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Dear PPA Member,

Utter the words "business planning" in a conversation with friends, and you might find blank stares or worse...your friends' eyes glazing over. The topics of business planning and business goals just don't sound exciting. But when you listen to renowned professional photographers, many of them believe they wouldn't have made it to the top of their field without such planning and goals.

If being wildly successful in the business of photography consisted only of producing amazing images, there would be a lot of rich photographers. However, it's the marriage of art and business planning that creates a profitable business. Look at it this way: while business planning may not be exciting, it is necessary.

Luckily, PPA has tools and resources to help you determine what your goals are and how business plans can help you get there. This week's article--an overview of business plans--may help point you in the right direction.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership


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