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Everyone has experienced that sinking feeling. You know the feeling you got in the pit of your stomach when you were 7 years old and just broke one of Mom's or Dad's prized possessions?  That's when you look around and try to blame the dog, the cat, the wind...even the kid down the street.

Chances are, you're probably no longer at risk of having to explain yourself to Mom and Dad when accidents happen. On the other hand, as a photographer (and a small-business owner), you could find yourself sitting in front of a client with this very same feeling. You are the end of the line when it comes to decision making for your photography business, so it's going to be quite difficult to convince a client to blame someone/something else, even if the matter was out of your hands. And the client probably won't be satisfied with just sentencing you to one week without TV.

In situations like this, your wallet and, more importantly, your reputation are on the line.

This is where PPA's Indemnification Trust program can step in to help. When clients start to point their fingers at you, use yours to pick up the phone and request the assistance of an attorney experienced at talking photographers through a variety of client complaints. Read more here


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