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By Chris Homer

As we wind down the week, take some time to enjoy our top photography blog posts from
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 around the web! 

TUTORIAL: If you've ever been inspired by high speed photography shots that make use of water, this post from Picture Correct is for you! You'll learn set ups you can use to capture these intriguing images. 

TECHNIQUE: The Rule of Thirds is one of the first composition techniques professional photographers learn. But is it as important to composition as you think? Check out this post on No Film School, it might make you look at the Rule of Thirds in a new way! 

BUSINESS ADVICE: Are you thinking about diving into the professional photography market full-time? Read this article from Improve Photography first to make sure you don't believe any of these myths about being a professional photographer. You'll also learn what you can do to prepare yourself if you've been under the influence of one of these myths! 

INSPIRATION: Not only are these photos of the Hunter-Gather tribes of the Himalayas on the Feature Shoot sure to inspire you, they also show the importance photography plays in preserving the history of a culture. 

MICRO PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you fascinated by micro photography? View this gallery of micro photographs on Lens Culture that are sure to inspire!
By Chris Homer

Happy Friday! Take some time to end your week with a little advice and inspiration from our top
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 ten blog posts of the week.

COPYRIGHT ADVOCACY: This week, PPA was in Washington D.C. meeting with lawmakers to help strengthen photography copyright. Read all about PPA's goals for this visit, as well as the day one and day two recaps of meetings with members of Congress!

BUSINESS: This post from the Story of Telling provides some questions to ask yourself about your photography business to help you focus on creating value for your clients! After all, the more valuable clients find your work, the more likely they are to make big purchases or become a repeat customer.

CONTRACTS: Are you including Terms & Conditions in your photography contracts and estimates? Read this post from Photoshelter to find out why you should be, and to see a few examples from professional photography contracts. Don't forget that PPA has a whole host of sample contracts you can use to help build your own contract! Members can access the sample contracts here.

PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS: Here's a piece of news that all photographers will be interested in, especially those that photograph police at work as part of their job. A recent court ruling states that photographing police officers is not always protected by the First Amendment. Read PetaPixel's breakdown to see what this means for you.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you interested in creating portraits of strangers you meet on the street? This interview with photographer Iwona Pinkowicz on The Phoblographer is for you! Read all about Pinkowicz's process for capturing compelling portraits of complete strangers and see some of her work!
By Chris Homer

As you get back into the swing of your business post-Imaging USA, take a few minutes to
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 check out the top blogs of this week. You'll find everything from social media advice to pricing for real estate photography. Check them out below.

IMAGING USA: Imaging USA 2016 was last week in Atlanta. If you weren't able to go, check out recaps from pre-convention, day one, day two and day three from PPA staff member James Yates. We hope to see you in 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. 

MARKETING/SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you know how social media can impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Check out this guide for photographers from Zenfolio on how social media and SEO work together and learn how to make your business more visible on the web!

GENERALISTS CAN BE PROFITABLE!: While many photographers choose to focus their business on one specific specialty, there are photographers out there who are generalists - meaning they shoot anything and everything! In this post, Fstoppers interviews generalist photographer Viktoria Haack on how she's found success without specializing. There's some good advice here that you may be able to apply to your own business!

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY: PPA works with Operation Lifesaver to educate photographers on the dangers of photographing on railroad tracks and why you should avoid doing this. Don't take our word for it though! This post gives one photographer's perspective on the dangers of photographing on railroad tracks after having their eyes opened to the risk at Imaging USA!

DEVELOPING STYLE: Do you struggle trying to find your own photographic style? This post from Digital Photography School is for you. It gives advice on how you can start to develop a photographic style that will, in turn, give your images more meaning!
By Chris Homer

Imaging USA starts this weekend! With that in mind, this edition of the blog roundup includes
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 several posts to help you prepare for what you'll experience in Atlanta during Imaging USA, along with the usual photography news, advice and inspiration you're used to seeing. Enjoy and we'll see you in Atlanta!

IMAGING USA: Attending Imaging USA but not sure what the value is of attending the Grand Imaging Awards or the Award and Degree Ceremony? Read up on PPA member Christine Walsh-Newton's take on these events and why they are important for professional photographers to attend!

EXPOSURE 101: If you're thinking about going pro, or if you need a refresher, one of the things you've got to understand is how the Exposure Triangle of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO work together. This post from Digital Photography School gives a nice overview of how these elements come into play when taking a photograph.

STUDIO PORTRAIT TUTORIAL: If you run your photography business from home or don't have a large studio, you can still create great looking, professional portraits. In this post from PetaPixel, a photographer shares the simple set-ups he uses to create great portraits, all without a conventional studio.

HDR 101: Capturing photos with the correct lighting can be a challenge at night. This post from PhotoFocus shows you how you can use HDR Photography to get great results in photos taken at night.

COLOR: If you want to create portraits that really stand out, check out this post from The Phoblographer. It goes over some of the key points to consider to get the best color out of your portraits.

COPYRIGHT: Do you include copyright information in the meta data of your photos? Doing so is a great way to help defend your copyright. This post from Killer Lightroom Tips goes over how you can easily update (or add) your copyright information to a photograph in Lightroom. 

