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By James Yates

PPA members know they have a virtual suit-of-armor surrounding them. It's the PPA Shield of protection, and it has you covered on all sides: gear, liability, negligence and data loss recovery ...no matter what goes wrong. These are the three big ways PPA's forms of photographic insurance keep you fully protected, save you money, and help you Be More. 

Coverage- if you break your camera or it's stolen from your car, then no worries! If you've activated PhotoCare, you're covered! 
  • Did you know you can get up to $15,000 of photo equipment insurance for FREE when you join PPA? PhotoCare Equipment Insurance is included with the PPA Professional Active membership. All you have to do is activate your policy. PPA pays the premium for up to $15,000 just in case  you lose your photo gear, computer, tablet, or printer to fire, theft, or breakage.. And, you get worldwide coverage while on location. With a first loss deductible of only $250 (excluding breakage), it can pay big to opt-in to PPA's PhotoCare Equipment Insurance. 
  • PhotoCare Plus is also available for members to purchase and covers up to $100,000 on the same damages as PhotoCare, in addition to coverage for mysterious disappearance and non-PPA member employee coverage. PhotoCare Plus will also insure your drone if it falls from the sky.

Assistance- If someone got hurt or something was destroyed on your shoot, General Liability Coverage will handle it.
  • At some point, we all fall victim to Murphy's Law- the idea that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Did your lighting setup fall over on someone's aunt at the wedding? Did little Cousin Billy break his arm when he tripped over your extension cord? We hope you never have to use this benefit, but if you do, it can help save your reputation, business, and a LOT of money. Nearly all commercial and event shoots now require general liability insurance coverage. It's incredibly affordable to get the protection you need, and you can even get up to $2 million for less than 62¢ a day! 
  • Drone Photography Liability Insurance is also now available as an add-on to your existing policy. It covers bodily injury and property damage caused by an FAA-certified drone photographer while on a paid assignment. In the event of a chain reaction, your insurance will also cover the non-drone, additional damage.

Peace-of-Mind- Got an unsatisfied client, or lost all the data on your hard drive or SD card? PPA's Indemnification Trust is like malpractice protection for you. 
  • Have you ever faced angry clients whose images all just disappeared from your hard drive? PPA is here to help. PPA photographers get a type of malpractice coverage, called PPA's Indemnification Trust, which comes included in the membership and helps when things go wrong like data loss, equipment malfunction, mistakes, or unsatisfied clients. The Trust can step in and guide you through the claim process, pay for data recovery services if needed, negotiate and pay any settlement, prepare you for court if needed, appoint local counsel at the Trust's expense if necessary, and pay judgments for most types of damages awarded to your client if things end up in a court. In summary, the Trust covers and protects all Professional Active members at no cost after they clear their small deductible. 
The next time you're feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed by everything life can throw at a small business owner, lean on your PPA membership, because it truly has your back. Let PPA be your shield! All these benefits and more are available for you to save money and be more profitable. Find out how you and your photography business can Be More Protected at PPA.com/NoBrainer. 

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James Yates is an Atlanta-based writer/actor and the Communications Specialist at Professional Photographers of America (PPA). A graduate of Georgia State University, James has worked in the non-profit sector his whole life and is proud to be able to help artists achieve their goals. In his spare time he can be found walking his dogs on the Beltline or partaking in the nightly theater and comedy scene in the ATL.

By Sidra Safri

PPA members, there have been two big changes to the indemnification trust agreement, and both affect claims regarding data loss: 

  1. A data loss claim will no longer be filed unless you have been a member in good standing for at least 30 days. This change was put into place to prevent fraud and prevent people from taking advantage of the indemnification trust.  
  2. The indemnification trust will now cover data loss that occurred internationally. However, if the data cannot be recovered it will become a dissatisfaction claim, and all US and Canadian laws will apply. As a reminder, the indemnification trust will not cover any lawsuits brought outside of the US, Canada, or their territories. 

For more information, download the new trust agreement here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Customer Cre at csc@ppa.com, or PPA's Government Affairs Manager Sidra Safri at ssafri@ppa.com. 

