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By Sidra Safri

Congratulations on the purchase of your drone! This is an exciting development in the world
Thumbnail image for iStock_000049507766 smaller-thumb-300x133-3199.jpg
 of photography and one we know you will thoroughly enjoy. However, before you can begin taking aerial photos and charging your clients, there are a few things you MUST do! 

1. Register your drone at the FAA's website
If you are only going to use your drone as a hobby and not for commercial purposes, then you do not have to register. However, the moment you decide to charge for your drone photography, you must register with the FAA.

2. Study/ Get Licensed
In order to fly your drone for commercial purposes, you must have a section 107 drone license. This shows the FAA that you know enough about aerial flight patterns, and other facts, to man a drone, and are well prepared in all situations. You can find plenty of study materials at PPA.com/drones or the FAA website. In order to get your certificate, you must score a 70 or higher on the exam. The exam will cost you $150 dollars to take and it must be taken at one of the FAA testing centers which can be found here. Also make sure you are aware of what waivers you can apply for. For more details or to go ahead and apply for a waiver, visit the FAA's website

3. Review your insurance.
With your PPA membership, you are already insured with PhotoCare. However, this does not include drone coverage. You will need to increase your liability insurance. This can be done by contacting Lockton Affinity and they will walk you through the entire process. You can find more information here.

4. Download the B4U fly App
This app is created by the FAA. You want to make sure you use this app before you fly. This will let you know if there are any flight restrictions, as well as if you are too close to an airport or possibly flying in airspace you are not allowed to fly in.

5. Get PPA Drone Certified
This allows you to stand out and show your clients that not only did you put in the time and effort to legally be able to fly, but also you were willing to put in the time to take fantastic drone photos. There is a learning curve to drone photography, and being a PPA Certified Drone Photographer will help you get past that learning curve in no time! For more information, visit PPA's Certified Drone Photographer page.

6. Stay up to date on all things drones.
With drone rules changing every day, it is necessary to stay current on any new developments. Visit http://www.ppa.com/drones/ to be in-the-know on all things drones!


By Lisa Sharer

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It's happened to all of us. Probably more than once. Someone asks you what your rate is, and when they hear it, they are appalled. You start to feel a little flush. You start to think, maybe I went too high. You start to want to back into the nearest bush.

We're here to tell you to kick that bush to the curb! Part of becoming a professional photographer starts with confidence. If every photographer folds, then no one gets paid. By demanding a solid rate, you're not only helping yourself, you're helping all the photographers that come after you.

Here's a recent, completely real, interaction that we applaud:

A photographer is out and about taking pictures. He is approached by a gentleman who notices him:

Gentleman: You take pictures? 

Photographer: Yes

Gentleman: How much do you charge?

Photographer: It really depends on what you want.

Gentleman: Just walking around downtown with you taking pictures of me.

Photographer: My portrait sessions start at $$.

Gentleman: (Laughs) Oh, come on, man.

Photographer: (Without hesitation) This is my full-time job, and I'm really good at it. Here's my card. Check out my portfolio, and let me know if you're interested.

If you believe in yourself, your clients will believe in you. Set your prices, stick by them, and above all, do NOT be embarrassed by them. Remember that you spend many hours--collective portions of your life--perfecting your craft and building a business. You have every right to charge fairly for your service, and you should never be ashamed of it.

"Listen up photographers. Know what you're worth. State it with conviction. Know when to bend, but know that bending should be the exception. There will be clients that will see your worth and pay your fee." -Aaron Coury, Photographer.

If you would like more help on how to sell yourself and your service, check out PPA's See The Difference® resources. PPA members have access to a plethora of sales and marketing tools to assist in promotion and in-person sales. If you're not a member, you should join today!

Are you looking for more ways to save at Imaging USA? Then consider booking your flight with Delta!

