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20181-3378-4_1050_517_75_41b95868067da707_s.jpgAt this year's Imaging USA in Nashville, Ben Shirk took home the ultimate prize at the Grand Imaging Awards for his portrait image, "Till Death Do Us Part". 

Shirk has spent years developing and honing his recognizable style. Today he runs a successful photo business in a 3,300-square-foot studio in Wilton, Iowa. He's been featured on ESPN, NBC News, and in USA Today as an authority on high school athletic portraits.

"I definitely gear a lot of what I do toward athletes," Shirk says, "and I think others are realizing there's potential in photographing athletes. ... The digital side is definitely helping photographers realize the sky's the limit."

Learn more about Ben and his big win here on Professional Photographer magazine. 
The Northeast District Photographic Competition of 2018 is now accepting entries! Enter your images now by January 31, 2018 to avoid a late fee! 

Entering your local district competition is one of the best ways to push yourself to be more. You'll learn where you stand--how your photography matches up with your peers. You'll learn about the 12 elements of a merit image, and start incorporating them into your daily photography. You'll learn what it takes to create a merit image, and if you stick with it, work your way up to the Loan Collection.

If you're ready to enter and improve your skills, visit PPA.com/Districts to find out which competition you should enter. From there, you can find the entry deadlines, judging dates, and rules for each District competition. Be sure to read the rules carefully!  

If you're in the Northeast District, enter now! Below is the schedule for the remaining district competitions, which will be accepting entries throughout the winter and early spring of 2018; be sure to mark these dates on your calendar so you're ready when registration opens for your district! 

2018 Judging Dates: March 8-9, 2018
Registration Opens: January 3, 2018
Early Deadline: January 31, 2018 by 5pm ET
Late Deadline (Late Fee Required): February 15, 2018 by 5pm ET

2018 Judging Dates: March 22-23, 2018
Registration Opens: January 24, 2018
Early Deadline: February 14, 2018 by 5pm ET
Late Deadline (Late Fee Required): March 1, 2018 by 5pm ET

2018 Judging Dates: April 5-6, 2018
Registration Opens: January 31, 2018
Early Deadline: February 28, 2018 by 5pm ET
Late Deadline (Late Fee Required): March 15, 2018 by 5pm ET

2018 Judging Dates: April 17-19, 2018
Registration Opens: February 20, 2018
Early Deadline: March 13, 2018 by 5pm ET
Late Deadline (Late Fee Required): March 27, 2018 by 5pm ET

So find your district and start getting your images ready. It's time you take the plunge to improve as a photographer by entering your District Photographic Competition.

By Bethany Clark

Professional Photographer magazine has a great giveaway prize this month: a Sigma lens valued at $899! 

This state-of-the-art Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens is designed for full-frame cameras, though it can also be used with APS-C sensors. It features a hypersonic motor and inner focusing system, and is available in Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sigma, and Sony A-Mount.

Enter to win at PPmag.com/Win by November 30th, 2017. And remember, there's a giveaway every month on Professional Photographer magazine's website, so be sure to bookmark it and enter each month!

Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of the best in photography learning, networking and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13). 

Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is going to spend the next several months highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers. 

Thumbnail image for IUSA18_Speaker_Rocco-Ancora_1200x1200.jpg
Let's Meet...
Rocco Ancora
Facebook: Rocco Ancora
Instagram: roccoancoraphoto

Rocco Ancora is a world renowned wedding photographer, and his work is celebrated both locally and internationally. He is involved with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and has been awarded their prestigious accolade, Wedding Photographer of the Year, an unprecedented four times in a six-year span! Rocco is also active in WPPI, Dallas PPA, and The Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography.

A multiple Grand Award winner at WPPI, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements, Rocco is an extraordinary artist and his craftsmanship is held in the highest regard by his peers. He is an amazing speaker and an instructor to behold. 

Speaker Sessions:
Monday, January 15

Rocco Ancora is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is open now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel! 

By James Yates

01-17-PPA-Imaging-Tue-6016.jpgPPA's Business Challenge provides photography business owners with the information and tools they need to develop the foundation for a more profitable business over the course of one year. Not only do they receive the tools required to make changes to their business, but also step-by-step instruction and support from PPA mentors as they implement these changes.