By Chris Homer

Happy Friday! Sit back and soak up the knowledge from our top blog posts of the week. 
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VIRAL MEDIA:  Read PPA photographer Tara Ruby's story about how a photo she took of 10 soldiers breast-feeding and posted to Facebook went viral and was featured by national media outlets like CNN. It's an interesting look at what you can expect if you post an image to social media that goes viral!

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION:  If you've entered PPA's International Photographic Competition (IPC) before, you know that images are judged based on the 12 Elements of a merit image. Did you know there's a whole podcast dedicated to the 12 Elements? Check out Imaging USA instructor Dan Frievalt, M.Photog.Cr., on the 12 Elements Podcast discussing the process behind making his images that merited at this year's IPC. It's a great learning experience for any photographer who has entered the IPC before and first-timers thinking about entering the 2016 competition alike! And don't forget, you can see all the Loan collection images from the 2015 IPC at the International Photographic Exhibit at Imaging USA 2016!

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY/SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Here's a good, quick article from Brides for wedding photographers to share with their potential clients on how to tell if a photographer is a true pro, or an amateur. PPA's See The Difference campaign is also dedicated to showing the value of hiring a professional photographer, so if you're a PPA member check out all the resources we have for you to help show potential clients why they should hire a professional!

ADVICE: PPA photographer and Imaging USA instructor Cris Duncan, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, was recently  featured on the Photo Tellers podcast. He discusses things all photographers should know, as well as how to fall in love with photography again if you're feeling run down by the industry. There's tons of great advice here for you to adsorb.

INSPIRATION: This post from PetaPixel is sure to entertain any wedding photographer. Several wedding photographers share images from their very first wedding shoots and compare them to their recent work. It's remarkable how far these photographers have come, and it's also a good reminder to keep learning and working on your photographic technique so your images are always getting stronger.
By Chris Homer

We're back again with our favorite blog posts from around the web! Check them out below:
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SEE THE DIFFERENCE: In her guest post on the PPA Today blog, Christine Walsh Newton, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, shares before and after images comparing when she was a MWAC (Mom With A Camera) to her work she has done so far now that she's earned her Master of Photography degree from PPA. It's a great look at how earning a PPA degree can help improve your photography, and a good reminder of the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur. If you want to find more resources to share with your own clients to show the importance of hiring a professional photographer, check out PPA's See The Difference Campaign and the See The Difference Resources

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS BEWARE: PetaPixel shares a shocking story this week about two photographers who were surprised to find a non-contracted vendor shooting images for marketing purposes at a wedding they were hired to photograph. Even worse, after telling the vendor to stop photographing and respect the couples' privacy, the vendor slapped the photographers with a lawsuit! Luckily, they were able to counter sue and win, but it serves as a good cautionary tale for all the wedding photographers out there!

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: PPA's CEO David Trust was a guest on The PhotoTellers podcast with host Bill Ramsey to discuss The State of Professional Photography in America. Before you get all doom and gloom, give it a listen! Bill and David discuss where things are now as well as what photographers can expect from the recent movement toward new copyright law in Congress. They also dive deep into the business of photography and how PPA helps the industry.

NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITS: Making a good portrait using natural light can be a challenge. If you need advice on how to accomplish this feat, head on over to Digital Photography School and read through these tips to keep in mind for the best natural light results.

INSPIRATION: PPA photographer Joel Grimes, Cr.Photog., was recently featured on PhotoFocus. Check out a video of Joel explaining how he created one of his favorite composite sports photographs. You may be inspired to try something out like thisyourself! And if you want more from Joel, he's also a PPAedu instructor. Check his PPAedu videos out

By Aleighia Rouse 

Good golly Mr. and Ms. Molly's! August has approached its end! Where did all of the time go? We are hopeful that you spent your time doing exciting things for your amazing businesses and learning a little bit more in the process.  Here is a little something to add to that list, our top ten blog posts of the week, just for you! 

BOOKING: As school revs up in full motion, it can be hard to get your senior student clients booked on the calendar. It's not very easy to bring summer beach weather to Oklahoma autumn weather. See PPAedu instructor Jen Basford's, Cr.Photog., tips to get those students photos done well.  

CREATIVITY:  Feeling uninspired? Maybe it is the creative energy you have surrounding you! Read FStoppers as they explain why it is important to have a creative collective around you when you are an artist. 

REFERENCES: This is for all our landscape photographers out there. We know your job isn't just taking pictures of random objects and infrastructures; it is much bigger than that. It's nice to have some people that understand that struggle.  Read Robert Rodriguez Jr.'s talk about who his influencers are in the field of landscape photography. 

INFORMATION: Imaging USA is right around the corner and I know you are excited, holding your tickets in hand.  Another important feature to this convention is the awesome pre-convention classes we offer. Though an extra fee, they are worth the intimate learning experience. 

PETS:  Pet photography can be an intense experience, especially when Spot decides to be more concerned with using the backdrop as a chew toy then sitting in front of the camera.  Check out these tips from PPA photographers to helping get the best images out of man and woman's best friend. 

CONSIDER: As a professional photographer you have to be able to make anything possible and being that every subject is different, this can be a very hard job. This post from PetaPixel highlights this difficulty. Read about photographer Rick Guidotti work photographing people with genetic conditions. 

WILDLIFE:  Thrills, chills, and beauty can all be found in wildlife photography. There are some things that must be known ahead of time before you end up in the middle of the woods with your camera.  See these tips from Digital Photography School! 