Delta Airlines is offering discounts (up to 10%, depending on your ticket's class) on applicable airfares from your city to Nashville, TN. Reservations and ticketing are available via Delta.com. When booking online, it is important to select "Meeting Event Code" and enter the Imaging USA meeting code NMQM4 in the box provided on the "Search Flight" page to get the discount. There is no ticketing fee when booking online. 

Reservations may also be made by calling the Delta Meeting reservations desk at 800-328-1111, Monday - Friday, 7am-7pm CDT. (Please note that there is a ticketing fee for call-ins to the Delta Meeting desk.)

Once your flight is taken care of, make sure you've got the right registration pass to the conference, and also make sure you've got your hotel booked (hurry, because hotel rooms are 96% sold out!). After that, you're ready to kick back and have an amazing time at Imaging USA 2018!

PS: did you know that the early bird registration rate has been extended through 5 pm ET on Wednesday December 13? Hurry up and save up to $50!



Understanding how to market printed products to your customers can be difficult for photographers, but PPA wants to help! 
The PRINT for Success Theatre at Imaging USA offers short-format sales training workshops on how to make more money selling printed products. If you're interested in encouraging your clients to purchase more printed works, this room is for you. The marketing tips provided in these sessions are sure to get your clients excited about the print movement, and buying printed products in no time.
Stop by the PRINT for Success Theater and join a comprehensive sales session, get information about how to price and market printed products to your clients, and show them the value of printed photography. The sessions will be held in 30-minute intervals during Expo hours:

Sunday - Tradeshow hours: 11:30 - 5:00

11:45 - 12:15      Print With Purpose; Kristin Privette (Graphi Albums)

12:30 - 1:00        Sell the Problem You Solve, Not the Product; Dave and Kristen Grupa (Richmond Pro Lab)

1:15 - 1:45           Art, Purpose and the Print; Tim Walden (Kodak)

2:00 - 2:30           Suzanne Deaton  (ACI)

2:45 - 3:15           The Value of a Print; Mark Weber (Marathon Press)

3:30 - 4:00           Become the Guide:  How to ensure happy clients.  Every Session.  Every Time; Cris and Deanna Duncan (Miller's Professional Imaging)

4:15 - 4:45           (ChromaLuxe)

Monday - Tradeshow Hours: 10:30 - 5:00

11:45 - 12:15      Sales Stalled? Make Prints and Packaging Your Secret Weapon, Brian Campbell  
(Photo Flash Drive)

12:30 - 1:00        The Power of Print; Andrew Funderberg (Fundy)

1:15 - 1:45           The Art of Printing; John Pannozzo (Color Byte Software)

2:00 - 2:30           (Canon)

2:45 - 3:15           Art, Purpose and the Print; Tim Walden (WHCC)

3:30 - 4:00           Selling Your Work: From First Contact to Final Delivery; Ben Tyndell (Tyndell Photographic Packaging)

4:15 - 4:45           David Drum (Fujifilm)

Tuesday - Tradeshow Hours: 10:30 - 3:30

11:45 - 12:15      Print and Album Sales, Emily and Steve Pogozelski (Finao)

12:30 - 1:00        A Retrospective of Change in the Photo Business; Rick Bender (Tap)

1:15 - 1:45           William Innes (H&H)

2:00 - 2:30           Moments You Can Enjoy Without Electricity; Pete Rezac  (Bay Photo Lab) 

2:45 - 3:15           The Art of Directing to Sell Prints; Denise Birdsong (Simply Color Lab)

And the best part? The PRINT for Success Theatre is free for Imaging USA attendees with an Expo pass! So, if Print photography is something you want to incorporate into your business, be sure to make the print exhibit a part of your expo floor plan. In addition to the print exhibit, use the official print resources page to help apply print products to your photography business. 
Don't pass up this opportunity to soak up all of the information industry experts can offer you exclusively at Imaging USA. If you want to attend all of Imaging USA's classes, parties, and events, purchase an All-Access Pass! 
This Imaging USA will be one you won't want to miss! It's full of exhibitors and showcases that will wow you. But it's only a month away, so visit ImagingUSA.org today to get a full list of the exhibit floor, and plan out your expo route in advance!
Not only is December the final month of the whole year (2017 zoomed past, didn't it?), it also means that there's only one more month before Imaging USA 2018 begins!

