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By Chris Homer

Here's an early Christmas present for you - our top photography stories from around the web!
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Take a minute to look these over; you never know what you might learn!

COPYRIGHT SMALL CLAIMS: PPA has long campaigned for a change in photography copyright law. Check out this photographer's copyright infringement story on the PPA Today Blog to see why a change in copyright law is needed! And if you're ready to join in the copyright fight, visit PPA.com/SmallClaims to learn how you can contact your congressperson about new legislation that would improve copyright protection for photographers. 

BUSINESS: Have you noticed the trend of advertisements using well known photographers to sell a product, both photography related and not? This post on PetaPixel examines some of these ads and products. Take a look! It's an interesting read about a trend you might want to pay attention to!

CREATIVITY: Do you feel stuck in a rut with your photography? If so, check out this video! Australian wedding photographer Joshua Mikhaeil shares his tips for creativity and building your own style. It's an inspiring video for any photographer!

DRONE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you want to start incorporating drone photography into your wedding shoots? If so, take a look at this post from Fstoppers. It shares good tips to get you started using a drone as part of your wedding photography. And don't forget to check out PPA.com/Drones for more info on using a drone!

PHOTOGRAPHY PODCASTS: If you're looking for an easy way to continue your photography education and gain new insights, consider checking out some photography podcasts! This post from Fstoppers shares some of their favorite photography podcasts and why you should be listening to them.
By Chris Homer

It's Friday, so that means it's time for our favorite photography blog posts from around the
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 web! As you head into the weekend, take some time to enjoy these stories: 

TUTORIAL: Multiple exposure can be a great technique to create memorable wedding photos. Learn some tips for how to create multiple exposure wedding images in this tutorial from PetaPixel.

WORKING WITH MODELS: If you need a model for an upcoming photography shoot, but aren't sure how to approach them with your request, check out this post from FStoppers. You'll learn 3 quick tips to help you along in the process of finding and hiring a model.

SALES/MARKETING: If you need some marketing tips to bring in more business and boost your photography sales, check out this post from the PPA Today blog! You'll learn 7 ways you can make your business more visible and hopefully bring in new clients.

LIGHTING/INSPIRATION: This post from FStoppers is a good reminder that it's the skill of a photographer that makes a great image, not the equipment. Read about how one photographer created unique images of British pop group Clean Bandit for use in publication, using only cheap lighting found on eBay!

POSING: Do you use pyramid posing for group portraits? If you've never heard of it, or need a refresher, this post from PhotoFocus provides a quick overview and discusses the advantages of using this posing style.
By Chris Homer

As we head into the weekend, take a minute to enjoy our favorite photography blog posts
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 from around the web!

PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS TIPS: Whether you've been in the professional photography business for a while or are brand new, this post from PetaPixel provides useful business advice. In it, several photographers are interviewed about changes in the photography industry that have impacted their business and how they have adapted!

COMPOSITE PHOTOGRAPHY: With Halloween right around the corner, you may be looking for some inspiration for photos. This video from PhotoForge demonstrates how you can create some unique Halloween composites in Photoshop. 

LARGE FORMAT CAMERAS/TUTORIAL: In this video, photographer Irene Rudnyk demonstrates how she set up a portrait shoot using large format cameras. If you're interested in using this type of camera, check it out! You'll pick up some good tips to get you ready. 

PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGY: This Fstoppers post poses the question, with all the advances in camera technology, is it still you taking the picture or are you just carrying around a computer that takes the picture for you? Take a look and see what you think of the points made in the post. 

DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY: A drone recently struck a passenger plane in Canada, while the owner was flying illegally in a no-fly zone. Read the news on PetaPixel. This is just another reminder of the importance of understanding and following all regulations when using a drone for photography! Check out PPA's Drone Knowledge Center to learn more about flying your drone safely and legally. 
By Chris Homer

As you wind down another busy week, take a break and enjoy our top photography posts from
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 around the web!

SOCIAL MEDIA AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Many photographers feel that social media has had a negative impact on professional photography. Before you get too worked up, take a look at this post from Photography Talk. It shares how several social media sites can be a benefit to your photography business. 

COMPOSITION: A recent study has revealed that people's eyes are more drawn to areas of a photograph that have meaning - rather than those that just stick out. What does that mean for how you compose a photograph? Read all about the study on PetaPixel.