The next Business Challenge doesn't start until the new year, but you don't want to miss it! Be sure to sign up for your year of fun, interactive inspiration for you to integrate as much business acumen as you can in one year's time. 

The first assignment is all about defining YOUR idea of success.  It's vital that photographers begin creating a road map that will take them where they want to go so they don't end up somewhere else completely. 

This was one challenger's answer - one of many great ones--from Lindsay Syme, owner of Lindsay Syme Photography in Spring Creek NV. She also just so happens to be the winner of the 2017 Dream Studio Giveaway at Imaging USA (see photo)! 

"Success is that fabulous thing you achieve when you set a goal and do the work it takes to reach that goal.

My Business Goals:  

  • I want to contribute financially for my family: This starts with pricing for profit and having solid business foundations. I need to get over myself and see my worth. I see it in others but fail to see it in myself. I am making progress but still have much to do!
  • I want to be 100% present in everything I do: I need to focus all of my attention on whatever it is that I am working on because I tend to be distracted, lack focus, or procrastinate.
  • I want to give back to the community and others: Being able to give to others feels so dang good. There are so many areas in our community that I could make a difference. Having the financial means would be awesome as well as the time to volunteer. Again, goes back to pricing for profit so I can have the money and time.
  • I want to educate and share with others: I know how grateful I am when others share their time and talent. I want to give back to my photography community. Teaching runs through my veins so I look forward to the day that I can contribute.
  • I want to strive to be better and improve my craft: My last step to earning my CPP is the image submission. My eyes have been opened to a whole new perspective! I always want to be better and push for the next step, whatever that might be.
  • I want to show others how valuable they are: It amazes me how many times I get put off as a customer by various businesses and business owners. I find it shocking! I want people to feel important. I want people to feel special. I want them to feel communicated to and valuable. I want to go above and beyond so others know how important they are. I feel like achieving these goals will result in success!"

It's going to be an exciting year for Lindsay and her fellow Challengers..including, hopefully, you! We'll check back in with Lindsay and see how things have progressed. YOU should sign up now for 2018's Business Challenge group. Consider it the next big step toward success for your business!

Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of the best in photography learning, networking and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13). 

Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is going to spend the next several months highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers.

Let's Meet...
Christie Newell, M.Photog.Cr., CPP
Instagram: sonshinegirls

Christie is a second generation photographer operating out of Germantown Hills, Ill. Christie's passion for photography started at an early age working with her mother who established the studio in 1977. Now a co-owner with her mother, Christie took over the shooting in 2002. Growing up surrounded by the love of photography, Christie is proud to carry on her mother's dream.

The studio, "Sonshine Portrait Design", is one of a kind studio built in 2006. While babies and children are the studio's specialty, they serve a broad range of clients. Christie feels that by getting to know each client individually, she can create a product as unique as they are. The end result is a portrait tailor made for each client. Christie's talent for design, light and final composition sets her apart from her competition. Her personality and attention to detail keeps her clients coming back.

Christie holds the Professional of Photographers of America Master of Photography degree, Craftsmen degree, and is a Certified Professional Photographer. She is a member of Professional Photographers of America, Northern Illinois Professional Photographers and Professional Photographers of Illinois. She serves on the American Society of Photographers Board of Directors and the International Photographic Competition Committee. Since 2006, Christie has won numerous awards for her photography on a local, state, district, and international level. These awards include the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award, 5 Kodak Gallery awards, 2 Lexjet, 1st place National Sunset Award, 2 CPP, 2 District 1st Place and others. Her work has been featured and published in the PPA International Loan Collection. She has also been named in the top ten photographers in Illinois the past six years.

Christie is now speaking and sharing her success with other photographers across the United States, giving back to the profession that has given her so much.

Speaker Session:
Friday, January 12


What is your life motto? Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.
What do you most value in your friends? Wow, this is a question I could write a book on! True friends are the friends I keep and hold close to my heart. When you know you can trust them with anything and everything. You are always there for them when they need you, and vice versa.