To celebrate those of you who are already registered to join us in Nashville, TN, this month features several prizes that are sure to make you smile. 

The first prize is a Fun Nashville Gifts Goodie Bag courtesy of our friends at the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp! @MeetMusicCity

Check Facebook.com/OurPPA this Friday at 12:00 pm ET to see if you've won! 

And if you haven't registered for Imaging USA yet, hop over to ImagingUSA.org/Register to get your pass or a Buddy Pass! The Early Bird rate saves you $50 and ends on December 6th, 2017! 


Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of everything photography, including learning, networking, shopping, and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13).

Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every photographic and business topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers.

Let's Meet...


Dixie Dixon

Web: dixiedixon.com

Facebook: dixiedixonphoto

Dixie Dixon is a Texas born and bred commercial fashion and advertising photographer and is one of the original sixteen Nikon Ambassadors of the United States.  She was given her first camera, the Nikon FG, as a little one, which piqued her curiosity in the field and served as her sidekick in exploring the world. She would continually clock seven to ten hours in the darkroom without even realizing it. While in college she studied in London with a world-renowned fashion photographer and became deeply inspired by the beautiful illusion of fashion and commercial photography.  It has been said that her idealistic vision of the world is reflected into every single frame: full of life, beautiful energy, and most of all, soul. Her passion has led her to shoot internationally in places such as Cannes, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza, and Barcelona recently for various brands, TV shows, commercial campaigns, and editorial projects.

Sensuous and polished, her images create a dream world in which romance is always alive. Her fresh vision has attracted clients such as Disney, Nikon, Virgin, Advanced Beauty, Florsheim Shoes, Ultherapy, Woodland Worldwide, Inside Edition, Gaylord Hotels, Spencer Fine Jewelry, G-Technology, Profoto, Eprouvage, MAC Group, Magpul, Billy Jealousy, Nha Khanh, Pipers Perfumery, and Macadamia Professional to name a few. Her work has been published in publications such as Rangefinder, PDN, Professional Photographer Magazine, Dapper Magazine, Living Magazine, Beverly Drive Magazine, Nikon World, and many more.

Speaker Sessions:

Tue, Jan. 16

8:00am- 9:30am- Using Light To Make Every Person Look GORGEOUS!


What is your life motto? Teamwork makes the dream work

Why do you love photography? Photography is my ultimate passion and dream job!  I love creating art that showcases how I see the world!  And I love working with a team to create a wonderful experience for everyone on set!!

Each photographer has a specialty/genre/niche; how did you discover yours?  I shot all genres until I found my favorite - I studied abroad with a world renowned fashion photographer. Everything about fashion photography and working with a team spoke to my soul!

If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Anything by Hans Zimmer

What was one of the defining moments in your career? This year I had the honor of photographing iconic supermodel turned supermogul Kathy Ireland - she has been in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and now runs a wildly successful company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. She is such an inspiration to me and it was an incredible experience!!

What would be your advice for photographers who are just starting their career? Focus on what you love to shoot and then create a body of work around that subject matter/genre/style. Then start showing your body of work to your dream clients and keep shooting! 

Dixie Dixon is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is online now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel!

By Sidra Safri

Good Morning PPA! 

David Trust and I are back in D.C for another action-packed trip to our nation's capital. Today we are meeting with the Visual Association. As a reminder, this association includes APA, ASMP, DMLA, GAG, NANPA, NPPA, and PPA. During this annual meeting, we all get together to lay out the game plan for Small Claims. This year is more crucial than ever before since we are actively working on getting H.R 3945 passed. 

During this meeting, we will also talk about other problems faced by small creators including trying to figure out when something is considered "published" or "unpublished" and how to effectively use a DMCA claim. 