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by Sidra Safri 
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In the past four months, all everybody seems to be talking about are Drones. Between trying to figure out the new FAA regulations, deciding what type of drone to get, studying for the FAA certification test, and making sure you are properly insured; it can make anybody's head spin. If only there was someone who has been through the process that you could talk to! Well, guess what? There is! PPA is providing its members with two great opportunities to get all your drone questions answered. 

PPA member Eddie Tapp is hosting an "Ask Me Anything" session on November 14th and 15th, exclusively on theLoop, PPA's members-only online networking platform. An "Ask Me Anything" is like an online press conference where YOU get to ask the questions. For those two days, members can log in to theLoop and post a question for Eddie to answer. Check back frequently, as Eddie will be answering your questions throughout the 48-hour period. Eddie has always been on the cutting edge of drone photography, and has become an expert in the area. Just take a look at his recent article in Professional Photographer magazine to get a feel for how knowledgeable he is on the subject of drones. During the Ask Me Anything on November 14th and 15th, Eddie will be available for you to: 

Ask away! He will answer all your questions (that he can)
get the inside scoop on what to study for the FAA test 
go over what to look for when buying a drone, and 
get some tips and tricks on how to master flying your drone to get the best shots. 

Just remember to Save the Date(s) of November 14th & 15th, log onto theLoop, and search for the AMA thread/conversation and ask away! 

Once you have all your drone-photography-related questions answered by Eddie, make sure you save time to tune in and switch over to the Drone Insurance webinar to be hosted by Lockton Affinity on November 15th at 2:00 pm. 

Lockton and PPA are long time partners, but what's new is that the team is now providing some of the most comprehensive and affordable drone photography insurance coverage out there and only available to PPA members. During the November 15th presentation, a Lockton representative will go over all the details of the policy, what it covers, and how to make sure you and your investment are always protected.
This upcoming information-packed live online presentation is free and open to the public, but it does require signing up. To secure your spot today, simply go to the Drone Photography Insurance Options webinar sign-up page!

If you're preparing to start adding drone photography into your business or just want more information because your interest is piqued...check out these two great opportunities next week and take "drone-ership" of your photography business! 

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PPA is pleased to introduce a new General Liability Endorsement exclusively made for 
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UAS/Drone operators! 

PPA's General Liability Insurance has coverage of $1 million per occurrence, or up to $2 million total. If you want to cover your drone under the same terms, it is recommended for you to purchase Drone endorsement insurance as well. Please note that this coverage is sold separately from the PhotoCare Equipment Insurance that is provided with your PPA membership. 

Drone Liability Coverage terms and conditions: 

  • You must be a member of PPA
  • Coverage must e purchased in conjunction with PPA's General Liability coverage
  • Limit options of $50,000 and $25,000 
  • Annual premiums of $150 and $100
  • Must be compliant with Part 107 Federal Aviation Regulations, and also state and local regulations
  • Operation of drone must be in connection with a paid assignment for your business
  • Defense coverage is included inside the limit of liability
  • Coverage extends to bodily injury and property damage of others

Ready to purchase coverage? Call our team at 888-202-1526 to secure your coverage today!

Not sure what the new FAA drones rules are? Visit PPA.com/Drones.
By Sarah Ackerman

From equipment to liability, medical to dental, PPA has all of your business's insurance needs covered. Did you know as a PPA photographer, you have a world of reduced-rate insurance programs available? Just by being a member, you can opt in to the PhotoCare program which covers up to $15,000 of equipment! 

In addition to PhotoCare (or PhotoCare Plus if you want to go above and beyond the $15,000), PPA offers programs to make sure you're covered with business general liability insurance through Lockton Affinity. You can grab a quote to see what you could save at InsuranceForPPA.com. This insurance can protect you and your business from bodily injury and property liability, real or alleged faults in your work that result in bodily injury or property damage, liability of personal and advertising injury. It's not the sexiest business topic to cover, but you know you need it to stay prepared. And through Lockton, you're covered for up to $1 million!

And as small business owners, it's important to have medical and dental insurance available for both you and your employees! PPAexchange is designed with you, the photographer, in mind with a diverse range of options, decision making assistance and more! Take a look around and see what best suits your company's needs today!

Explore the range of insurance options through PPA and see what you can save as you become more protected!

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Sarah Ackerman manages all things social media for PPA and Imaging USA. When she's not living on the internet, she loves improv comedy, going on wilderness adventures, gallivanting around the globe, knitting, wood working and yoga. 