MARKETING: If you're struggling to convert your website visitors into paying clients, read this post from FStoppers. It shares some common pitfalls that you'll want to avoid to make sure your site actually brings you business!

WHITE BALANCE: If you're relying on the auto white balance setting of your camera, you may be missing out on an opportunity to create better photos. This post from PhotoFocus explains several methods for how to create a custom white balance to get the most from your photography.

TUTORIAL: You're shooting on location, and you want a dark background, but none are available for you! If this has happened to you, check out this video on FStoppers. It shows how you can turn a white wall into a dark background through proper lighting and set up.
By Chris Homer

As we head into the long Labor Day weekend, take a minute to enjoy the top photography
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 posts from around the web! 

HURRICANE HARVEY: National Geographic photographer Erin Trieb documented her experience helping evacuate her mother from the flooding in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey. It's a first-hand look at the devastation. PPA's thoughts are with all those affected by the flooding! You can donate now to the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund to help your fellow PPA Members that were disrupted by the storm. PPA will match all donations up to $100,000!

COLOR EDITING: Do you often wonder how to create your own style using a consistent color palette? Find out how you can do it via color editing in this video from photographer Sean Tucker. 

GEAR: If you're considering buying a new lens to achieve the type of photos you want, read this post from Digital Photography Review first! It points out that sometimes instead of a new lens, all you need is a cheap external flash. 

FUTURE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: In this video, the future of photography is examined based on current trends. It's a fascinating watch for any photographer! Check it out on FStoppers. 

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY: If you enjoy shooting landscape photography, check out this post on PetaPixel. Photographer Albert Dros shares his planning tips to get the best landscape photos possible. Take a look and see if he's doing anything you haven't thought of!
By Chris Homer

As we wind down the first week in August, take a minute to enjoy this week's top photography
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 stories from around the web! 

PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS: Here's some great news for wedding photographers! Texas photographer Andrea Polito was defamed on social media by a wedding client, causing her to lose her studio and fold her business. Well, score one for the little guy - the court recently awarded Polito $1 million for the defamation! Read all about it on the Washington Post. And remember that PPA's Indemnification Trust can help you with dissatisfied clients if this situation ever arises for you. 

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY/INSPIRATION: The Atlantic has a collection of photos from the winner and honorable mentions of National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year contest. There's some stunning imagery in the collection; take a look and be inspired! 

TETHERING: If you're thinking about tethering your camera during photo shoots, check out this guide from PetaPixel. It shares some good tips for success when shooting tethered. 

PHOTOGRAPHY TECH: Have you ever wondered how the shutter on your DSLR works? PetaPixel has a look at the inner workings of a DSLR shutter that any photographer will find interesting. 

USING GREYSCALE: If you struggle with deciding when to put a photograph in greyscale, this post from Digital Photography School may offer some insight to help you. It discusses the situations when a photograph may benefit from greyscale. 
By Chris Homer

As you wind down for the weekend, take a minute to browse our favorite photography posts
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 from around the web. We cover everything from a new PPA member benefit with Dell to inspiring portraits, so chances are good there's something you can learn from!

LIGHTING TUTORIAL: In this video, photographer Bob Davis demonstrates how you can mimic natural light using just a few pieces of equipment. Check it out on PetaPixel.

TIPS: In this post from Fstoppers, learn how one photographer took a simple graduation photography session and made it something unique. These are good lessons to apply to any type of assignment you might get!

PHOTOGRAPHY HISTORY:  Here's a cool post that any photographer will find interesting. Check out the world's first underwater portrait - and see how it was made on Vintage Everyday. 

PPA MEMBER BENEFITS: Big news for PPA Members this week! Your membership now gets you access to up to 20% savings on computer equipment from Dell. Read all about this new benefit on the PPA Today blog. 

GEAR: If you're looking for a new camera bag, check out this post from Photography Talk before you buy anything. It shares some good advice on what to look for in a high-quality camera bag. 
By Chris Homer

It's Friday, so you know what that means! We're back with our favorite photography blogs
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 from around the web. As you head into the weekend, take a minute to relax and browse these posts - you never know what you might learn! 