At this meeting, we will also be joined by Keith Kupferschmid of the Copyright Alliance and possibly a few members of the Copyright Office. We are hoping that during these meetings we will get some great insight on where everything stands and garner more support. 

Finally, we have a great treat in the works for tomorrow! Georgia's own Representative Doug Collins will be on Facebook Live with us tomorrow talking about the CASE act! 

As always do not forget to contact your representative urging them to co-sponsor H.R 3945, this cannot happen without you!

By Chris Homer

Thumbnail image for Super1Day_Call_1200X1200[3].png
With over 200 instructors teaching in almost every state, Super 1 Day this past October was a
huge success; and YOU can help make the Spring 2018 session even better! This program provides a unique opportunity for photographers to learn photography tips, tricks, techniques, and best practices from fellow professionals. More and more photographers take advantage of these peer-to-peer educational workshops hosted in dozens of studios across the country. 

So, here's where you come in: PPA is looking for instructors who are willing to share their knowledge with other photographers for the May 7-21, 2018 session of Super 1 Day. There are many benefits to teaching a class (or two!), including digging deeper into your subject area, elevating the industry by improving our profession overall, and even earning two merits towards your PPA Photographic Degree!

Instructor applications close January 29, 2018, so be sure to you fill out yours completely by then. Also, you can invite your pro photographer friends to apply as well! 

Find out how you can apply to be a Super 1 Day Instructor today!

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.

Want to know how some photographers consistently improve their skills? Check out PPA's 500+ video tutorials database: PhotoVision. You can start with the Free Video of the Month, "Marketing to Women".

Consider the fact that marketing to women is different than marketing to men and you'll see why Sue Bryce views this as an ideal opportunity to focus your message. As a glamour photographer, the majority of her clients are women and she shares how she tailors her messaging to suit them. Sue systematically breaks down the different demographics while explaining the types of products each is drawn to.

PhotoVision is a ginormous photography-learning library that offers photographers education and solutions through cinematic HD videos from some of the biggest names in the industry. Because we want all photographers to Be More, PPA unlocks one PhotoVision video each month that can be viewed for free by anyone. If you are a member, you have full access to all PhotoVision videos. This is just one of many reasons to join PPA today!

Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of everything photography, including learning, networking, shopping, and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13).

Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every photographic and business topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers.

Let's Meet...

Alison Carlino, CPP, Cr.

Alison Carlino travels the world, photographing weddings, portraits, and commercial assignments. When she's not behind the camera, you may find her in front of other photographers, teaching modern posing or off camera lighting. Her expertise and experience, coupled with her master's degree, make her an excellent instructor who connects with her students technically and personally. Alison is in her 13th year of business and is a 2016 PPGH Board Member, as well as a member of PPA, SWPP, WPPI, PPGH, and TPPA. She earned her CPP in 2016 after only a year with PPA, and will receive her PPA Craftsman degree at Imaging USA 2018 in Nashville! Whether she's working with clients or students, in her Texas studio or internationally, Alison Carlino brings a wealth of knowledge, talent and skill to everything she does.  

Speaker Session:

Saturday, January 13, 9-11am, 1-3pm, 4-6pm

Hands On, Technique


Why do you love photography? Photography allows me to bring my vision onto printed form and cherished through generations.
What would be your advice for photographers who are just starting? Learn the business side earlier on. It will save you mucho headaches later. Be a business person that happens to be a photographer!
What do you value most in your friends? Honesty. 

Alison Carlino is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is online now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel!

When you put your blood, sweat and tears into creating a masterpiece that showcases your uniqueness, the last thing you want is your work being improperly used or even stolen, especially if your art is your means of livelihood.  Unfortunately, many professional photographers of all backgrounds and fields deal with copyright infringement every day.

