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Dear PPA Member,

We don't need to tell you how the global economy impacts our daily lives and businesses. You already know what's going on; in fact, you're living through it right now.

Here's the reality we sometimes forget when the media is screaming about how bad things are: the world still turns, the sun still comes up, and we still go to work every day. We are all trying to focus on today and our future plans to stay in business. And your future plans, believe it or not, involve debt.

Debt. The word alone tends to churn the average business owner's stomach (and let's be honest-these days, our stomachs don't need any help in that department). But debt comes with business, and understanding how it works can help keep your business on track.

That's what this week's article covers: good debt, bad debt, and what we need to know to make the most of our current financial situations. We hope this helps you discover something new about your business, which is why we offer you Vital Signs each week. A strong foundation of business knowledge can help you avoid the "bad debt" that plagues many.

Here's hoping that better economic news is in our future. But no matter what the future holds, rest assured that PPA will be doing everything we can to help you weather any situation.


Al Hopper, Director of Membership


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