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PPAedu has been busy! Not only are new classes on photography techniques and business practices getting released monthly (check out our latest additions with Jeffrey Shaw), but the free class of February is with none other than Imaging USA Super Star, Carrie Wildes. To check out the session "The Wedding Consultation" with Carrie, head to ppa.com/tryedu starting February 1st. 

And if you want to be more business savvy in 2014, but don't have the funds to travel to Atlanta--there is an exciting new thing: PPA Business Basics workshop is now available through live streaming, starting with the March 29-30 program! PPA is so excited to offer LIVE STREAMING for the first time; there is a special double deal...

  • You can go (or get the live stream from home) for just $199 when you register by February 5. That's 30% off for early birds!
  • And you can add a friend... for free! In-person in Atlanta or through live streaming!
What are the perks of live streaming? Let us count the ways...

  1. Save money! No need to spend on hotel, gas or airfare. Who doesn't love saving some money?
  2. Save time! No need to spend time on the drive or at the airport when you live stream!
  3. Ability to replay! Once the workshop wraps, you'll get a link to watch the whole thing again, for free! 
  4. Downloadable worksheets! (Who doesn't love a good worksheet?) You'll get everything the folks who attend the face-to-face get, but in an ecofriendly PDF.  
  5. Learn in your pajamas! For the sweatpants-loving photographers out there, this could be the number one reason to try the Live Stream. A day filled with education in your comfy pants? Yep. You may have just found a little slice of heaven here at PPA.

As a live streaming attendee, you'll still get all of the resources and education as folks in the room. The course will feature:

  • Two days of top-notch advice from two instructors: Bridget Jackson, a CPA with a proven track record of boosting hundreds of studios' profitability and Jeff Dachowski, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, your photographic mentor, an active, successful photographer who knows what it takes to succeed TODAY 
  • Live interactive Q&As 
  • Zero sponsors plugging their product pitches--just tangible business advice (that's the power of the non-profit )

For more information on the new course offerings from PPAedu, head to ppa.com/edu or for information on the live streaming workshops, head to PPA.com/workshops.


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