Granted, those who have high enough incomes predominantly benefit from today's current laws, but the same can't be said for the average professional; like Rob. Check out Rob's story on his battle for the rights to his own image:

Rob is a freelance professional photographer in San Francisco who was hired by an online


 visitors' magazine to shoot a still life to illustrate an article on local bars and pubs. A competing website lifted Rob's photograph to promote their magazine without permission or compensation. Rob's client was upset that the image they had commissioned was used by their competitor and accused Rob of selling his image to the competition without authorization. Though Rob tried to explain that the image was stolen, his client, nevertheless, stopped working with Rob out of concern that he was untrustworthy.

Rob attempted numerous times to contact the infringing party by phone in order to be paid for the unauthorized usage and to demand that the infringing company remove the image from their website. He eventually sent the infringing company an invoice for the usage along with a demand letter telling the company to take the image down.

After several months, Rob was successful in reaching someone from the infringing company by phone, who subsequently refused to acknowledge their infringement-insisting that they hadn't infringed because they had simply lifted the image from Google Images. The infringing company refused to pay for the unauthorized usage and did not return Rob's subsequent calls. They did eventually remove the image from their website, however, due to this infringement; Rob was never hired by his client again.

Rob considered suing the infringer in Federal Court (his only recourse) but concluded it was too expensive to do so. He feels that if there was a Small Claims option available, he would have been able to not only enforce his copyright, but it would have also been useful in retaining his long-standing client.

This story and many others are the reason that a Small Claims process can be a game-changer for photographers and creative artists. It will help them enforce their copyright in cost-effective and efficient ways. We need everyone to support Small Claims at PPA.com/SmallClaims! Stay up-to-date on copyright and the fight for artists' rights at PPA.com/Copyright.

By Bethany Clark

iStock-595147818 (1280x853).jpg
This usually goes without saying, but we're going to say it: when it comes to drones, not following the rules can have consequences.

According to the Associated Press, a Northern California man accused of flying a drone over two NFL games last weekend and dropping political leaflets has been arrested. Police cited Tracy Michael Mapes, 55, with misdemeanor charges and released him after a drone was spotted over Levi's Stadium as the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks played.


Every year, Imaging USA puts on an amazing show and is an event that is anticipated by thousands of photographers. There's so much that goes into making Imaging USA incredible that we could write a whole book on it, but this year you are going to want to especially look out for the opening keynote speaker.

Kicking Imaging USA off with a bang will be the exceptional Ryan Estis, who has skyrocketed to prominence as a public speaker, leading his captive audiences toward achieving breakthrough performances in their careers and personal lives. According to his bio, Ryan "blends original research with compelling stories that move participants to take action."

An ad-agency executive for 15 years, Ryan broke away to become a motivator and consultant. Named one of the "Best Keynote Speakers Ever Heard" by Meetings and Conventions magazine, Ryan is bringing his unique research and insight to Imaging USA 2018 in Nashville.

You will be able to see Ryan Estis' opening session Adapt & Thrive on January 14th from 10am-11am. You're not going to want to miss this one. He's tailoring his message specifically for the professional photographers and small business owners in attendance at Imaging USA!

Ryan Estis is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is open now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel! 


by Mayo Lawal


Travel photographer David Lazar has spent the past 14 years capturing the beauty of cultural diversity, and he's loving every bit of it. His journey began with a desire to explore the lifestyles of people around the globe.  

"I felt a real connection to cultural portrait photos with people in them people in other cultures and countries that had interesting clothes and a different way of life," he said.

 Read about David Lazar's amazing journey on Professional Photographer Magazine at ppmag.com.

Walking around the photographers' paradise that is Imaging USA can feel overwhelming at first. With so many options and products to consider, it's like the Mall of America for photography. Live product demos, access to revolutionary photography products, and countless networking opportunities can all be found in one place at Imaging USA 2018: The Imaging Expo! 

This three-day trade show is one of the largest gatherings of pro-photographers and exhibitors alike in the world. With over 600 booths to explore, your newest photographic discovery will be right at your fingertips!