CAMERA METERING MODES: Do you have a firm grasp of how to use the metering modes on your camera? If you need to brush up, this post from New Atlas shares how and when to use these modes.

CHILDREN'S PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, creating very similar portraits of children for your clients? If so, this post from Digital Photography School can help. It covers some non-portrait ideas for photographing children that clients love!

TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you have the desire to create time-lapse videos using your photography, but aren't sure how to start? This tutorial from Aperture Tours will show you how to get going on that time-lapse project you've been thinking about doing!

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you interested in photographing food? If you're looking for advice on how to get into the food photography market, read this interview from Sony's blog. In the interview, food photographer Ariel Ip explains how she got started.

GEAR: If you've recently turned pro, or are thinking about turning pro, give this post from Photography Talk a read. It covers what they feel are the best DSLR cameras for those starting out in the professional photography market.
Happy Friday! It's time to enjoy our weekly roundup of photography blogs from around the
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 web. Take a look - you never know what you might find that could help your photography and business!

FILM TUTORIAL: Are you interested in shooting and developing photos using black and white film? This post from PetaPixel has some great tips for how to get the best results!

GEAR: Many photographers use a ball head mount on their tripod, but have you ever considered using a fluid head? This video from photographer Hudson Henry explains the advantages a fluid head can have for your photography. 

TUTORIAL: Educator Jimmy McIntyre demonstrates a nifty trick for photographers looking to get a greater dynamic range in a photo: blend 3 bracketed exposures of the same scene using Photoshop. 

RETOUCHING: Whether you've been in the photography game for a while, or are just starting out, this post from Fstoppers shares some good topics you should have a firm grasp of to improve your retouching of photos. 

INSPIRATION: If you're looking for some inspiration, this post from Fstoppers is a great read. You'll see how photographer Nicky Hamilton built his own sets, by hand, for a cinematic photography project. 
By Chris Homer

While we know you're busy finishing up holiday projects for your clients, take a minute to
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 relax and enjoy this week's top photography blog posts! 

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Copyright Reform Is (finally!) Coming! 
PUSHING FOR CHANGE:  PPA has been back in Washington D.C. this week, meeting with lawmakers to advocate copyright reform and the creating of a copyright small claims system. There's some exciting news on this front, so check out part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4  updates from PPA's recent visit!  You can also read the press release about the proposed copyright reforms. Remember, it is now more important than ever for you to sign up and join the Grassroots Action Team and make a change!

PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS:  Sports Illustrated's recent cover featuring Dwayne Johnson was shot with a smartphone (you won't believe it from seeing the cover). In this article from PetaPixel, get a behind-the-scenes look of how photographer Michael J. LeBrecht created such a stunning image via smartphone. 

DEBATE: This post from Fstoppers brings up an interesting point: if you struggle with post-processing in Photoshop, does that make you a less capable photographer? If you've felt this way before, you'll want to check out this post - you aren't alone!

IMAGING USA:  You may think there's little value in attending the Grand Imaging Awards and Award & Degree Ceremony at Imaging USA if you're not getting an award yourself. In reality, attending these ceremonies is a great idea for generating some inspiration to take home with you! Read all about these Imaging USA ceremonies in this post. And if you haven't registered for Imaging USA, do it today!

LIGHTING TECHNIQUE:  Find out how to create a photo that looks like it was created at night, even if it was created during the middle of the day! This post from Fstoppers will show you the steps to take to perform this neat photography trick. 
By Chris Homer

As you gear up for Halloween fun, take a minute to check out this week's top blog posts!
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WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY/INSPIRATION: The 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards were recently presented by the British Natural History Museum and the award-winning photographs are impressive to say the least! Take a look at them all over at Business Insider, especially if you're a wildlife photographer looking for inspiration for your next shoot!

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: If you're a travel photographer, one of your goals is to capture the culture of a place through your photographs. If you're in a rut, check out photographer Mihaela Noroc's collection of portraits from around India and Nepal on Vogue. These striking photographs are a great way to get your creativity flowing again!

FOR LAUGHS: Here's one to lead you into the weekend on a laugh! Check out the results when a Dad used Photoshop to turn his 6 year-old son's drawings of animals into reality. You'll want to share this one with your photographer friends!

PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS: If your photography business is struggling, have you ever considered that you may have too diverse of a clientele? Read about how photographer Dani Miller narrowed the focus of her business to just babies, children and maternity portraits and was able to thrive on Professional Photographer.

