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Wind down from the Thanksgiving smorgasbord with some of the top photography stories of the week! 

PRICING: This piece from PetaPixel focuses on one of the most difficult aspects in the photography business--pricing. How does one determine how much to charge for their work? You may think that the process is a tedious one, but you can save yourself a lot of time and headache by viewing the process in terms of value. 

CLIENTS FROM HELL: So you may have a few "clients from hell" stories that you keep in your back pocket, ready to whip out in the event that you're around a bunch of disgruntled photographers. It's natural and inevitable that you'll eventually have to deal with a terrible client. The client in this article from PetaPixel is more than the client from hell. It may well be the worst client of all time. A must read for all photographers who want to know what not to do. 
BUSINESS DIVERSIFICATION: The folks over at Amazon.com must go through a ton of coffee. We're talking boat loads of the good stuff. According to The Guardian, starting next year, they will be opening a fashion photography studio to coincide with their increased presence in the fashion industry. Good news for all of you sartorially minded buffs out there.  

MODERN ART: Paul Strand was one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century and what he did for the legitimacy of the art of photography often goes understated. From now through January 4, "Paul Strand: Master of Modern Photography" will be showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Draw inspiration from one of the true masters in this awesome display of talent in this article from the Boston Globe.

LEAVING A LEGACY: You've seen his images all over the place in magazines and books--they have become a part of pop-culture over the years. The rustic and iconic cowboy was captured in divine clarity by David Stoecklein over the years, and should be remembered posthumously by us all. This is a must-read from the Idaho Statesman for anyone who is a fan of iconic commercial photography.

CLOSE CALL: Sports broadcasters are already calling it the greatest catch in the history of football and honestly, it's tough to argue. What Odell Beckham Jr. did was unbelievable, but perhaps just as impressive are some of the shots that came from this miraculous moment in football history. Check out some of the best images of this soon-to-be iconic moment after the jump and the story behind the images on nj.com.

GIVE THANKS:  Portland based photographer Brian Matiash and PhotoFocus gives us the rundown of what he's thankful for this year. See if there's anything you can relate to and let us know what you're thankful for in 2014! 

DEALS & STEALS: 'Tis the season of savings! The folks over Reviewed bring the top 8 Black Friday deals to you. All of the major brands are represented, but you better hurry - we all know these deals won't last long!

GRATITUDE & GRACE: Former Imaging USA speaker Jeffrey Shaw brings you a feast for you heart and soul with Selina Maitreya on this special Creative Warriors Podcast. Let it bring you peace and joy while you fight those Black Friday lines or during your second helping of leftovers (hey, we're not here to judge). 

GIVING: Have a special lady photographer in your life and not sure what to get her? The folks that Love That Shot are here to help! Grab your 2015 Holiday Gift Guide here and check one more person off your list!

There you have it, our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs do you enjoy? Let us know on theLoop.  


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