  • See industry leaders such as Canon, Miller's Professional Imaging, and Kodak Alaris show off their newest products. Mingle with your fellow photographers while you learn about 2018 photography trends. You'll even see and be able to test some drones! 
  • You can sit for a spell in the Print Theater and learn vital tips on how to encourage your clients to value the art of the printed product. 
  • Continue your walk through the International Photographic Competition (IPC) exhibit, where you can find the best of the best photographs from 2017 on display, handpicked by judges and entered into PPA's prestigious Loan Collection. 
  • You can be inspired by the awesome images featured as part of Team USA in this year's World Photographic Cup. 
  • If you're interested in entering a Photographic Competition in 2018, definitely check out the IPC Merit Café. Here, you'll find various seminars lead by experienced speakers, get a first look at the new 2018 IPC rules, and you'll even have the opportunity to get one-on-one advice from official IPC jurors about how to improve your photos for the Competition. These sessions are free to all and available on a first-come, first served basis, so sign up today!
And whether or not you're already a PPA member, we would also love to meet you in person! At the PPA booth, you'll be able to speak with our customer service agents who are happy to answer any membership-related questions you might have or even help you understand how to get the most out of PPA membership. And if you aren't with PPA yet, Imaging USA is the perfect time to join! Make sure you stop by PPA's Booth and ask about this year's show special!

These are just a few reasons you won't want to miss the Expo! Imaging USA will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. The Expo is open to all Imaging USA All-Access pass holders beginning on January 14, but if you can't attend the entire convention, Expo-Only passes are available for only $35 and are valid all three days:

Sunday, Jan. 14........11:30am - 5:00pm
Monday, Jan. 15......10:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday, Jan. 16.....10:30am - 3:30pm

To get the full list of registered exhibitors and the tradeshow floor plan, visit ImagingUSA.org/Imaging-Expo. And before you go, download the new Imaging USA 2018 mobile app that offers this information and tons more! With just a few clicks, you can even create your own custom Expo plan-of-attack. You'll know just where your favorite exhibitors will be and how to get there, saving you valuable time and effort.

If you haven't registered to attend Imaging USA 2018, do so at ImagingUSA.org/Register. We hope to see you in January!

By Mayo Lawal

You've got impeccable photography skills and you work hard, so you aren't really sure why your business isn't as profitable as you would like it to be. Have you considered joining PPA's Business Challenge?

The Business Challenge is free to PPA members and provides photographers with the information and tools they need to develop the foundation for a more profitable business over the course of one year. Not only do they receive the tools required to make changes to their business, but also step-by-step instruction and support from PPA mentors as they implement these changes. 

"PPA's business advice is based on years of experience and successful business mentoring," said Angela Kurkian, M.Photog.Cr., CPP and Director of Education at PPA. "The Business Challenge helps our members be more business-confident. It helps them think and strategize as a savvy business person."  

We know that the definition of success differs from person to person. This is why the Business Challenge is designed to help you work on your personalized success path. 

"PPA's Business Challenge has already helped me increase our sales averages a little, which is encouraging," said Wes Roberts, one of the participants. "It's helping me see the direction to get to my goals, which is awesome!" 

The Business Challenge is a fun, interactive way for PPA members to integrate as much business acumen as they can in one year's time. There is work involved, as this "challenge" is meant for photographers who are serious about wanting to take their business to the next level. Participants will have tasks to complete and the opportunity to be active members of accountability groups and peer-to-peer mentoring.

New Business Challenge groups begin every quarter. Sign up today at PPA.com/Challenge to enroll in the next Challenge Group, which begins on February 1st, 2018. Remember, the Business Challenge is free to PPA members. Not a member? Join PPA today!

theLoop Image.jpg
Have you visited theLoop recently? As an exclusive, PPA member-only forum, theLoop is a great place for members to connect with each other, share information/advice, get image feedback, and overall - a place to go if you need help. Become a member so you can "stay in the loop," and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about. 

