PPA's Benchmark Survey

Here's a tool designed to help you plan for a profitable business by beginning with the end in mind.

Start From Square One, Benchmark Survey, Photography Business GuideBy looking first at how much you want your net income to be and using the standard cost of sales and overhead percentages, you'll be able to see how many sessions, at what sales average, you'll need to reach your income goal.

Every studio is different but by answering a few general questions you can easily get started. Start from square one to get your projections squared away!

The Benchmark

The Numbers Don't Lie. See what PPA's Benchmark Survey has to say about your business, and follow our latest photography business guidelines to make it even stronger and healthier.

Wait! Don't run away because we're talking about finances—this is stuff you need to know if you want to keep doing what you love! And we've already done the hard work for you by compiling it into one handy photography business guide.

Our Benchmark Survey gathers photographers' financial data, and our oh-so-talented PPA accountants carefully analyze it. Then we publish and explain the results (in ways you can understand), helping you compare your studio's performance to certain benchmarks, set goals AND answer questions like:

  1. Are you spending enough money on marketing?
  2. Do you have too many employees?
  3. When should you hire employees?
  4. What can you do to make your business more profitable?

Benchmark Resources, Photography Business GuideSeriously, nobody else can help you better understand what the numbers
say about your photo business. PPA has done this survey in 2005, 2008 and 2011.

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