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Here are our 10 favorite photography blog posts from the first full week of May.  In this week's round-up, you'll find some egregious errors to either laugh at or learn from (heck, or both!), helpful tips and of course just some flat-out beautiful imagery. Enjoy!

1). Oh No! Someone Stole Photos from the Person Who Runs Photo Stealers

That's not an error. Someone stole photos from the site that shames people for stealing photos. Like, seriously. Hopefully you don't see anything of yours on there that looks familiar, but better check!

2). The 13 Best Wedding Photos from Exotic Destinations

Destination weddings make for remarkable backdrops. We're jealous of anyone who has the budget to just go to these places, let alone spend the bucks to bring a talented photographer along! Take a look at this gallery of envy.

3). 7 Simple Photography Hacks

We love these! Photographer Leo Rosas put together this video of some clever tricks he uses. If you've been looking for easy ways to add artsy elements to your shooting or even create a moving timelapse, check these out!

4). Photographer Finds Beauty in Truth or Consequences

Have you heard of Spaceport America? It's the world's first purpose-built spaceport for commercial passengers, and it's set for its inaugural launch later this year (for just $250,000 a ticket, you could go on a sub-orbital flight too!). The spaceport is located just outside a town called Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Reuters photographer Lucy Nicholson got to check out this little slice of America. Take a look!

5). Get the Testimonials You're After With 3 Simple Questions

Jenika over at Psychology for Photographers dishes out all kinds of advice, but we dig this post in particular. If you're tired of digging through Facebook comments and emails for some testimonials to use in your marketing, you need to read this post and test out Jenika's ideas. Bring in those rave reviews faster!

6). Socks for your Tripod

There's one thing you're probably forgetting that you need in your camera bag. Tripod socks? Sure... we'll bite. For the slightly OCD photographer who wants to keep their sticks (look at us using industry slang!) clean, try out this easy cheat to keep your gear fresh.

7). World War I Photos

Take a trip back in time with these breathtaking photos taken during World War I. The black and white always seems to make the harrowing effects of war more haunting, but there's even an early experimentation with color photography in this collection. Can you imagine lugging around the camera equipment of the times during a battle?

8). Ultra long Exposures on your iPhone

For your "behind-the-scenes" needs, iPhone cameras are great and all, but one area they lack is long exposure functionality. Well, not anymore. There's an app for that! Check out the latest from Interealtime, the NightCap Pro.

9). The 10 Rules of Street Photography

Think you can just step out on the street and take pictures? Well, you can, per se, but expert street photographer Blake Andrews is here to give you 10 "rules" to live by when you're shooting guerrilla style. It's our kind of list! Very tongue-in-cheek and with a cardinal rule of have fun!

10). A Day in the Boots of a Timelapse Photographer

It's hard to call this an "average day," but for timelapse photographer, Joe Schat, of Roadtrippers, that's exactly what it is. Jealous is an understatement!

There you have it, the favorite blog posts of the week from your PPA team! Don't forget that you can share your own posts, or other stories you have enjoyed, on theLoop.


Here are the 10 photography blogs from March 23 - 28, 2014, that we hope will inspire photographers to be more!

1. Head in the Clouds: Mike Olbinski's Storm Photography

From the B&H blog, we found this great interview with storm photographer Mike Olbinski. It's a good look at how to do storm photography and there are some awesome photos as well.

2. 8 Essential Underwater Photography Tips from Sarah Lee

Are you curious about how to capture great images underwater? This post from PetaPixel is for you! Experienced underwater-photographer Sarah Lee shares her advice for how to get the best images in this setting.

3. How to Deal With Blushing Red Skin in Adobe Lightroom

If you've ever faced the challenge of re-touching blushing skin, check out this post from the Phoblographer. You'll get some great tips for how to tackle this challenge using Lightroom.

4. Bigger Than Life - Ice Caves

This video from Firefight Films is just plain cool! The filmmakers used a drone with camera attached to take you inside the beautiful 12-mile long Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, Alaska. You can also watch the behind-the-scenes video to see how they did it. 

5. 6 Good Reasons to Organize your Portfolio

Does your portfolio needs some organizing? This post from Photography Talk will show you why you've got to stop putting it off and get organized today.

6. Getting Started With Aerial Photography

The rise of commercially available drones has led to exciting new possibilities in aerial photography. If you're considering getting involved in aerial photography using a drone, check out this guide from Camera Dojo on what you need to know before starting.