PRIVACY/TECHNOLOGY: Business Insider breaks the news about the development of a badge that, when worn in a photo, would signal to social media software to blur the face of the person that has the badge on. The 'Do Not Snap Badge' may come into play for photographers in the future. Check it out and see what you think!
By Chris Homer

Friday has arrived, which means it's time for our weekly roundup! Take a look at this week's top
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COPYRIGHT SMALL CLAIMS: You may have heard about upcoming legislation for a Copyright Small Claims Process. PPA is advocating for this change to copyright law as we believe it will help photographers better defend their copyrighted photos. PhotoTellers and FotoFacts interviewed PPA CEO David Trust and dived deep into the importance of this new piece of legislation! Once you've heard why it's so important, add your name to the list of supporters of the Copyright Grassroots Advocacy Team and help Copyright Small Claims become law.

BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE: If you're a boudoir photographer, you've probably run into the issue of clients feeling self-conscious about their bodies that stress about how the photos will turn out. In this post on Fstoppers, photographers discuss what happened when they were the ones to go in front of the camera for a boudoir photo session. Read what they learned when putting themselves in the clients' position! 

EDITING: Do you find that you edit a photograph differently based on if it's for a client or a personal project? In this post from PetaPixel, read how the intended audience for a photograph can make all the difference when editing! 

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY/INSPIRATION: If you enjoy shooting landscapes, this post on Popular Photography is for you. Take a look at their favorite National Parks to shoot mountains, deserts, wildflowers and more! You may just be inspired to create your next photo project. 

ONLINE MARKETING PART 1: Do followers, likes and other social media interactions really matter to your photography business? You may not realize it, but how many followers you have does make a difference, especially when trying to get models for a project. Read all about the importance of followers on Fstoppers. 
By Chris Homer

Have the Summer Olympic Games inspired you to achieve new heights of success in your
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 photography business? Here are the top posts of the week that may help you get there! 

HOW TO PITCH: For many photography jobs, especially for a publication, you're required to pitch your ideas and skills to get the job. It can be an intimidating process! If you don't know where to start, this post from Light Stalking gives some good tips on how to pitch yourself. 

IPC News: PPA announced some changes to the 2017 District and International Photographic Competitions. Read about the changes in this post so you are up-to-date when your District Photographic Competition comes around! And, in case you missed it, results from the 2016 IPC are available now! Congratulations to all the photographers who earned a merit or had an image be selected for the PPA Loan Collection. 

INSPIRATION: Have you ever wondered how Salvador Dali and photographer Philippe Halsman put together their famous 1948 "Dali Atomicus" photo without Photoshop? Time has put together a fascinating video on the creation of the photograph - it took 28 tries to get the composition right! This is a must watch for any photographer.

HEADSHOT KNOWHOW: For portrait photographers that shoot headshots, one question that always comes up is, "what's the best focal length to use?" This post from PhotographyTalk gives some examples of different focal lengths and when you might want to use them. 

PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT INSURANCE: Here's a cautionary tale from DIY Photography on why you should always double-check what your photography equipment insurance policy actually covers. This photographer found out the hard way that theft was not covered by his policy! Fear not PPA Members, your free PhotoCare Equipment Insurance includes theft coverage! 
By Chris Homer

It's Friday - so you guessed it - time for a blog roundup! Take a look at this week's stories
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 below. From portrait photography to some photography history, there's something for every photographer! 

BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY: The majority of boudoir photographers tend to be women, but there are many men in the field as well! Find out how this industry operates differently if you're a male photographer, as well as some advice for how you can break into it as a man, in this post from Fstoppers.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS/REFRESHER: All photographers want to take better photographs, and this post from WizardNote provides some good tips to keep in mind. These may seem kind of simple, but it's always useful to get a refresher on the basics of what make a good photograph!

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: If you do street photography or enjoy capturing candid photos of people, check out this article from Digital Photography School. You'll get some advice for how you can get great candid photos of people that tell a story as well.

INSPIRATION: Check out the unique Photoshop work of artist Matt Barnes, a pioneer in the 'dark art movement', as well as an interview with him on DIY Photography. You may get some ideas for your next Photoshop project from this post, especially if you're looking to make something creepy!