SOCIAL: Have you considered expanding your company into the realm of blogs? If you don't believe us check out this post from Digital Camera World for reasons why you should! 

BE DIFFERENT:  Photography can sometimes become difficult especially when you don't want to look just like the next professional in the field. See these easy tips on how to stand out in the wonderful world of professional photography. 

EQUIPMENT. It can be difficult and expensive to keep up with the latest in new features and camera gear.  Here are some tips on how to save money and make the best out of what you already have. 

Aleighia Rouse is known by her happy personality and bubbly voice. With over 6 years of the film and photography experience, Aleighia can relate to most of the issues that come along with being a photographer. A graduating senior at Spelman College and our Marketing and Communications intern, Aleighia aspires to hold a position just like the amazing people she works around.  

By Chris Homer

Another Friday, another roundup! Check out our favorite posts from around the web below.
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IPC: The 2015 International Photographic Competition was held last week and results are available now! Congrats to all the photographers who had images selected to be part of the loan collection or earn merits. If you're one of the photographers whose images didn't merit or go loan, check out this post on PPA photographer Christine Walsh-Newton, M.Photog.Cr., CPP,'s Wootness blog. It deals with not getting discouraged by your results and why you should keep entering!

TAXES: As a photographer, there's a good chance you're an expert at making images, not at tax law. That's where this post from PhotoShelter can help out. It covers seven pitfalls that photographers need to be aware of when it comes to taxes.  

INSPIRATON: This entry from Huffington Post shares some great wedding imagery that may inspire you along with the stories behind the photographs. Besides showing some great images, the post is also a good reminder of the importance of hiring a professional photographer, and that's what PPA's See The Difference campaign is all about. PPA photographer and Imaging USA instructor Ross Oscar Knight has an image featured too!

ADVICE:  Photographers know it's important to always keep learning the latest photography techniques. This list from Improve Photography has many tips that may seem basic, but are still important none the less! Take a look and see if there's anything that can help you improve.

TUTORIAL: Do you shoot photographs in black and white? Whether you already do or want to start, this post from Digital Photography School has five quick tips for getting the most expression out of black and white images.

BUSINESS/MARKETING: A great way to market your photography business is by building partnerships with other local businesses. This guide from The Lawtog covers the advantages of forming a partnership with another business, how to propose a partnership, and other points to be aware of if you decide to do it!

7. Pricing and Negotiating: Splitting the Cost of an Architectural Shoot
If you shoot commercial architectural photography, this post from A Photo Editor will be worth the read. It covers an actual bid a commercial photographer received to photograph a city park where the photographer's fee would be split among four different parties. You'll learn how to write a contract to cover what can become a tricky situation!

WORKFLOW: Do you use a Wacom Tablet for retouching in Photoshop? If you don't use one, it can seem daunting to try it out, but it does have some advantages for retouching work. This post from Fstoppers explains how to use a Wacom tablet for retouching in Photoshop and why you might want to consider using one.

INSPIRATION: Here's a thought provoking post from The Phoblographer. The most recent winner of National Geographic's Traveler Photo Contest is a professional photographer that captured an impressive underwater image using a Sony point-and-shoot. This post dives into why a professional photographer can create a great image, even while using a less professional camera! It's another good reminder that professional photographers have skills that amateurs don't. PPA's See The Difference campaign is all about educating the public on just that!

PERSONAL GROWTH: Often what separates one photographer from another is the sense of style they bring to a photograph. However, developing a style doesn't happen overnight! This post from Luminous Landscape explains the steps photographers go through when developing a style, as well as what you can do to help define your own style.

There you have it, our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee (at) PPA (dot) com.

About the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.


By Chris Homer

It's Friday, which means it's time for our favorite photography stories from around the web!
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 Check them out below:

STEAM THE IPC: PPA's International Photographic Competition is coming up August 3-6! You'll be able to stream all the judging live at Stream.TheIPC.Org. This year, we've also added a new component to the live streaming - IPC Live! Hosted by PPA photographer Booray Perry, Cr.Photog.CPP, IPC Live will feature interviews with the judges, answers to judging questions and more! In this post on his blog, Booray previews the upcoming stream. Take a look and get excited to watch. You might even want to host a viewing party! (Find the complete streaming schedule here.)

SALES: Sales seem to be the least favorite part of the photography business for many photographers. One reason for that is frustration over clients' objections. Chances are good that you've heard these objections in this post from HubSpot before. Read on and find out how to overcome them!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you use Instagram as part of your social media marketing plan? If you do, check out this post from HootSuite on how to write a caption for your Instagram photos to get the most engagement with potential clients!

WEBSITE ADVICE: If your website gets strong traffic, but you get very little inquiries from that traffic, this post from Mountain Side Media is perfect for you. You'll learn tips for turning that web traffic into potential bookings!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Media is essential to any successful marketing plan for your photography business. If you're not sure where to start, this post from Mashable is a good jumping-off point. It covers the basics of many of the popular social media platforms and how you can use them to your advantage.

By John Owens

Greetings photography community! Hope you've all had a wonderful start to summer. To cap things off, here are our favorite 10 blog posts from the week. Dig in!

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1. Have or Want To Open Your Own Studio? Read This

STUDIO ADVICE: This post from Million Dollar Photographer shares common pitfalls that you'll want to avoid if you have or are considering opening your own studio. Author Bradford Rowley offers 9 things to keep out of your studio space. Take a look around and see if they apply to you!