7. Getty Images Image Embed: Progressive or Destructive?

If you're a stock photographer, you can't miss this post. Photoshelter provides a guide to Getty Images' new rule allowing images from their library to be used for free online for editorial and non-commercial purposes. Needless to say, this has caused quite a stir in the photography community! As this piece points out, it might not be all bad news. Find out how the new rule affects you and read the reactions of some of the stock photography community.

8. Can You Apply Multiple Presets in Lightroom?

If you use Lightroom, this post from Lightroom Killer Tips is one you'll want to check out. Find out how you can speed up your workflow by applying presets in Lightroom.

9. New Documentary Focuses on Mysterious Photographer

This article from the New York Times reviews "Finding Vivian Maier," a documentary on the famously mysterious street photographer. The film searches for the enigmatic woman behind the lens, and also ponders her as an artist. And more importantly, it takes on the question of if photography itself is an art form.    

10. How To Make Fantastic Wedding Photos Even When It's Raining

Rain on the wedding day can be a major challenge, but as Fstoppers shows you in this post, it can't stop you from getting great, memorable photos for your clients.

There you have it, the favorite blog posts of the week from your PPA team! Don't forget that you can share your own posts, or other stories you have enjoyed, on theLoop.


Before you imbibe some food-colored beverages and get your Irish up over the weekend, take a look at our 10 favorite blogs from this week. Who knows, maybe you'll find that inspiration you've been looking for. Be More!

1) Blogger Fights Fair Use Over Stolen Bikini Pic
Stealing an image is one thing, but taking a photo from a blog about body acceptance and using it for your diet product ad is quite another entirely. Read on to see if blogger Rachele Cateyes has a case! (via Yahoo!)

2) Check Out How Google Mapped the Colorado River
Talk about a cool gig! The adventure-seekers at The Clymb bring you the story of Google Street View's mission to map out America's most endangered river. Do you have a 15-lens camera in your bag? (You don't, it totally wouldn't fit.) (via The Clymb)

3) We Can't Get Enough of These Wild Horses on the Beach
While you're checking that 10-day forecast to see when you can get your butt outside and (finally) enjoy some sun, the savvy folks at The Weather Channel have links to several galleries of beautiful pictures along the sidebar. This one in particular caught our eye, of the wild horses that inhabit a tiny island of the coast of Maryland. It's probably because we have not one, but two Super Monday classes coming up on photographing these majestic animals! (via The Weather Channel)

4) Need Some Help Finding Your Niche?
You've heard it before right? "You just need to find your niche." Although you might not want to feel pigeonholed into one thing or another, it actually will help your clients if you can specialize in particular areas! The folks at Photography Talk came up with five easy ways to help you figure it out. (via PhotographyTalk)

5) Model's $450,000 Lawsuit Against Getty Goes to Trial
Oh boy... We've talked about how badly you need to use a model release, right? Heck, we even provide samples for free. Well, here's an extreme example why.  (via PetaPixel)

6) Calumet Photography Declares Bankruptcy and Closes All U.S. Stores
Well, this is a weird one. Just this morning via their now-taken-down Facebook page, Calumet Photography declared bankruptcy and announced that it was closing all of its U.S. stores immediately. There are even reports that the company did not notify many of its employees. Weird! (via SLR Lounge)

7) Need a Photography Quote? Here are 50!
There's nothing quite like a good inspirational or motivational quote to add to a compelling image. It's even better if the words come out of the mount of a legend in the photographic industry. PetaPixel put together this list--see if you find any you like! (via PetaPixel)

8) A New Take on Stealing Photographs on the Web
This might be a good one to re-post on your social media. The Chicago Tribune came up with this clever, totally bogus list on reasons to steal photographs. You've probably heard them all before, but have your clients? (via Chicago Tribune)

9) Target Makes a Big Photoshop BooBoo
Now... that's not exactly the place you want to make a Photoshop goof. Target has since apologize, but it's... interesting to say the least. (via Jezebel)

10) First Kiss Viral Video Actually An Ad for Clothing Line
We wanted to believe in this one. We really did. It was compelling and beautiful and emotive and... an ad for WREN Studio's Fall 2014 line. Wait, what? Viral marketing at its finest folks! Slate has the info. (via Slate)




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