PHOTOSHOP: Do you use Photoshop plug-ins? If so, you'll want to check out this post from Fstoppers. In it, one photographer discusses if plug-ins are still relevant, as well as what some of the top plug-ins are. Do you agree? Start a discussion about it on theLoop!
By Chris Homer

As we count down the days to fireworks and hotdogs, take a minute to check out the top
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 photography blog posts for the week of June 20! 

DRONES/UAS NEWS: The FAA has just announced new regulations regarding the operation of drones that will allow photographers to offer this type of photography to their clients, provided you meet some requirements. Check out the news on the PPA blog!

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRACTS: Contracts can be a tricky thing, especially when dealing with a 'work-for-hire' situation. In this post on Photo District News, lawyers review several editorial photography contracts and break down what some of that confusing language means. You may be surprised! This is a must read for all photographers.

BUSINESS TIPS: If you've ever experienced hard drive failure, you know how stressful it can be to lose all of your images. Help avoid this problem by creating a USB Recovery Drive. Photofocus breaks down the steps in this post. And if hard drive failure still happens to you, don't forget about your PPA member benefit with DriveSavers

TUTORIAL: Whether or not you shoot cityscapes at night, this post from Digital Photography School provides a good tutorial of how to use Luminosity Masks in Photoshop and the results you can get by using them!

BACK TO THE BASICS: Do you understand how the histogram display on the back of your DSLR works and what it can tell you about a photograph you just took? Take a look at these exercises from Picture Correct that will help you understand the histogram! 

By Chris Homer

As you prepare for your summer photo shoots, take a minute to enjoy our top blog posts of the
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 week! You never know what you might be able to incorporate into your business. 

TAKE YOU BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Do you ever post video blogs (vlogs)? If so, take a look at this post from Fstoppers. You'll get some tips for how to structure your videos to maximize how many times your video is viewed and get the most engagement with your audience! 

PHOTOSHOP NEWS: If you've ever had to straighten an image in Photoshop using the rotation feature, this news of the upcoming content-aware crop feature should make you very happy! See a sneak peek of it on Popular Photography and see how it can make your life as a photographer easier. 

TECHNIQUE: Using light painting can create some very dynamic images! If you want to start using this technique, check out these tips for getting the best results on Picture Correct. 

TECHNIQUES TO TRY:  Are you looking for some new photography challenges this summer? The PhotoShelter blog has put together a list of suggestions that are perfect to try out during the summer months. Try one out and expand your skills!

STUDIO SPACE: If you've never considered renting a studio space, take a look at this post from Fstoppers. It gives some reasons and situations where having your own studio space can come in handy, especially if you've only been shooting outdoors!
As we wrap up the first week of May (yes, already!), take some time to enjoy our favorite
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photography blog posts of the week! 

LIGHTING: National Geographic is world-renowned for their photography, so who better to get lighting tips from than an actual National Geographic photographer? In this video, photographer Bob Holmes shares lighting tips that can help you get that 'National Geographic style' in your own work.

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: If you're confused by Photoshop's layer masks while editing your photos, this tutorial from Digital Photography School is for you. It walks you through several tricks that will help you understand how you can use these layer masks!

SARCASM & GEAR: As a photographer, your equipment is essential to your business. But are you guilty of any of these thoughts about gear? Read them on PetaPixel.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you considering taking a wedding client on for the first time? Read this article from Popular Photography first! It covers some points you'll want to consider before taking that job!

BUSINESS ADVICE: Many photographers can be intimidated by having another photographer in their market to compete with. This article from Fstoppers brings a new perspective to competition and shares why it can be good for your business to have another photographer to compete with!

INSPIRATION: All photographers need some inspiration from time to time. Check out these powerful Pulitzer Prize-winning photos from the Middle East Refugee Crisis on Huffington Post. You may get some ideas for your own photography projects.

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Photographer Lynn Goldsmith is claiming that the Smithsonian Institute violated her copyright by using a portrait of musician Prince without her permission. Read all the news about the ongoing situation on Photo District News. Don't forget that PPA is here to help members when situations of copyright infringement occur. Read all about the resources available to members at PPA.com/Copyright.