2. Why Compete? Photographers Weigh In

BE MORE INVOLVED: First, some good news: The deadline for submissions to the International Photographic Competition (IPC) has been extended to July 10! Why should you enter? We asked photographers just that on theLoop. Check out their responses in this post. Hopefully they inspire you to compete too!

3. People Skills? Yeah, You Need Those Too

NEGLECTED NECESSITIES: Here's a trick of the trade that's not often talked about but generally assumed we all have: people skills. The word 'skill' is there for a reason--it's a talent! This post discusses their importance and asks three insightful questions for you to consider. Take a look!

4. Skin Retouching: What To Do (And What Not To Do)

POST-PRODUCTION: Here's a post from Lindsay Adler, all about skin retouching. (did you know she's speaking at Imaging USA in 2016?!). I this post, she discusses five things that ruin skin in your photos. Are you guilt of any of these photography sins? Lindsay tells you how to fix them.

By Chris Homer

Happy Friday! Take a minute to relax and enjoy this week's top photography blog posts!
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TIME MANAGEMENT: Do you find yourself working so hard that you don't have time for your personal life? Consider consolidating your photography appointments down to a few days to create more free time without losing business. This post from the Million Dollar Photographer explains the advantages of  consolidating your appointments. 

SCAM ALERT: Please don't let this happen to you! Read how one Florida wedding photographer got fooled by a fake check scam. It's a good reminder to always be careful when booking work for clients, especially if you've only communicated via email. 

FINE ART:  PetaPixel interviewed former Time CEO turned art gallery owner, Ann S. Moore, on how she chooses photographs to include in her gallery collections. If you want to break into this market, you'll find some great advice in the interview!

INSPIRATION: In this short video interview with PhotoFocus, PPAedu and Imaging USA instructor Joel  Grimes shares his thoughts on 'personal work' and why he considers every project to be personal. It's a good perspective to pay attention to and carry over to your own work! 

POSING:  If you've ever struggled with getting your clients to look relaxed and natural during a photo  shoot, check out this post from Digital Photography School. It provides some quick tips on how to get your clients to relax to get better portrait results.
INSPIRATION: Do you make photographs, or just take pictures? Hopefully, as a professional photographer you strive to do the first! In this article from Smithsonian, National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting describes the difference between the two and what you can do to make sure your images always have impact.

ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Do you ever get asked by clients to photograph architecture? If you're not sure where to begin, this post from Canon Blogger provides 5 tips to keep in mind when shooting architecture. 

PORTRAIT RETOUCHING: If you need some advice on retouching common flaws in portraits, check out this post from Light Stalking. You'll get some quick tips for retouching skin blemishes, skin tone, teeth,  eyes and more! 

TUTORIAL: When you hear the terms 'aperture', 'shutter speed' and 'ISO' do you know how to put them all together for the best photography results? If you're not sure or need a reminder, this tutorial from Fstoppers provides a good overview of what these things mean and how to use them in your photography.

JUST FOR FUN/INSPIRATION: In an earlier roundup, we shared a post with some of the entries in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Well, The Atlantic is back with another post featuring another round of entries to the competition. Take a look! There's some beautiful imagery here that may inspire you to go out and create something great.

There you have it - our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee (at) PPA (dot) com.

About the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.

By Chris Homer

We're back again with our favorite blog posts of the week! From branding to safety, we cover
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 a wide range of topics this week. Check them out below:

BRANDING: If you're a wedding photographer, one of the best ways you can set yourself apart from the competition is by creating a consistent brand in your photography. If you have multiple photographers in your business, or are thinking of hiring additional photographers, read this post from WeddingWire first! It covers some good points on how to make sure your employees represent your brand.

BUSINESS: Do you have a physical studio location? If you're thinking about opening one or have recently opened one, the Million Dollar Photographer covers 9 pitfalls you'll want to avoid when opening a studio!

MOBILE WEBSITES: We covered this in last week's roundup, but it's so important that we think it's worth sharing another post on the topic! Google has changed their search algorithm so that sites with mobile friendly versions rank higher than those without. Fstoppers has a great post on what these changes mean, and also provides a tool to rate how mobile friendly your site is!

SALES: Did you recently turn pro and have trouble making sales? Here are five quick tips to consider increasing your sales from Craftsy.

TUTORIAL: If you shoot long exposures, check out this post from Digital Photography School. You'll get some quick tips you can use to make stunning long exposure images.

DATA LOSS: PetaPixel breaks the news about a wedding photographer in Spain that was forced to repay his wedding clients over $8,000 for losing their photos. Don't let this happen to you! Did you know PPA's Indemnification Trust can help protect you in situations like this?

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Here's one for the sports photographers out there. Advancing Your Photography has a video featuring tips from top sports photographer John Todd. You'll get advice on how to draw emotion from your subjects and the different composition angles to get the best sports images.

INSPIRATION: We don't suggest abandoning your professional camera, but this post from Photography Monthly is a nice reminder of what a professional photographer can create with a simpler consumer camera. Check out the images photographer Meagan Blazier was able to create with an old Canon point-and-shoot.

