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changeattitudewedding_blog.jpgAs many wedding photographers could tell you, there has been a drastic change in the industry over the last decade. The explosion in competition due to the transition to digital photography has left many wedding photographers frustrated and fearful that they will not be able to succeed in such a crowded market place.

So how can you overcome the challenges of increased competition in the wedding photography market? Believe it or not, simply changing your attitude as to how you shoot and sell weddings can make a huge difference!

We know that having great work isn't enough anymore. Sales and marketing techniques are becoming so important that even less talented photographers are able to break through and get a piece of the professional photography pie. Not always fair, some of you will think.

With this paradigm shift in mind, PPA approached Gary Hughes to get his take on the "attitude problem" and "changing the way we can approach weddings to get different results". Scroll down to read his short bio or simply watch the entire live webinar on May 28 at 2 p.m. ET, but in the meantime, read on:  

The 'no risks - no rewards' approach seems to be a new motto these days, but it's easier said than done. The examples, real-life experience and truly down-to-earth / no-nonsense advice that Gary is able to bring to the table are sure to help break some of the natural risk aversion that most of us share. It's only by getting down to the core of our fears as artists (and business owners!) that we can grow significantly; because if we continue to do the things we've been doing the same way, then it's only logical that we continue to get the same results we have always been getting, right? Well, Gary helps break that paradigm and carries his message confidently. So much so that he'll aim at two things during the aforementioned webinar: (1) helping you stand out from the crowded marketplace and (2) doubling your sales average. Yup, you read that right, double your sales average! That's something we all could use, right?

Now, you may be wondering who Gary Hughes is. He's a second-generation photographer who learned about photography from a young age from his parents. He runs his studio, Hughes Fioretti Photography, with his wife and business partner. Since 2010, he has spent a lot of time teaching photographers in the southeast.

Gary's work has earned several accolades including local and national awards (including  first place wedding albums and numerous PPA Loan Collection images). In fact, he was selected as one of the top ten photographers in central Florida 3 years in a row (2010-2012) and is a PPAedu contributor. By now you should start understanding why we're excited to have him teach this Attitude Problem: Change the Way You Approach Weddings class!

But wait, here's the best part:  this live webinar is free for PPA members! It's part of PPAedu, your latest PPA membership benefit. Non-members can easily subscribe to PPAedu and access the 150+ online courses.

So don't think twice: all you risk is to walk away with a new, positive outlook on your wedding business and be armed with the skills to beat your competition!

Now what? Simply register for the live webinar and mark your calendar.

To learn more about PPAedu, including our on-demand video library and how to get your own personalized learning program (all included in PPAedu), visit the PPAedu page.


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