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We have received reports that PPA members are being contacted by sales representatives from MatchMaker Marketing, a UK-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm, promising to place studio Web sites on the first page of Google searches. MatchMaker Marketing is attempting to close sales by indicating that they are affiliated with PPA or are extending this service as a PPA member benefit.

Please know that PPA has not arranged a member benefit with this or any other firm offering SEO services. We believe that this firm has obtained photographer contact information via the Find-A-Photographer search engine, and we are currently taking action against them.

For your information, we have listed the phone numbers from which MatchMaker Marketing has called members. Please note that they may also use other numbers:

  • 016 123 91001
  • 016 123 91010
  • 718 374 6942

If you receive a phone call from MatchMaker Marketing (or anyone trying to sell you SEO services claiming they are affiliated with PPA), we encourage you to document any details about the caller; promptly end the conversation; and report the call to PPA by contacting us at csc@ppa.com or 800-786-6277.


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