. CPP Image Upload Full?
  19. Color Profile For Image Submission
  20. Image Critic please
  21. Deleting cpp uploads
  22. Online gallery posted for critique
  23. Portfolio Critique
  24. question about submission guidelines
  25. Cannot upload due to gallery full!
  26. Gallery Posted for Review Critique
  27. New images in cpp_upload for review
  28. New images for critique
  29. Suggestions for comments
  30. MWC Here Excited about getting Cert.
  31. Gallery full/ cpp image review
  32. Gallery for Certification Critique
  33. Updated Gallery for Critique
  34. Critique
  35. CPP Images CC
  36. member gallery vs. certification gallery
  37. New images up for critique please
  38. 2/18 Deadline --Don't Wait Until the Last Minute
  39. Updated Gallery for Critique
  40. image critique for certification
  41. CC Appreciated for Friday 2/18 Submission
  42. File info/ names
  43. Acknowledgment of prior professional work
  44. Braces removal?
  45. Photography by London 10th Edition -for sale
  46. When will we know
  47. Please critique
  48. Images upload for comments for CPP
  49. I passed!
  50. Please critique
  51. I'm in!
  52. Image review
  53. CPP logo
  54. Attention New Certified Photographers...
  55. Comments vs No comments
  56. My Image body passed
  57. Critiques please
  58. new images posted for critique please~
  59. CPP Veteran Gallery Challenge
  60. Quick Question about Exam
  61. CPP exam being offered at PPANE April 16th
  62. Review Images for CPP
  63. Certification Stats
  64. An Important Change to the Image Submission Requirements
  65. I'm stuck , please help!
  66. Western Michigan Location for CPP exam
  67. Passed the CPP Exam!
  68. submitted anonymous images to gallery, but
  69. new image critique requested
  70. Please critque my images for CPP submission
  71. Cont'd image submission critique
  72. study book for certification test
  73. Images are up for review
  74. New images up for review
  75. Re-Certfication Timeline
  76. Submission Review, Please
  77. Should you become a CPP?
  78. Request image critique
  79. Submission Review - Thank you
  80. Naming files for CPP
  81. Image Submit Question
  82. Image Critique Please?
  83. Photo Submittion - Looking for Feedback
  84. Anyone want to review my images?
  85. CPP- process and changes over the years
  86. Post Certification
  87. 3 image submission dates left for 2011
  88. CPP Exam Fail Rate
  89. There's a new CPP in the house!
  90. When will we get the results of the last image review?
  91. Where can I get the Logo
  92. I passed the image review!!!
  93. Image submission complete
  94. I failed the image review...but
  95. What did I get wrong?
  96. I Passed the Exam!
  97. Certification Exam
  98. Study schedule
  99. Putting together an online study group
  100. New guidelines
  101. Certification Caveats in OurPPA
  102. Certification Exam in Florida
  103. Certified Photographer, Find a Photographer question...
  104. lexington ky test
  105. CPP exam in Texas before 2012?
  106. CPP Certificate size
  107. Obtaining feedback on potential certification images
  108. Image Submission
  109. Northern Illinois Test Date?
  110. Image Review
  111. General Image Certification Critque Comments
  112. ontario certification liason
  113. Review of images
  114. Can't find list
  115. CPP exam for people with disabilities
  116. Why are some listed as CPP, CPP?
  117. New Images waiting for approval
  118. Certification Questions
  119. A certification question I've been wondering about...
  120. CPP Study Groups
  121. Question regarding seperate sessions
  122. cpp images awaiting approval
  123. Broad Lighting Females and CPP Cert.
  124. Look Who's Now Certified!
  125. Western Michigan exam date
  126. Equivilant Exposure Help
  127. Have the number of images changed.
  128. Methods of Study
  129. Feedback coveted!
  130. Question regarding sample test on CPP website.
  131. Images for Certification...feedback needed
  132. CPP images...need feedback
  133. My Portfolio Images
  134. CPP images awaiting feedback
  135. The other 9 images
  136. Oops.
  137. Background Check
  138. Image review time?
  139. Congrats to Cindy Yager!
  140. Ready to test in IL
  141. Certification for Competition High Scoring?
  142. image submission prep
  143. Low Key Question
  144. Certification Prep Class.... or not?
  145. Image Submissions all or none?
  146. Gallery Images
  147. Outdoor family questions
  148. CPP Critiques please
  149. 2 same client images??