What did you want to be as a kid when you grew up? A mom of twins

What is your most treasured possession? My wedding diamond... it was my grandma's wedding stone :) Rich Newell did good.

What was your first concert? Boys II Men

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? "like you know" "like yea" "like literally" I like "like"

What has been your proudest moment? Two of them... the days my boys were born. There is no prouder feeling than that.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Poverty.

Why do you love photography? Coming from a second generation studio, I grew up with it in my blood. It's what I knew growing up and what I learned unintentionally along the way. I love that God blessed me with this gift to capture moments for my clients that they can have for a lifetime.

Most embarrassing moment: Speech class... all of my speech classes. My fear of being in front of people speaking... I would cry and have major anxiety. That's why getting my craftsman was one of my biggest accomplishments. I made a goal to overcome my fear. 

If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Home by Phillip Phillips

What would be your advice for photographers who are just starting their career? Study under photographers and business owners that have run a studio for more than 10 years at least. This industry is forever changing and evolving. If you jump in thinking you know it all, you will quickly sink. Print competition would be HIGHLY recommended! It has changed my life; it has changed the way I shoot, and it has changed what I am giving to my clients.

Who has been one of your biggest artistic influences? So many!! But most definitely Randy McNeilly, my husband, and Carl Caylor

What are some unmarked items on your bucket list? Cruise... somewhere warm. Australia, and if I went there to visit Kelly Brown's studio and eat a meal with her :)

What was one of the defining moments in your career? When I achieved my craftsman degree... for those that know me know how real this was for me and how real the fear was!

Christie Newell is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is online now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel!

By Bethany Clark

Have you visited theLoop recently? As an exclusive, PPA member-only forum, theLoop is a great place for members to connect with each other, share information/advice, get image feedback, and overall - a place to go if you need help. Become a member so you can "stay in the loop" with theLoop, and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about.

Lots of great discussions have been happening, so here are a few of the top posts so far in September. Check them out, provide some feedback, and perhaps even learn something new!

This photographer is up to his wit's end with his highly-wrinkled muslin backdrops for portraits. Every time he does a photo shoot, he spends hours taking out wrinkles in Photoshop. Log in to make a suggestion, or find one for yourself!

This Looper seeks an inexpensive strobe recommendation to fit in with the setup she already has (without also requiring the purchase of a new soft box), and preferably be portable and inexpensive. This lively thread produced several responses!

This photographer is looking for ideas to make her vendor booth more interactive and interesting. What has worked well for you? Got any tips for her?

In this discussion, a member is making the move from printing with WHCC to printing in-house. It's a big jump, and she's got questions about set up and replacement parts!

Remember to check out theLoop, a safe and protected online community where PPA members can discuss a range of photography topics. Not a PPA member? Join here!

By Bethany Clark

Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of the best in photography learning, networking and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13). 

Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is going to spend the next several months highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers. 

Let's Meet...
Kim Hartz, M.Photog.Cr., CPP
Twitter: kimhartzphoto
Instagram: kimhartzphoto

Kim Hartz is a photographer, entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, speaker, and loving mother to two humans and two fur babies. She is an intimate photographer of babies, both with and without fur, and she works diligently to capture her clients' little ones as seen through their eyes. 

Having successfully been in business since 2010, Kim spends her time behind the camera as well as in front of other photographers, helping them find their niche. She is a sought-after speaker and offers one-on-one business coaching, photography mentoring, workshops and online programs. She was a Speaker at Imaging USA in 2016, a multiple-time Super 1 Day instructor, and a speaker at Texas PPA's Photogenesis that same year! 

She stays very involved in Texas PPA and is a Professional Photographers of Houston Guild Member. Whether it's for her clients or her family, her students or her industry, Kim Hartz really DOES do it all!

Speaker Sessions:
Tues January 16
6:15 pm Portrait, Technique

What is your life motto? Definitely this: "If failure is not an option, then neither is success" - Seth Godin. I'm a risk taker. I can't hope and dream; I have to do it. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but I at least have to try. That's exactly what I did when I opened my studio in 2010. I took a risk and worked my tail off to make it work, and I now have a very successful business.
What do you most value in your friends? Honesty, sense of humor, and loyalty.
What is your most treasured possession? That's tough... Obviously my family first (including my fur babies). But I would say it's a photo that my Aunt Kathy took of me and my mom when I was about 2 years old.
Coke or Pepsi? Neither for me either. I gave up all soft drinks a long time ago!