SAFETY: PPA photographer Brian Mullins shares a harrowing story on PetaPixel. While photographing a wedding, Brian's hand was badly burned by a sparkler during the bride and groom's exit. It's a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings while out on a job, as you don't want to go through what Brian did! We're glad that Brian's OK and back to photographing now! 

JUST FOR FUN: Here's a fun photo collection to end this week's round up from 121 Clicks. Check out the images of photographers at work trying to get the perfect photo. They range from funny to cringe-inducing levels of danger.

There you have it - our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee (at) PPA (dot) com

About the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.


By Chris Homer

It's Friday, so you know what that means. You guessed it - time for our weekly rundown of
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 our favorite photography blogs from around the web. Enjoy them below!
WORKING ABROAD: If you ever do photo shoots in foreign countries, you'll want to pay attention to this post. PetaPixel reports on 13 American photographers who were thrown out of Indonesia for not having the proper permits for a photo shoot. Moral of this story? We can't expect clients to respect our copyrights but flagrantly break other laws.

COMPETITION IMAGES: PPA Photographer and PPAedu instructor Christine Walsh-Newton, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, has started a great new series on her blog. As a way to show the value of photo competitions, Christine examines different self-portrait entries that other photographers have entered in the International Photographic Competition (IPC). This week, she breaks down PPA Photographer Christie Kline's, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, "Soul Salvation" self-portrait entry. You'll learn all about how the image was created, and maybe draw some inspiration. Want to hear more on photo competition? Don't miss her "Certification, Competition, and Credentials: The Course for Continued Success" webinar on June 9! This live webinar will be free for anyone to watch; PPA members have the advantage to be able to replay it later at their convenience.

TUTORIAL: If you do HDR photography, you won't want to miss this tutorial from PhotoFocus. You will find tips on using the HDR tool which is now part of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. It just may improve your workflow!

INSPIRATION: In this interview on Fstoppers, Fashion Photographer Dana Pennington discusses breaking into the fashion photography industry as well as overcoming the challenges of moving from a mid-sized market in Denver to the huge market of Los Angeles. It's a great read for both fashion photographers and anyone that's struggling with moving to a new market! 

LIGHTING TIPS: If you do Macro Photography (close-up images) or have been thinking about getting in to the market, check out this post from Digital Photography School. It provides some quick tips for properly lighting these images that may come in use on you next shoot. 

EARTH DAY/JUST FOR FUN: April 22 was the 45th annual Earth Day. To celebrate, The Atlantic put up a great photo series of environmental images from throughout the years. Check it out, there may be something here to inspire you. 

BUSINESS: We're sure that headline grabbed your attention! While reading this post from the Online Photographer won't necessarily make you a millionaire, it does cover good points on something all photographers (especially those just starting out) struggle with - giving away your work for free! If you've ever done this before, read up! Working for free may not be the best marketing strategy out there. 

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY: Here's a great post for the landscape photographers out there. Photofocus has compiled a list of 10 quick tips you can use to make your landscape images have more impact.

BUSINESS: You may have heard that Google has updated their search algorithm so that sites with mobile friendly pages rank higher than those without mobile friendly pages. If you're confused by what this means for your website, PhotoShelter has provided a great guide on the changes, as well as how you can check to make sure you are mobile friendly. 

BUSINESS: If you're thinking about making the transition from part-time to full-time photographer, read this post from Digital Photography School first! It provides some good things to think about before making the leap into full-time professional.

There you have it - our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee 
(at) PPA (dot) com.

About the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages. 

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By Chris Homer

It's Friday, so you know what that means - blog roundup time! Here are our favorite stories
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 from around the web for the week of March 2. 

BUSINESS IDEAS: Where do you look to find ideas, inspiration and support for your business? If you need a place to start, this post from photographer and business maven Rosh Sillars is a great jumping-off point. He provides 197 ideas to help you support your photography business, so we're confident you'll at least find a few that will work for you! 

ETHICS IN PHOTOGRAPHY: You may have read about the controversy surrounding the World Press Photo competition. Last week, the 1st prize winner's photograph was investigated on the grounds it was unethically staged, however WPP found no wrong-doing and defended the photographer and their decision - which has caused quite an amount of disagreement among photojournalists. The saga isn't over yet! New accusations of unethical behavior have been levied against the photographer this week, causing the investigation to be reopened. Read all about it on PetaPixel. 

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS: Last week, we reported on a scam targeting photographers where scammers have threatened to leave bad reviews on your site, then offered pricey online reputation management solutions to clear it all up. Well, be aware that it's still happening! One photographer in Oregon shares what she experienced in this post. Read our post from last week as well to know what to be aware of and how to protect yourself! 

BUSINESS MOTIVATION: PPA member and past Imaging USA instructor Tiffany Briley wrote this great post on staying successful in a creative industry like photography. She encourages you to 'uproot' yourself from time to time to help you figure out where you are successful. Why? Read the post to find out!

SHOOTING ON LOCATION: Do you photograph people on location? Whether you take portraits of people in their homes or at their work place, environmental portraiture is all about showing people in their habitat. So how do you make these portraits look believable? This post from PhotoFocus provides three things to keep in mind while making these types of portraits. 

INSPIRATION: If you're in need of some new ideas or creative inspiration, the collection of Mike Cable's abstract photographs on the Photo Argus may be just what you need to get your spark ignited again! Between commercial and fine arts, you'll find unusual takes of usual sceneries. Just check it out!