  150. gallery upload
  151. Image submission guidelines are conflicting
  152. Attn: Current CPP's
  153. Statement of Purpose and File naming?
  154. Silhouette
  155. Images uploaded
  156. How do YOU... Use your CPP Credentials?
  157. Low Key images for CPP
  158. Working on my images for certification
  159. Certification Prep Class
  160. Submitted my images in the gallery
  161. Selecting Images for CPP; Why is it so hard?
  162. Images posted in gallery for review
  163. What are the CPP numbers?
  164. Dummy for compulsory images
  165. Posted new images in CPP gallery, please review!
  166. images uploaded for CPP review
  167. Please approve pending images! =)
  168. Banding Issues
  169. new images to review before Friday's deadline
  170. Image Submission Results
  171. CPP Results...
  172. CPP Exam
  173. Taking the Exam
  174. mannequins for image certification submission
  175. CPP images uploads
  176. Judges for image certification
  177. Short lighting image for certification
  178. Rule of Thirds image for certification
  179. Certified Logo
  180. New compulsory images posted
  181. rule of thirds image for certification
  182. selective focus image for certification
  183. high key image for certification
  184. low key image for certification
  185. another high key image for certification
  186. high key image for certification
  187. short lighting image for certification
  188. short lighting image for certification
  189. certification images-can you use the same model for all 6 compulsory images?
  190. Just had my image review
  191. Compulsory images for review
  192. Image submission question
  193. New compulsory images posted
  194. New images posted
  195. Certification Book @ Barnes and Noble
  196. 4th Submission
  197. "self-assignments"
  198. Anyone know CPP exam date/time during Imaging?
  199. Anyone know the status of the Aug 2012 image submissions
  200. CPP Passed
  201. New Images posted in the Certification Gallery
  202. CPP Images
  203. CPP image gallery
  204. How to process CPP images for judging
  205. Attn: CPP's and Liaisons
  206. CPP by Landscape images?
  207. List of CPP's?
  208. Books and prep.
  209. CPP- A Few Questions
  210. not sure what the answers are to some questions.....
  211. A new exam at Imaging?
  212. Posting Images
  213. I passed!
  214. New Images Posted
  215. Question on age of images
  216. New Images Posted
  217. ppcc@certifiedphotographer.com address bouncing emails
  218. Can't log in for CPP image upload
  219. New Images Posted
  220. Image Deadline 1 Week Away: Please give feedback
  221. CPP Upload Gallery Critiques: How to choose images.
  222. New Images Posted--Feedback Requested
  223. New images in CPP gallery: Please offer feedback
  224. A couple of last minute questions
  225. Images Posted
  226. Facebook group for certification image comments?
  227. Best way to prepare, and how relevant are parts of the London book?
  228. Statement of Purpose
  229. Hard Lesson...
  230. Calling Non-Judge CPPs: Feedback Requested on Images
  231. Image submission
  232. 3:1 Broad Lighting??
  233. Cerification Portfolio
  234. Certification Portfolio Review Request
  235. CPP Image Evaluation Request
  236. ZZZ Posted images for CPP anonymous review
  237. Perspective Control: The right lens for the right job.
  238. Need help with Image Review
  239. Please assist with image review
  240. Uploaded Images for Review
  241. Selecting Images for CPP
  242. CPP Image Review
  243. New CPP Marketing Resources!
  244. Jonathan Givens, CPP isn't your average photographer...
  245. Need mentor(s) on images submitted and returned
  246. Image Submission Examples and Questions