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Do you want your voice to be heard on the current look of the photographic industry? InfoTrends' 2013 Professional Photography and Video Survey offers an opportunity to do just that!

Some of you may remember participating in this survey last year. For those that didn't, InfoTrends conducts this annual industry review with imaging professionals (photographers and videographers alike) to better understand their use of technology, equipment requirements and new business services. Manufacturers then use the results to design new or better products and help fulfill the needs of photographers and videographers.

This survey also provides a panoramic view of the behaviors and demographics of professional photographers. You can read PPA's recap of the 2012 InfoTrend Professional Photography and Video Survey now.

If you are on the go, here are five interesting findings that show the shifts happening in the industry:

  1. The photographic industry has been historically dominated by older photographers, and predominantly male. However, the female demographic is growing strong. 33% of the survey respondents in 2012 were female, as opposed to 16% in the 2009 edition.

    We at PPA suspect that the difference is even larger, so we encourage the ladies to represent in this year's edition of the survey!

  2. Female photographers tend to be younger, averaging 41 years old, versus males' averaging 50.5.

    If you feel that this misrepresents the reality, consider participating in the survey (-;

  3. Participants shared taking an average of 2,584 photos a month, but only producing about 580 final prints per month, showing the dramatic shift to digital photography over the past few years. Fine art and nature photographers continue to capture the smallest amount of photographs, while printing the largest amount of images.

    What does this mean to you? Better efficiency? More business savvy? What's your take on such a difference of shots vs. prints ratio?

  4. 86% of photographers admitted using the web to promote their business. This is an all-time high.

    Over the years this has definitely been a drastic shift. How do you maintain and upkeep your website? And how about social media? Are you using this new media for business?

  5. Only 25% of photographers in 2012 offered video services.

    There are fusion classes and tips all over the places. What's your take on video? Why have you not made the jump and started offering some mixed media products?

  6. infortrendschartspecialties.jpg

    What will the 2013 results show? It's partly up to you. Consider taking the survey and contribute to InfoTrends (and the industry in general), so that better products and services suiting your photography needs can be created.

    As a heads-up, this InfoTrend survey is extensive and will take up a bit of your time (15-20 minutes), so as a thank you for investing your time, InfoTrends is entering all respondents into a drawing for $500. In addition, a $25 Amazon.com gift card will be sent to 100 randomly chosen respondents! So, if the warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get from contributing to the survey isn't enough, do it for a chance at the loot!

    Take the survey now. 


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