Kim Hartz is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is open now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel! 

One of PPA's mission is to campaign for the reform of the current (and inadequate!) U.S. Copyright Law. Our current system does little to protect professional photographers from damages when their work is used without their permission. And this makes no sense as the copyright system is supposed to protect copyright owners like you!

Often times, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so we created some cartoons to illustrate this cockamamie system. The idea behind these illustrations is two-fold: (1) to share something you'll relate to and (2) give you something you can share with your clients and fellow photographers to convey the inequity in copyright law. You can download both Copyright infringement illustrations here (2 sizes). Consider sharing them on social media today!



To learn more about what PPA is doing to change copyright law by pushing for a Copyright Small Claims system, visit PPA's advocacy page

And if you'd like to see progress made with copyright protection, please join the group of photographers who are joining in solidarity for copyright change, the Copyright Action Team, to show your support and know how and when to make your voice heard in Congress! Help make a difference and add your name today: PPA.com/Grassroots!

By Bethany Clark

Today is May 22, 2017, and it's the first day to enter your best images into the International Photographic Competition

The judging for PPA's annual International Photographic Competition (IPC) takes place July 30-August 2, 2017 and now it's time to submit the best images in your portfolio. IPC is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself, so you definitely don't want to miss it! 

By competing in the IPC, you'll get the chance to elevate your work through: 

  • Getting critiques from PPA certified jurors 
  • Competing against the best in the business
  • Engaging with the photographic community 
  • Watching the judging live stream and learn from real images and real judges, in real time!

Here's a quote from PPA member Kira Derryberry, M.Photog.Cr., CPP about her IPC experience with entering her images in the IPC: 

"I was awarded my Master of Photography degree with Professional Photographers of America! Print competition is hands down one of the largest contributing factors to my growth as a photographer and artist. After competing diligently for the last 3 years, I'm proud to call myself a Master! Check that one off the list!" 

This is a great opportunity to improve your work. It's time you start entering your images! 

Important info:

  • Judging for the IPC will be held July 30-August 2, 2017 at Gwinnett Tech in Lawrenceville GA, right outside Atlanta. It's open to the public and it's free to attend, but if you can't make it in person, you have no excuse not to watch the online streaming of the entire judging process! It's one of the best ways to learn what judges are looking for in this image competition.
  • Early registration to enter your images opens May 22, 2017-June 21, 2017 by 5 pm ET
  • Entries after June 21 at 5 pm ET will be accepted with a late fee through July 6. Please note that no entries will be accepted after July 6, 2017 by 5 pm ET
  • Watch live streaming of IPC judging at Stream.TheIPC.org: July 30, 4 pm - 7 pm ET, July 31 and August 1, 8:30 am - 6 pm ET, and August 2, 8:30 am ET to finish.

This year's competition has some new rules, so click here to view the IPC Photographic Open rules and the IPC Artist Competition rules, or check them at PPA.com/IPC. 

And don't forget to enter your images early to beat the crowd and save some money!

By Bethany Clark

PPmag image.jpg
Are you eager to steer your photography business more towards printed work? It's not as hard as you think, and there's plenty of help available to get you where you want to be! 

Get inspired by this article on Professional Photographer magazine titled "How to Foster a Portrait Business on Wall Art Sales", and also join the PRINT Movement


By Bethany Clark

Weekly_Top_Ten.jpgThe first weekend in May has arrived, and hopefully the weather is gorgeous where you are. Pour yourself a nice glass of lemonade, relax on the porch, and check out ten of the best photography blog posts this week!

ADVOCACY: Though H.R. 1695 passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support on April 26, there is still more left to this fight. The bill now heads to the Senate side, where more scrutiny (and changes) are likely to happen. Learn more in this article from PPA Today.

