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By Lisa Sharer

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We've all had that same thought...portraits? Maybe after I lose 10...20...30 pounds. You are your own worst critic, and it can hurt you in ways that you're not even thinking about. Specifically, when it comes to getting your photo made.

Maybe it's true. Maybe you have put on more weight than you would like to admit. But don't miss important parts of your life because of it! A lot of people get a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, but that doesn't mean you should forgo ever capturing the precious moments of your life. Many times we forget that people love us - for us. Your parents, your spouse, your children are not thinking about a number on the scale. They are thinking about capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

Don't miss mom and daughter photos through her entire childhood, because you don't want people to see you. Don't miss that once-in-a-lifetime portrait of a generational family because you think your arms look too big. Just remember that those near and dear to you love you and want to remember you the way you are. No matter how big or how small.

You can keep waiting until that moment when you've lost those last 5 pounds, but does that mean you missed an entire graduation or a newborn's first photos or dad's retirement? It's time to love yourself and to capture life with those around you. While you still have the time.

So, once you've convinced yourself to take the plunge, how do you get past the nervous feeling of being in front of a camera? You hire a professional photographer. PPA photographers are skilled craftsmen that know all about the nature of a client's comfort. They know that we are not all models and that it takes some understanding and direction to make their clients look their best. They even know some tricks of the trade to help you feel and look like the best you.

Photographers who are members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA - a nonprofit that has been developing professional photographers' talent for almost 150 years) will work with you to find the best clothing to suit your figure. They'll find the perfect locations to accentuate your best qualities. They'll know how to pose you and use lighting techniques on you so you get the most flattering portraits. A PPA photographer will do whatever it takes to make sure you are comfortable and that you get the best possible, quality photographs.

And it turns out when you receive those final photos, no one is looking at how fat or thin you are. They're looking at your beautiful face and your bright, shining smile. They're looking at this capture of a beautiful moment in a time of your life and that feeling will last forever. That's exactly what a professional photographer is looking to bring out in your photos: the you that everyone loves.

If or when you're ready to get those photos made, you can find an entire list of PPA photographers near you at FindAPhotographer.com. No matter the occasion, there is a professional photographer looking to help bring your moments to life in a way that you can cherish forever. So, forget those last few pounds, and find the perfect fit for you and your family. Time to find a photographer and get these portraits done!

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About the author:
Lisa Sharer is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Professional Photographers of America. As a Creative Writing graduate, she loves any chance at getting pen to paper. When she's not being creative in the workplace, she can be found skating with the Atlanta Rollergirls or volunteering with the Weloveatl Project. Or really - snuggling with the dogs.
So far, we've covered how PPA members can activate and build a Find-a-Photographer profile to help consumers find them, as well as the resources available to help photographers show potential clients the value of hiring a professional photographer over an amateur. Today's post is going to be a bit different. We'll be providing advice for how consumers can use the Find-a-Photographer search engine the most effectively. So, if you're a PPA member listed on Find-a-Photographer, you may want to repost this to your own blog to help educate your own potential clients! 

Accessing Find-a-Photographer

So, you're looking for a particular professional photographer, or who's in your area, or a specialty pro? Well, PPA's Find-a-Photographer search engine is a great place to start. Find-a-Photographer's database combs the 26,000+ profiles of PPA members to screen the best ones according to your needs. PPA photographers are dedicated to producing the most professional images possible, delivering pro results regardless of the circumstances, and ensuring you'll receive quality products and services! 

You can access the Find-a-Photographer search engine directly from the left-hand side of PPA.com. There, you can do a basic search by zip code (simply put in your zip code, and click the green 'Search Now' button. By default, you'll see photographers located within 30 miles of your zip code).


If you want to narrow this search radius, click the advanced search link below the 'Search Now' button. You'll be directed to a Find-a-Photographer page with greater search options. Not only will you be able to narrow the mile radius of the search, you can also search by city, state or country (PPA is an international photography association so some photographers in the database are located outside the U.S.). If you know the name of the photographer or the studio you are looking for (or even part of the name), you can search by either one of these parameters as well. 

Finally, you can choose what type of photographer you are looking for by checking-off as many of the specialties as you'd like. The Find-a-Photographer results you see will list those that have indicated that they specialize in the area of photography you are interested in. 

Once you've inserted all the different metrics you'd like to search by, be sure to click the red 'Search For Your Photographer' button at the bottom of the search page. That easy!

Browsing Photographer Profiles

Once you've done your search, you'll see a list of Find-a-Photographer profiles organized by their distance from you. You can click on any of these names and find the contact information for that photographer. Most photographers list their emails, so you'll be able to email them directly from the Find-a-Photographer search engine. You'll also be able to visit their website, and view sample images if the photographer has uploaded any. 

Keep in mind that some photographers will travel for an assignment (some for free, others for a nominal charge), so it may be worth it to check out photographers by specialty or accreditation in other states or cities! 