LIGHTROOM: Do you use a traditional ND filter? If you do, you may be surprised to learn that Lightroom has tools that allow you to get the same (or even better!) results as an ND filter. Watch the tutorial from Killer Lightroom Tips.

INSPIRATION: If you do portrait photography, you'll want to take a look at this gallery of portraits of the great David Bowie by photographer Steve Schapiro on Lens Culture. Schapiro also shares the process that went into the portraits. Take a look and be inspired.

JUST FOR FUN: Have you ever wondered how the ink you use for printing photographs is made? Well wonder no longer! Take some time to relax and check out this video for a cool look at where your ink comes from.

There you have it, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee @PPA.com.

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.

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By Chris Homer

As we wind down the week, take some time to enjoy our top photography blog posts from
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 around the web! 

TUTORIAL: If you've ever been inspired by high speed photography shots that make use of water, this post from Picture Correct is for you! You'll learn set ups you can use to capture these intriguing images. 

TECHNIQUE: The Rule of Thirds is one of the first composition techniques professional photographers learn. But is it as important to composition as you think? Check out this post on No Film School, it might make you look at the Rule of Thirds in a new way! 

BUSINESS ADVICE: Are you thinking about diving into the professional photography market full-time? Read this article from Improve Photography first to make sure you don't believe any of these myths about being a professional photographer. You'll also learn what you can do to prepare yourself if you've been under the influence of one of these myths! 

INSPIRATION: Not only are these photos of the Hunter-Gather tribes of the Himalayas on the Feature Shoot sure to inspire you, they also show the importance photography plays in preserving the history of a culture. 

MICRO PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you fascinated by micro photography? View this gallery of micro photographs on Lens Culture that are sure to inspire!
By Chris Homer

Happy Friday! Take some time to end your week with a little advice and inspiration from our top
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 ten blog posts of the week.

COPYRIGHT ADVOCACY: This week, PPA was in Washington D.C. meeting with lawmakers to help strengthen photography copyright. Read all about PPA's goals for this visit, as well as the day one and day two recaps of meetings with members of Congress!

BUSINESS: This post from the Story of Telling provides some questions to ask yourself about your photography business to help you focus on creating value for your clients! After all, the more valuable clients find your work, the more likely they are to make big purchases or become a repeat customer.

CONTRACTS: Are you including Terms & Conditions in your photography contracts and estimates? Read this post from Photoshelter to find out why you should be, and to see a few examples from professional photography contracts. Don't forget that PPA has a whole host of sample contracts you can use to help build your own contract! Members can access the sample contracts here.

PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS: Here's a piece of news that all photographers will be interested in, especially those that photograph police at work as part of their job. A recent court ruling states that photographing police officers is not always protected by the First Amendment. Read PetaPixel's breakdown to see what this means for you.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you interested in creating portraits of strangers you meet on the street? This interview with photographer Iwona Pinkowicz on The Phoblographer is for you! Read all about Pinkowicz's process for capturing compelling portraits of complete strangers and see some of her work!
By Chris Homer

As you get back into the swing of your business post-Imaging USA, take a few minutes to
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 check out the top blogs of this week. You'll find everything from social media advice to pricing for real estate photography. Check them out below.

IMAGING USA: Imaging USA 2016 was last week in Atlanta. If you weren't able to go, check out recaps from pre-convention, day one, day two and day three from PPA staff member James Yates. We hope to see you in 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. 

MARKETING/SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you know how social media can impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Check out this guide for photographers from Zenfolio on how social media and SEO work together and learn how to make your business more visible on the web!

GENERALISTS CAN BE PROFITABLE!: While many photographers choose to focus their business on one specific specialty, there are photographers out there who are generalists - meaning they shoot anything and everything! In this post, Fstoppers interviews generalist photographer Viktoria Haack on how she's found success without specializing. There's some good advice here that you may be able to apply to your own business!

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY: PPA works with Operation Lifesaver to educate photographers on the dangers of photographing on railroad tracks and why you should avoid doing this. Don't take our word for it though! This post gives one photographer's perspective on the dangers of photographing on railroad tracks after having their eyes opened to the risk at Imaging USA!

DEVELOPING STYLE: Do you struggle trying to find your own photographic style? This post from Digital Photography School is for you. It gives advice on how you can start to develop a photographic style that will, in turn, give your images more meaning!


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