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Your Arsenal of Answers & Increases

The third webinar in this 4-part sales series will walk you through the specific phrases Kristin and Paul use to encourage upgrades, wall collections, add ons and big investments. Learn how to prepare your brides from the very beginning to upgrade after the wedding. Hear the language you can use to guide your portrait clients toward wall collections and future sessions!

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Live ProSelect Demo

In the final webinar of the 4-part sales series, you’ll get to hear Kristin go through a Live ProSelect Demo, exactly how she would present to a portrait client. From when the client walks in the door to as they’re writing a four figure check, hear Kristin as she guides and excites them into wall collections and big investments.

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Claim Your Niche: Nine Steps to a World-Class Business in Any Economy

Webinar: Been on that proverbial niche hunt? Trying to figure out how to distinguish your business from the rest of the pack? Hoping you can survive the topsy-turvy economy? Want more of the right people calling you up? You'll be introduced to a Nine- Step Process guaranteed to help you build a lucrative and enduring business in the best and worst of times.

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