EXPLORE: Though it's tempting to look up a place on Google Images to see if it's photogenic before you visit it, the author of this Fstoppers article urges against taking cues on the creative potential of a location from casual tourists, or even other photographers. Go see it for yourself!

TECH TALK: You might be surprised at how many photographers' websites are very much behind the times. (In fact, yours might be one of them!) Here are a few do's and don'ts - from such as making sure your website is easily viewed on mobile devices, to having easy navigation, to SEO tips - that will quickly bring your site into the 21st century.

STORYTELLING: One of the differences between a great image and a snapshot is storytelling. If your picture doesn't narrate anything, it won't serve any purpose. Take a look at these 3 tips for stronger images that tell a story. 

PROTECTION: PPA members, there have been two big changes to the indemnification trust agreement, and both affect claims regarding data loss. Learn more about them on PPA Today.

EDITING: If you're not sure how to properly sharpen your images in Photoshop, this tutorial from the Photoshop Training Channel is a deep dive into the most common sharpening techniques, complete with an explanation of which ones are better and why.

TECHNIQUE: Many of us overlook the basics! But be sure to keep these essential tips in mind, from having a shot list, to wardrobe prep (thoughtfully chosen and no wrinkles!), to the importance of communication with your subject. See more in this Fstoppers article. 

DIGITAL: Social media can be done so much easier with just a few tweaks to your workflow. Consider pre-writing your captions (complete with hashtags!) and other handy hacks with this Fstoppers article.

SALES: When assembling the tools that represent your brand, like your website, be sure to think carefully about your printed portfolio. As tempting as it is to stay digital, clients like to see great books that strongly showcase a photographer's capabilities. Learn more about building the perfect printed portfolio on RMSP

MARKETING: If you're trying to choose the right email service to manage communication with your clients, your options will vary depending on the size of your email list and the frequency of your email campaigns. Professional Photographer magazine has a few suggestions.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee @ PPA.com.

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By Autumn Rice

Judging for the International Photographic Competition (IPC) takes place July 30-August 2, 2017, and while that may seem far away, time always flies and it's best to take some time to prepare the best images in your portfolio now. IPC is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself, so you definitely don't want to miss it. Entries open May 22, 2017! 

As you enter images, keep in mind that you also have the option to order a critique, during which jurors give you advice that will improve your future work -- tips which could land your work in PPA's Loan Collection, and be honored at Imaging USA

So, don't be shy; enter your images to be critiqued by official jurors at this year's competition! Recorded critiques are a fantastic way to learn, in detail, how you can take your images to the next level. 

Thinking about entering your images and ordering a critique? Take the plunge! You'll get the opportunity to:

  • Understand what the judges expect from competitors 
  • Get an idea about the current state of your photography 
  • Improve your work with advice straight from jurors to help you score in next year's competition 

To give you an idea of what the judges are looking for, here's an actual critique from last year's IPC. This image is "Pink Elegance" by Suzanne Siler, CPP. It's being critiqued by Janel Pahl, M.Photog.Cr., API.

Having a judge take time to give you personal advice on how to improve a specific image is a great opportunity to expand your skills. It's time you start entering your images! 

Important dates:

  • Judging for the IPC will be held July 30-August 2, 2017
  • Early registration to enter your images opens May 22, 2017 - June 21, 2017 by 5 pm ET
  • Entries after June 21 at 5 pm ET will be accepted with a late fee through July 6, 2017 by 5 pm ET
  • Please note that no entries will be accepted after July 6, 2017 by 5 pm ET

This year's IPC has some new rules, so click here to view the Photographic Open rules and the Artist rules, or check them at PPA.com/IPC

And don't forget to enter your images early to beat the crowds and save some money!

The results are in for the Southwest District Photographic Competition! Congratulations to all who merited!

View the results here

Want to improve as a photographer and gain feedback on your work? There's still time to register for the other districts... learn more now!

By Bethany Clark
What's it like to have a photograph you've taken commemorated on a U.S. stamp? Find out from a photographer who has had two! Read all the details on PPmag.com.

