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If you haven't been to in the last few weeks, you ought to give it a peek--with a fresh new face, our website presents all-new advertising possibilities! There are fewer ads on each page, meaning higher positioning, more visibility and a better message board for your company and its products or services. Plus, these ads have some intriguing design possibilities to increase their "stickiness" in your prospects' minds. Check out the specs here (and contact your sales rep for all the details):

  • Expandable Ad - This is a 2-for-1 ad opportunity in a sense! You send in one image file that will be cropped or zoomed out, depending on the mouse action. (180x150 pixels expandable to 600x150 literally slides out on the mouse over to double its visibility!)
  • Peel-Off Ad -These ads will have a static corner tab located at the top right of the website to grab viewers' attention. Click on that corner and the ad will unfold (peel down) to reveal your full message. (static corner: 110x80 pixels / full ad: max of 1,100 x 900 pixels)


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