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By James Yates
As a member of PPA, you've got a virtual suit-of-armor surrounding you. It's the PPA Shield, and it has you covered on all sides.

That's (one of the) the advantages of belonging to an organization that's had photographers backs and that helps you be more profitable. PPA's protection benefits include various forms of insurance, advocacy and education:

•    Up to $15,000 of PhotoCare Equipment Insurance

•    Malpractice, Negligence & Data Loss Protection (PPA's Indemnification Trust)

•    Up to $2 million in General Liability Coverage

•    Copyright Kit, Copyright Infringement Tool, & Advocacy Updates 

•    Drone (UAS) News & Updates

When stuff hits the fan, and it always, inevitably does, professional photographers know that they have a strong shield protecting them with their PPA membership. The three forms of photographic insurance combine to keep you fully protected no matter what the situation. If you break your camera or it's stolen from your car? Be sure you've activated your PhotoCare! Have an unsatisfied client or did you lose all the data on your hard drive? PPA's Indemnification Trust is like malpractice protection for professional photographers. Did someone get hurt or something get destroyed on your shoot? General Liability Coverage can handle that.

You also need a way to cut through the clutter surrounding legal issues and PPA has positioned itself as the top authority on all things Drone and Copyright-related. For instance, did you know that it is only currently legal to operate a drone as a hobbyist? If you're using your drone for commercial or civil use, you must have an FAA exemption and a pilot's license. Didn't know that? It's just one more way PPA wants to keep you informed, in order to keep you legally protected. PPA consistently brings you updates from the FAA, and lobbies for the relaxing of commercial-drone-use. This summer should bring the changes we've been waiting for. Head over to PPA.com/Drones for all the latest details.

Stay up-to-date on all the progress PPA is making on Copyright issues and the implementation of new copyright law at PPA.com/Advocacy. Feel like you've been infringed upon or had your works of art stolen? PPA will protect you with our Copyright Kit and new self-assessment tool at PPA.com/Copyright. The new tool is a great way to learn how to proceed if you feel your photos have been lifted. It's easy to use, quick and painless...because having your work stolen is painful enough!

The next time you're feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed by everything life can throw at a small business owner, lean on your PPA membership and feel secure. Let PPA Be Your Shield! Find out how you and your photography business can Be More Protected with PPA! PPA.com/Protection.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for James.JPGJames Yates is an Atlanta-based writer/actor and the Communications Specialist at Professional Photographers of America (PPA). A graduate of Georgia State University, James has worked in the non-profit sector his whole life and is proud to be able to help artists achieve their goals. In his spare time he can be found walking his dogs on the Beltline or partaking in the nightly theater and comedy scene in the ATL.

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By: Lauren Walters

Accidents happen -sometimes you may drop your camera or break a lens on the job. But what happens next? You have to pay out of pocket to fix or replace your gear and ultimately return to work. What if you didn't have to rely on your own savings account as an insurance policy? PPA can protect your photo gear with PhotoCare Equipment Insurance.

Why PhotoCare? Other insurance companies offer insurance policies that may fit your budget, but this one was crated for PPA, specifically to fit photographers' needs. Instead of going to a one-stop-shop general insurance company, PhotoCare Equipment Insurance will give you peace of mind; it's been created for photographers like you.

All PPA photographers receive up to $15,000 of equipment coverage as part of their membership--They just have to activate it (it's free) and PPA pays the insurance premiums! Best of all, it covers loss or damage of your professional equipment due to fire, theft or damage.

Don't risk your business or facing big out-of-pocket expenses. In the professional world it's not a matter of if but when, because things will happen! So if you're already with PPA, make sure you have activated your PhotoCare Equipment Insurance! To do so, go to My PPA and activate your equipment insurance!

Not yet a member? Join now and Be More Protected. It's that plain simple.


By: Lauren Walters

PPA CEO David Trust was in DC the past two days advocating for photographers like you! He and PPA's copyright team in D.C., the Nickles Group, had a series of meetings with Representatives of Arizona, California, Georgia, Missouri, Utah and Wyoming and Senators from Los Angeles and Oklahoma who all have a say on the FAA's proposed rules for regulating the use of drones in the United States. The proposed rules are awaiting approval and are now in a 60-day comment period, during which PPA is working diligently to pull together comments for submission.  