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By Bethany Clark

Dron1 smaller.jpg
Mistakes in drone safety could result in destroyed equipment, injuries, fines, and possibly even jail time. The BBC reported on the case of Paul Skinner, the 38-year-old owner of an aerial photography business in Washington state. Skinner was recently found guilty in Seattle Municipal Court of reckless endangerment and handed a $500 fine, plus 30 days in jail, after an incident during Seattle's Pride Parade in 2015.

Skinner's drone flew into a building, then dropped onto a crowd of people below, knocking a woman unconscious and leaving her with a concussion, reports the Seattle Times. A man also suffered minor bruises. 

This is believed to be the first time a drone pilot has been given a jail sentence. Read more of this story on the BBC's website and remember to keep public safely paramount when operating your drone! 

To be sure you're following best drone practices, head to PPA.com/Drones and read up on all the rules, get registered, and learn about adding drone coverage to your PhotoCare and General Liability insurance... all designed to keep you informed, empowered, and protected! 

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By Bethany Clark

"It's hard to explain, but I see my entire world in still images. I do it because nothing else on earth gives me as much satisfaction as getting a new and original shot."

This amazing quote comes from a man who doesn't really consider himself a photographer. Joel Woods has made countless images documenting working life on boats. Having spent 20 years earning a living on the sea, he's learned hard lessons in life and photography, and he's proved his talent for creative work that captures the hardships and danger inherent in commercial fishing.

Woods' photographs were recently featured in Yankee magazine. Read his fascinating interview on PPmag.com!

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By Autumn Rice

free webinar 3-14-17.png
Interested in formulating an infant photography business that keeps your customers coming back? Register for today's webinar with Olivia Grey Prichard where she tells you all about cultivating repeat clients with a successful "baby's first year" plan.

During this webinar you'll learn what ages/stages to shoot, how to shoot them, and when to incorporate family members. You'll also develop methods for communicating and setting expectations with clients. Finally, you'll set your sales goals and learn what products to sell, all setting yourself up to be more profitable!

This webinar has it all, and you don't want to miss it. Click here to register and don't forget to tune in at 2 pm ET, today!

randy architecture smaller.png
Each month, one PPAedu video is unlocked for everyone to enjoy, because we believe in the power of education for all (it's normally reserved only for PPA members)! 

The PPAedu library has a lot to help you sharpen your photography techniques, marketing strategies, sales techniques and business operations. These tutorials and educational videos are available 24/7 to PPA members. 

Between PPAedu and PhotoVision, as a PPA member, you can tap into over hundreds of programs to help you Be More! If you haven't checked out PhotoVision (PPA's newest member benefit), take a look, there's a new website with a slew of new episodes!

For the month of December, the video "Architectural Photography: Real Estate 1" with Randy Van Duinen, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, has been unlocked! This video, which is the first in a two-part series, explores:

  • How to capture an image with more detail by accessorizing, or removing objects in the photo 
  • The equipment he uses for his shots and the benefits each of them provide. 
  • And finally how to make adjustments to your images using Photoshop

And much more! If you're a member of PPA, just log in to watch the video anytime. Non-members will have access to this video this month only at PPA.com/TryEdu. For full access to all the PPAedu and PhotoVision videos, join PPA today!

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By Autumn Rice



Here's a list of the top things you won't want to miss at Imaging USA 2017...

10. Be More Philanthropic... PPA Charities Celebration Saturday, Jan. 7, 8-11 pm.  Kick of the festivities with the PPA Charities Celebration! You'll "cheers" all of the charitable giving from 2016 and have the chance to participate in an auction that has everything a photographer could dream about and helps a very good cause. You can also participate in the PPA Charities 5K run on Sunday. 

9. Be More Connected... PPA's Closing Party Tuesday, Jan. 10, 8-11 pm. Dance the convention away at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center! Eat, drink, and be merry as we celebrate the closing of another amazing Imaging. FREE to attendees with an All-Access, 3-day pass or $60 for just the party! 

8. Be More Encouraged... Awards & Degree Ceremony Tuesday, Jan. 10, 6:30-7:30 pm. It's like a fun graduation for photographers earning degrees (Photographic Craftsman, Master of Photography, and Master Artist) and awards (Lifetime Achievement, Imaging Excellence, Distinguished Service, Humanitarian Service) from 2016. This is a free event and open to the public, so attendees can bring guests to join in the celebration! Formal attire is suggested, but not required.  

