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Finding Your Missing Pieces for Profitability in Photography

Join Jeff as he reviews some actual studios to find ways for them to be more successful! The studio reviews will include photographs, copies of their marketing materials, price lists and studio profile. Jeff will then explore ways they can improve their brand and increase profit. It will be a learning experience for all!

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How to Create a Profitable Pet Photography Business

Join instructor Kim Hartz to learn everything you need to know about creating a profitable pet photography business. Kim will discuss the importance of developing your style, how-to's of marketing and branding, building relationships with vendors, working with the animals themselves and how to prepare for the session in a way that will also prepare clients for the sales appointment.

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The Origin of Style

Style needs no definition because we know it when we see it. But how to develop personal style is a question that plagues many new and mid career photographers. It is your most important marketing tool, it defines your niche, and distinguishes you from your competition. Creating a “personal process inventory” can help you realize the origin of your personal style.

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