When screening through the final search results, you may notice that some photographers have a Certified Professional Photographer logo next to their name. This means that the photographer has completed the necessary requirements to earn the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation. Only a small percentage of photographers have earned this credential, as it represents an extensive preparation process that involves experience, a current comprehensive knowledge and skills of photography, and a control of light and photography equipment under any circumstances. This CPP designation conveys that you have identified photographers who are up to date (they have to renew their certification every three years) and who are on top of critical photography knowledge and technique, clearly separating them from inexperienced or amateur photographers. You can even set the search results to only show you CPPs to be certain to find bullet-proof photographers. Just check that CPP box in the specialty area of the Find-a-Photographer advanced search.

Now that you know how to use the system, good luck and happy searching for the photographer that meets your needs! If you run into any problems, check out the Find-a-Photographer FAQs or call 800.786.6277.
Last week, we talked about building your Find-a-Photographer profile to help potential clients find you through PPA's Find-a-Photographer search engine. If you're a PPA member, this benefit is included with your membership, so if you haven't set up your profile yet, read the last post on how to get the most of the Find-a-Photographer search engine. 

Already set up your profile? Fantastic! Now that clients can find you, you're probably wondering how you can convince them that they should go with you--a professional photographer--instead of the cheaper amateur competition down the street. Well, look no further! PPA's got some great resources you can use to help educate your potential clients about the advantages of choosing a pro. 

You can start by browsing the Find-a-Photographer resource section. There, you'll find some articles that you can share with your clients, post to your blog or repurpose for your own marketing materials. 

We've got articles for wedding photographers, family photographers and senior photographers. Have a wedding client that's hesitant about your price? Show them the "Why These Brides Said 'I Do' to Pro Photographers" article to help alleviate their concerns. Likewise, family photographers will find the "Family Portraits: Clients and Pros Share Insights" article where consumers share their experience of working with a professional photographer useful.

There are even articles to help explain the value of your PPA degrees and Certified Professional Photographer designation if you hold either. There's many more resources on the page, so be sure to explore it!

Remember that PPA members can access the See The Difference resources. What's See The Difference? It's a consumer campaign designed by PPA to help educate consumers about the value of professional wedding, senior and family photography. As part of your PPA member benefits, you can download customizable brochures that you can use to show your clients the importance of choosing a professional photographer. 

There's also side-by-side comparison images you can download that will help your clients visualize the lower quality you get from an amateur photographer. In addition, there are several videos you can download and add to your site or blog discussing the value of professional photography. 

PPA recently added See The Difference resources just for Certified Professional Photographers. If you're a CPP, visit the Marketing Tool Kit section of the new CPP site to download these. 

So, start educating your potential clients on the value of professional photography today. Access the Find-a-Photographer resources now or visit the See The Difference resources page for even more tools! 

As a professional photographer, you know that one of the biggest challenges in running a business is having clients find you. We've been discussing ways to make your business more visible through things like social media and mobile marketing, but did you know that PPA provides another great way for your business to be more visible included with your member benefits? 

The Find-a-Photographer search engine on PPA.com allows consumers to find local photographers in their area by location, name or specialty. Potential clients can then contact you via email or phone with their requests for your work. 

Every week, hundreds of searches are done on Find-a-Photographer, and many of these queries lead to consumers directly contacting photographers. That's because having your business listed through Find-a-Photographer adds a level of credibility to your work by showing that you've dedicated yourself to learning all you can about professional photography, which can be a huge factor for consumers when choosing a photographer. It's a quick and easy way to help clients find you, and better yet, it's completely free to PPA members!

However, in order to be found on Find-a-Photographer, you'll need to make sure your profile is up to date. It's quick and easy to do and may help consumers pick you when searching for a photographer. 

To update your profile, all you need to do is visit the MyPPA page and log in with your email and password. Once you've logged in, look for the Find-a-Photographer heading towards the bottom of the page. Below the heading, you'll see your current status. Be sure that it says ENABLED. If it reads DISABLED, simply click the 'Enable your Find-a-Photographer Profile' link to be listed in queries for consumers trying to find photographers that fit your description. 


Once you're sure that your profile has been enabled, use the 'Update Your Find-a-Photographer Profile' link to double-check that all your contact information (website, email address, mailing address, phone number) is correct. In this section, you can also add sample images of your work and choose specialties that you'd like to be listed under. 

Uploading images to your Find-a-Photographer profile is a great idea, as it saves potential customers the extra step of having to visit your website to look at sample work. They're more likely to contact you through Find-a-Photographer when they can see your work right away! 

Likewise, listing your specialties can help consumers find you more quickly by narrowing down their search. There may be quite a few photographers within a 20-mile radius of you, but if you're the only one specializing in weddings that's definitely something a potential customer will take note of!

Another advantage you may not have considered is that the Find-a-Photographer search engine is yet another way to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business' website. You'll be getting a highly authoritative link back to your site from PPA.com, which can only help to increase the overall Google ranking of your website. So, even if a potential customer does not find you through Find-a-Photographer, being listed can still contribute to them finding your business when searching the web. (Want to learn more about SEO? Watch the "Pitfalls of SEO" PPAedu course).

So, take advantage of the Find-a-Photographer member benefit today to be more visible! Log-in to the MyPPA section to check on the status (and to update) your Find-a-Photographer profile. 

Not a PPA member? Learn more about Joining PPA.  


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