The revised proposal indicates good progress for Photographers. The FAA proposes and approves the rules on drones; those rules are not legislation and do not require congressional approval. Currently, the said rules categorize drones into three physical size groups. PPA is mainly concerned with regulation pertaining to small and micro drones. A small drone is classified as 55lbs or lighter, and a micro drone is 4.4lbs or lighter.

The FAA's proposed rules would require professional photographers wanting to use small drones (less than 55 lbs) to take an aeronautical skills test and obtain a permit and renew that license every two years.  There would also be a one-time registration fee of $150. With 560 testing sites, finding a testing center should be easy. PPA believes the proposed rules for small drones to be a major step in the right direction as they eliminate the current requirement that commercial drone users hold an actual pilot's license. 

The proposed rules for micro-drones (4.4 lbs or less) are even more favorable as they require no skills test.  Photographers wanting to use micro-drones in their business would have to register and self-certify that they understand the FAA's aeronautical information manual.

We are still months away before the rules are finalized, yet solid progresses are being made in the direction of photographers. Want to weigh in? Please visit the discussion on theLoop about drones, it's a dynamic one! 

Drones are the hot topic at the moment, but Trust also had discussions on copyright reform and the Next Great Copyright Act, which are still under development. 

By Danielle Brooks

I seriously think PPA hit the jackpot when they asked me to guest blog for them. I'm not saying I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, rather so much has happened to me in the past year that I am running the gamut of all things newsworthy. It started with Imaging USA, me losing my job, jumping head first into full-time photography, and literally applying everything I learned at Imaging USA as a business owner. I am so honored to be sharing my ups and downs with you all, and this post is certainly no different. 

This past month I had the most horrific thing that could ever happen to a photographer happen to me. I broke my camera and lens. I still wince even when I type the words. 

I was at Harley Davidson in Daytona Beach when it happened. My husband's company sold them some LED lights for their showroom. I was tasked with taking the before and after photos. My tripod had been acting up lately and I should have taken that as a sign. Sometimes one of the leg joints would give out--the latch wasn't tight enough to keep the leg extended, and because my tripod was cheap there was no way to tighten them. Although at the time, I didn't know that's what was happening. I just thought I was being careless and didn't latch my tripod leg all the way, so sometimes when I was taking a long exposure, it would start to tilt.

Well, this time I left my tripod unmanned to remove some stuff from view. Don't judge. You know we ALL do it. The leg gave way. I didn't see it happen fortunately, or else I might have passed out. All I heard was the crash and the slew of profanities that left my mouth. I ran over to my camera and saw that the lens essentially broke off at the mount. The mount for the lens was still attached to the ring. Luckily no glass was broken. I didn't notice it at the time, but the top of my camera body was cracked. It still seemed to function normally, but we needed to get that fixed too. The only thing I can compare the feeling of breaking your camera to would be accidentally slamming a child's finger in the car door. It probably hurts you more than it hurts them. Plus you're left with the residual guilt.

Fortunately, as a PPA photographer, my gear is covered. I called the insurance company and immediately spoke with a representative. No automated service. I was impressed. 
The woman I spoke with was so calm and reassuring. I'm sure she went home that day and had a good laugh with her family about my quivering, nervous voice on the verge of a breakdown. They emailed me the packet of info I would need to start a claim that day. They told me I could take my gear anywhere to get it fixed and get a quote. My husband and I were already headed to Orlando for our anniversary trip. It just so happened that the biggest Canon representative in the state of Florida is in Orlando. So we swung by. 

They quoted me for the work and then pointed me in the direction of the nearest camera rental facility, which just so happened to be right down the street. We went over there and were able to get a rental. They aren't open on weekends and I had a shoot scheduled for Monday. So I HAD to get a camera. All the while I had two clients call back and book sessions. I was beyond relieved that things worked out for me what would have otherwise been a stressful situation. 

Needless to say, I threw away my tripod and bought a legit one. Never use subpar equipment when it comes to cameras. Unfortunately it was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. 

So if there is any takeaway from this, it's GET INSURANCE ON YOUR GEAR! You can't afford not to. Just by being a PPA member, you have up to $15,000 of PhotoCare Equipment Insurance. You'll be thankful you have it when you need it!


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