LIGHTROOM HELP: This tutorial from Lightroom Killer Tips could be a great boost to your workflow if you use Lightroom. In it, you'll learn how to use the Brightness Slider tool to easily get a feel for how a printed image will look once you send it off to the lab for production. 

INSPIRATION: Every now and then, we like to share a story about a unique photographer. This post from DIY Photography features Australian photographer Ray Collins and his story of how he went from working in a coal mine, to being one of the top surfing photographers, despite being color blind. There's also a great collection of his images. 

FOR FUN: We've all seen them before - those cheesy 'business' stock images. As a photographer, you've probably cringed at more than a few. Here's a take on those images that will make you laugh. Actor Vince Vaughn and his fellow stars of the upcoming movie 'Unfinished Business' posed for a series of business-type stock images with hilarious results. Check it out on Fstoppers. 

COPYRIGHT INFOGRAPHIC: Do you have a hard time understanding who has the rights to use your images and how to protect them from illegal use? It can be a confusing topic, but the infographic in this post from Ephotozine is a great resource to remind you of how photographic copyright works. From who has the right to use images you post on social media, to how to find infringers, the infographic gives a good overview of copyright. And don't forget, PPA's here to help on this front too with our copyright resources and assistance. 

PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE NEWS: Variety has announced that Jennifer Lawrence will star as award-winning war photographer Lynsey Addario in the Steven Spielberg-directed "It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War." While the movie won't be out for several years, it is based on Addario's memoir of the same name, which you can check out now

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Happy Friday! We're back with our favorite photography blog posts of the week. From
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 timelapse to lighting, you'll find a little bit of everything in this roundup. 

If you ever shoot on location and have to travel there by airplane, you know how challenging it can be to figure out what gear to bring, especially with airline luggage limits. If you're one of those photographers that want to error on the side of caution and bring as much gear as possible, check out this post on PetaPixel. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong (and past Imaging USA instructor) shares how you can take advantage of special luggage allowances for media professionals that will allow you to bring as much gear as you want. 

If you shoot timelapse videos, you know how annoying shaky footage can be. Well, Microsoft may have a solution to this problem! Check out this article from Cnet about Microsoft's work on the "hyper-lapse" tool, which has the goal of turning rough timelapse footage into smooth videos. 

One photographer on Fstoppers discusses how switching back to shooting on film as opposed to his DSLR has improved his creativity. There's a lot of interesting points raised in this post. See if you agree! 

Here's some unique photography for your inspiration. Photographer Thomas Leveritt used an Ultraviolet camera to show people what their skin looks like in only UV light. The project was created as a public service announcement on the importance of wearing sunscreen, and the photos are pretty surprising. Check it out on DIY Photography. 

It doesn't matter how long you've been in the photography business, occasionally you'll miss a shot because something is incorrect in your camera settings. Light Stalking provides 5 quick things to always check before you start shooting to make sure you get the photographs you want! These are useful reminders for all photographers.

This post is worth a look for those new to professional photography as well as those that are more experienced. Digital Photography School has collected 15 of the best cheat sheets and infographics that are full of great reminders for photographers. Print them out and keep them for your reference! 

In Focus has a great collection of images of last Sunday's "Supermoon", the largest full moon of the year. If you missed your chance to photograph it this year, get inspired for the next Supermoon with these photographs. And as always, feel free to share your images on our Facebook page: facebook.com/ourPPA 

If you struggle with lighting, or just need some new ideas, check out these lighting tips and ideas on Photography Talk. 

As a professional photographer, you want to keep your business profitable. In this post from the Creative Live Blog, PPA member Joel Grimes outlines 10 pitfalls to avoid that can mean disaster for your business. These things to be on the watch for all come from a class Joel taught, which was inspired by the idea of what advice Joel would give his two sons who recently entered the photography business. There's a ton of great tips here! 

In today's world of digital photography, all photographers are faced with the challenge of competition. Making yourself stand out is key. In this post from The Phoblographer, the impact great lighting can have on your business and your photography is discussed. 

There you have it! What are your favorite spots to get some photography knowledge and inspiration? Let us know on theLoop!
Here are our 10 favorite photography blog posts from the first week of June. In this week's
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 round-up, you'll find some egregious errors to either laugh at or learn from (or both!), helpful tips and of course just some flat-out beautiful imagery. Enjoy!

Ellen Seidler of Vox Indie penned a blog for the Copyright Alliance this week on her opinion on Google's response time for DMCA notices on its Blogger-hosted sites. Google thinks it's been doing a great job of streamlining its responses, but according to Seidler, it isn't. Have a read in case you ever come across your content illegally posted to someone else's blog! It's a little long, but very informative!

One day, bridal parties will figure out that docks aren't meant to hold 20 people at a time. Lucky for us, today isn't that day! Watch this group take the plunge. A couple crafty bridesmaids actually manage to escape!

You've got rules and contracts and stuff, but how do you get your clients to actually abide by them? Psychology for Photographers tackles how to lay down the law. It might come down to presentation (and properly setting up expectations)!

Photographer Steve McCurry posted to his blog a collection of harrowing images from a visit to Afghanistan. The images show pain and suffering but also beauty and hope. Take a break from your daily routine and take a look.

The cool thing about exhibits predicting the future of the world is that eventually, you get to look back on them and see how they did! This collection of photographs from the World's Fair, hosted in New York City in 1964, shows just that, particularly those from the Futurama exhibit. Think they nailed it?