Lots of great discussions have been happening, so here are a few of the top posts from the back-half of November. Check them out, provide some feedback, and perhaps even learn something new!

Is it better to underexpose or overexpose for development in RAW? One Looper asks and it kicks off a great thread with lots of interesting advice. 

Plenty of chiming in here on a specific style of photo-book one photographer needs for a client. Check out your peers' recommendations and be sure to join the Print Movement today for even more pro-tips on printing for success.

It's Christmas time and "Santa-pic" season! This Looper is getting ready for her first Santa photo shoot and has lots of questions. Good thing there are plenty of helpful answers to be found on theLoop.  

One member is planning a group TFP shoot at Nashville after the day's conference is done. With downtown Nashville in the background, this request has proven to be popular and a nice group is forming. Don't be left out! Sign up today for Imaging USA 2018 and you can still receive the early-bird discount!

And there you have 'em, the top posts from theLoop! Remember to check out theLoop frequently as new discussions are posted daily. It's a great way to catch up with fellow PPA members! Not a PPA member? Join today!

By Sidra Safri

Many of you remember PPA talking about the Drone Pilot Integration Program a few weeks ago. Upon its introduction, there has been a large influx of interest, and the FAA wants to ensure that the correction information is shared. 

The FAA will be hosting a webinar on  November 27th at 12:00 pm to discuss the program details in depth. For more information about the webinar, please see the FAA announcement below:

The new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program fosters innovation and advances the integration of UAS into our nation's airspace to ensure U.S. global leadership in the emerging UAS industry. It's taking collaboration to a new level!  

There's already been tremendous interest in the Program and more than 4300 people registered to attend our online webinars to learn how they can participate. It's facilitating partnerships between state, local, and tribal government entities and private industry to gather operational and other data from advanced operational concepts, such as flights over people and package delivery. 

Based on demand, we've added more webinars, which provide you with an overview of the Program, application process, and the specific criteria and deadlines that you will be required to meet. Registration is required: 

The results from the Program will help to inform the development of future enabling regulations that will expand safe UAS operations and help to transition many of the new and novel operational concepts that we manage today by exception into routine, commonplace aspects of our everyday lives. 

Details about applying, timelines, and requirements are at FAA.gov/Go/DronePilot. 

Stay up-to-date about all things drones at PPA.com/Drones.

Pfister_Parker J.jpg
PPAedu gives you 24/7 access to over 350 HD tutorial videos designed to educate you on all things photography and business. With new videos added every month, you are sure to find a video that fits you. It's FREE as one of the many great resources that come with being a member of PPA. 

This month's NEW PPAedu video is "Equipment Essentials: What Wedding Photographers Need" by Bry Cox, M.Photog.Cr., CPP. In this class, PPA wedding expert Bry Cox walks you step-by-step through everything you need, down to the tips of your shoes -and what shoes they should be! With Bry, you'll learn important tricks of the trade like...

  • What to wear - If you're thinking about your neon high-tops or your shimmery vest, think again. Bry shows you the wardrobe that works best.
  • What to bring - No one comes empty-handed to a wedding, especially the photographer. Aside from your camera, what do you bring? Do you have a checklist? Do you need a backup camera? What about lenses, batteries or memory cards? Lighting equipment? Don't panic! Bry gets you organized!
  • Time management - The bride can be late, but not you! Learn appropriate time management to get the job done right.
  • Your backup plan - Should you back up your cards? If so, when and how? What if you're traveling? Bry tells you everything you need to know, whether you're shooting a wedding in town or Timbuktu.
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Senior-portrait photographer (and upcoming Imaging USA speaker!) Howie McCormick has become West Virginia's most sought-after high-school portrait artist, thanks to the risks he has taken and the creativity he infuses into his shoots. 

Howie believes you can be successful in this market, too, and he's compiled a list of 15 ways to stand apart from the crowd and corner the market in your area. Professional Photographer magazine's Jeff Kent reveals all these secrets in his piece on McCormick. 



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