7. Be More Challenged... Grand Imaging Awards Monday, Jan. 9, 6:30-7:30 pm. Celebrate with friends as we honor the 2016 Medalists, Diamond Photographers of the Year, and all the elite Loan Collection artists from the most recent International Photographic Competition (IPC). Stop by to see these top photographers' works and see who gets crowned champion, earning the Grand Imaging Award! 

6. Be More Creative... International Photographic Competition (IPC) Exhibit Jan. 8-10th. Get inspired to try new techniques as you view thousands of award-winning images from the 2016 PPA Loan and General Collections. Located next to the Expo show floor and open during show hours, the exhibit is free and open to the public, but you must have a badge to enter the exhibit area, and there are even PPA-conducted tours of the exhibit so you can hear all the amazing stories behind the images.

5. Be More Marketable... Stop by the Print Room Jan. 8-10th. If you're interested in encouraging your clients to purchase more printed material, this room is for you. Stop by the Print for Success Theater and join a comprehensive sales session, get information about how to price and market printed products to your clients, and show them the value of printed photography. The sessions will be held in 30-minute intervals during Expo hours. The tips provided in these sessions are sure to get your clients excited about buying printed products in no time. 

4. Be More Drone Ready... Visit the Drone Zone Jan. 8-10th. Drones are the hottest new photography tool on the market, and it's important that photographers know how to use them and incorporate them in their business. The Drone Zone provides you with ample opportunity to watch drones in action, participate in demos, and learn how to legally and effectively incorporate drones into your business.

3. Be More Confident... Top Notch Education Jan. 5-10th. Need some tips, pointers, or pick-me-ups? We have your learning needs covered in every area imaginable. Throughout Imaging USA, you'll find Live Demos complete with stages, models and props, and the best speakers in the business. Expo classes are 15-20 minute sessions on product features, benefits, and more. The Coach's Corner is set up for sports and events photographers and includes portfolio reviews and 30 minutes of mentoring with a PPA photographer (first come, first served). Before the convention officially starts, take advantage of the Pre-Conference Classes: nearly 50 hands-on classes taking place Jan. 5-7, that cover a wide variety of topics including Lightroom A-Z, business workshops, certification prep, maternity posing, wedding photography, fashion photography, lighting, posing, men's portraits, commercial architecture, boudoir photography, and "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" workshops. Costs range from $129-$299 per class.  

2. Be More Inspired... Mel Robbins Sunday, Jan. 8, 10-11:15 am. True inspiration! Get motivated and take your business to new heights with our keynote speaker at Imaging USA: Mel Robbins! CNN host, commentator, and legal analyst, and criminal defense attorney Mel Robbins is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world. Her life experiences have helped her craft speeches that deliver business-expanding, life-changing, interactive advice to inspire change, challenge thinking, and accelerate personal and professional growth. Her book, "Stop Saying You're Fine" is a bestseller that has been translated into four different languages, and her TEDx Talk "How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over" has over 10 million views across 37 countries. She will bring her story and motivational advice to Imaging USA to help your business soar to new heights! 

1. Be More Shopping-Savvy... Imaging Expo Jan. 8-10th. Basically, it's the Mall of America for photographers, featuring 600+ booths of everything from heavy equipment to small gadgets, printers, labs, service providers and BIG name photographic companies like Canon USA, Miller's Professional Imaging, H&H Color Lab, Kodak Alaris, Marathon Press Inc., ChromaLuxe, and many more! The Expo has classes, product demos, expo-only deals, prize giveaways... the kitchen sink? Maybe that, too! 

We can't wait to see you at Imaging USA in January. If anything on this list sounds like something you would love to be part of, then hurry up and register! Register for Imaging USA before Dec. 8th at ImagingUSA.org/Register for the Early Bird savings OR become a member of PPA and your All-Access pass to Imaging 2017 will be FREE as a welcome gift at ImagingUSA.org/Join-Go!


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