That's unconfirmed, of course, but we're going to give Lee Thompson credit for it anyway, and definitely credit for being one gnarly dude. The photographer, and co-founder of The Flash Pack, was in Brazil shooting preparations for this month's World Cup, and somehow found himself with permission to not only photograph, but climb to the top of Christ the Redeemer. Read about his experience and see the results!

25 years ago this Wednesday, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) violently cleared Beijing's Tiananmen Square of protesters, ending a six-week demonstration that had called for democracy and widespread political reform. While Chinese censors have blocked Internet access to terms like "never forget" in an effort to silence talk of the anniversary, the photos remain. Take a look.

Have you seen these?! They look like GIFs, but they are actually portraits created by photographer Romain Laurent. And not created through an app! Photojojo tracked him down and asked for his secrets. Check them out!

We had you at that headline, didn't we? National Geographic photographer Peter Essick traveled through the Ansel Adams Wilderness to capture images in Adams' style. See the beautiful results!

Don't you wish you had a lens like the Hubbel? I mean it'd be hard to carry around and all, but I bet you've never imagined creating a composite image of thousands of galaxies! Well NASA did just that, so be jealous. Take a look.

And that's that! We did it again. Don't forget to share your own favorite posts over on theLoop. See you next Friday!
Here are the 10 photography blogs from April 6 - 11, 2014, that we hope will inspire you and professional photographers around the internet to be more!

Do you use your DSLR's preset shooting modes? You'll want to read this post. Photography Talk examines DSLR preset shooting modes and the danger of relying on them too heavily.

You've probably heard about it this week: the Heartbleed bug is an error in internet security that was recently discovered. The bad news? Hackers could exploit this flaw to gain access to your personal information through many websites you may use daily. The good news? Mashable has developed a guide that will show you how to protect yourself from this abuse. (Oh, and don't worry about your PPA.com account being hacked, our security is up to date, so your data on theLoop, My PPA and your PPA profile is all safe and sound!)

Have you been wanting to get into the pet photography market? This podcast from Improve Photography can be a great starting point for you as you enter the market. It provides not only technical tips, but some business tips as well!

This is a great post for those of you in need of inspiration. The Phoblographer goes behind-the-scenes of Australian photographer Alexia Sinclair's "A Frozen Tale" photo shoot that took place in an old European castle. There are a lot of cool ideas here, including a shooting diagram! 

Is there anything more annoying than capturing a blurry image when you've got everything else right? This post from Digital Photography School will show you how to choose the correct Autofocus mode and help you avoid this problem. 

Occasionally, you'll get a bride and groom that just don't want to follow your instructions. They just don't get that you've done this before and that there's a process for a reason. This short post from Virtual Photography Studio provides a great tip for how to overcome this challenge. 

Did you know that Lightroom launched their mobile version of the software for tablets and other mobile devices? If you're curious about what Lightroom Mobile is capable of, be sure to check out this post from Lightroom Killer Tips. You might be surprised how much of your workflow can be taken care of from an iPad!

Shoot video and trying to capture movement? These videos on PhotoFocus will show how to do just that. Learn how to use a camera slider to capture fluid movement and create some really interesting shots! 

Do you struggle with color management, or maybe just need a refresher? Check out this step-by-step color management tutorial (complete with examples) from FStoppers. These techniques can help add impact to your photography. 

There's a lunar eclipse coming up on April 14/15 (date might vary depending on where you live) that nature photographers out there will love to photograph. The PhotoNaturalist provides some tips for photographing the eclipse so you can get the best photographs possible. 

There you have it, the favorite blog posts of the week from your PPA team! Don't forget that you can share your own posts, or other stories you have enjoyed, on theLoop.
Here are the 10 photography blogs from March 16 - 21, 2014, that we hope will inspire our photography friends to be more!

Many wedding photographers are forced to photograph around friends and family with camera phones (or worse, tablets?!), often getting in the way of the images for which they were commissioned. Photographer Corey Ann shares with the Huffington Post why she requests that her clients ask friends and family to not take photos during the big event. If you've ever faced this problem, this is a great post to share with potential clients to back-up your request for no camera phones at a wedding.

Here at PPA, we know that photographers are always looking for ways to improve their photography technique. That's why we were excited by this PetaPixel news that Nikon has launched a 15 part instructional video series on topics ranging from lighting to family portraiture. One of the photographers in the series in PPA's own Tamara Lackey, who will discuss family and portrait photography. There's something for every photographer in this series! 

If you're interested in getting involved in commercial photography, or are already in the industry and want some advice from a seasoned pro, don't miss this opportunity from FStoppers! Experienced commercial photographer Douglas Sonders has been answering questions from photographers all week that are worth a read. If you've got a question of your own, don't be shy. Sonders says he'll try to answer all questions submitted by Midnight on March 24. 

Looking to speed up your workflow in Lightroom? This list of keyboard shortcuts from Photofocus may be a great help! To the point, this blog is sure to be bookmarked by many!

Looking for a little inspiration? This post from DIY Photography has some amazing photos! Check out the photos of the world's largest beehive in Nepal being harvested for honey from travel photographer Andrew Newey. That's a lot of bees!

Do you shoot RAW? If you don't know what that is and how it can impact your workflow, you'll want to check out this instructional video from Photography Concentrate. 

If you're still new to the photography industry (or just want to avoid some duh-moments!), check out this post from Digital Photography School. They cover 10 simple things you can quickly do to help improve your output. 

Here's a unique technique for photographers that you may not have considered before! Canon Blogger shows you how you can create a black background using flash, and why you'd want to. It may sound counter-intuitive, but check it out... it really works! 

Have you tried out timelapse photography yet? If you've ever been curious how to do it, this tutorial on Planet 5d will get you started. Photographer Dustin Farrell gives you a behind the scenes look of how he creates night sky timelapses. 

Last but not least, we end the roundup with some inspiration and beautiful landscape imagery. The Photo Argus has collected an awesome array of city skyline photos sure to get your creativity going. Enjoy!

There you have it, our favorite blog posts of the week! Don't forget that you can share your own posts, or others that you have enjoyed, on theLoop
Here at PPA, we're devoted to always helping you be more as a professional photographer. With that in mind, here are 10 photography blogs from the week of January 26, 2014 that we think will help inspire and educate you. 

Skip Cohen University examines the relationship between gear and your work. Just because you have great gear it doesn't necessarily translate to great images, and in this post Skip provides tips for when and why you should consider buying new gear. >>

A great post for anyone who recently turned pro. New pro Rob Hackett shares with Digital Photography School the lessons he learned his first year as a full-time photographer. >>

It looks like the iPhone camera may be soon be getting an upgrade. PetaPixel breaks the news on Apple's patent for removable iPhone camera lenses, complete with proposed designs. It's an interesting bit of news for any photographer! >>

Here's a post sure to generate some discussion! Brandsmash compiles a list of the 30 most influential wedding and portrait photographers, including a few PPA members! What do you think of their choices? >>

Photographer Trevor Daley shares an insightful piece on looking after your health when you are on the road photographing weddings in this post for Fstoppers. >>

DIY Photography discusses the importance of being able to capture an image with the correct exposure in-camera and not always relying on Photoshop fixes in post-processing. They also share some tips for capturing the correct exposure. >>

If you've ever wondered about when to use Black & White for an image, you'll want to check out this quick, easy tip from PhotoFocus. >>

Looking for easy posing ideas for newborn photography? This post from Photography Concentrate provides some quick and easy poses you can set up using a newborn and their parents! >>

If you've ever been curious about the inner-workings of your camera, this is a fun post. LensRentals deconstructs a Sony A7R for PetaPixel and points out the various features. It's certainly a new way to look at a camera! >>

This video from SmugMugFilms covers Jessica Ambats, an air-to-air photographer (meaning she takes photos of planes from planes) and instrument-rated pilot based in Santa Monica. It's a unique, exciting brand of photography as you'll see in the video. >>

There you have it, our favorite blog posts of the week! Don't forget that you can share your own blog posts, or others that you have enjoyed, on theLoop. 
It's Friday, which means it's time for an update on some of the great photography content we've found around the web! We hope these blog posts will help inspire you and help you sharpen your photography techniques and business practices. 

Here are ten posts from the week of December 15, 2013:

Photographer Has Blower Confiscated by TSA Because it 'Could Fly Like a Missile'
Here's a post from PetaPixel that will make you laugh, but it's also worth paying attention to for flying with your gear. Check it out.

How Photography Gels Are Made
This video from DIY Photography gives a behind the scenes look at how photographic gels are created. It's an interesting new perspective on a piece of photography equipment you may use regularly. Watch the video.

Secrets to Crafting Top-Quality Beauty Portraits: Studio Lighting 
A great post for the portrait photographers out there! Fstoppers provides lighting advice for creating great portraits. Read the advice.

Tips to Protect your Gear in Harsh Weather Conditions 
If you shoot outdoors during the winter, this post is for you. Digital Photography School provides tips for keeping your equipment in good working condition in harsh elements. Check out the tips.

How to Email Photographs in Lightroom
Here's some good advice for Lightroom users to help improve your workflow. Photography Life shows you how you can email images from within Lightroom, instead of exporting them first. Read the post.

Without Reservation: A Recommended Gear List 
If you're new to the photography business, you may want to check out this list from Strobist. From Cameras to Lighting Systems, Strobist shares their recommendations for professional photography gear. Read the list.

Shooting From a Moving Car -- A First Look 
This post from PhotoFocus looks at a type of photography you may never have considered: hyperlapse, the shooting of a timelapse from a moving vehicle. Photographer Richard Harrington shares how he built a unique hands-free system for capturing this type of photography. Check it out.

7 Things Yousuf Karsh Can Teach You About Photography 
Photography Concentrate spoke to famed portrait artist Yousuf Karsh about his 67 year long career and what he's learned. The lessons he shares can inspire those stuck in a rut. Read the interview.

2013 Year In Pictures 
This post from the Boston Globe's photography blog will be fascinating to photojournalists and those looking for inspiration alike. They share some of the top news images of the year. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Infographic: A Timeline Of The 100 Most Important Cameras Ever Made
Fast Company's Timeline of the 100 Most Important Cameras Ever Made is an awesome look at photography history that all photographers should find interesting. Do you agree with their choices? Check out the timeline. 

There you have it! Happy reading and we hope that you find some inspiration. Don't forget that members can access PPA's social network theLoop to share photography ideas as well.


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